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Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Anonymous said...

He the perfect poster child for the " I am the 1 % campaign". Aside from failing to remember Homer's name- ever, he also has no heart, which might not accurately describe our real-life 1%'s, but comes pretty close.
Aurora Carlos Com-101-4049

Bridget West Com 101-4080 said...

I agree with Aurora. I haven't seen many episodes of The Simpsons, but from what I have seen, I think this cartoon of Mr. Burns is creative and witty. As the owner of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, I agree that he is a great poster child.

Karen Johnson Com-101-4080 said...

This is a depiction of what is going on in the country today. The 1% is in the minority and the rest of the public is the majority.

The poster evokes many scenarios regarding corporate financial America.
Karen Johnson Com-101-4080

Anonymous said...

He even has an Illuminati looking triangle on his head pure accident im sure...
com 101 4044
Jason Walden

Anonymous said...

Madison Harper: This is a cruel portrayal of the wealthy. While there are some in the lime light who are very rich and care very little of others there are some who devote their lives to the needs of others. EX: Angelina Jolie. This is an unfair stereotype.