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Thursday, February 2, 2012


Anonymous said...

Sorry, I agree with this. Our troubled country was going through this before our current President. My family was going through this down fall with Bush still in office. The problem is that we expected was an immediate solution to our problems. We were to in deep, no one in office could predict this country in trouble. We should fire all those in office because some of them were around at that time. If we want a clean slate, get rid of congress and senators.

A Falconetti
HN 4049 Comm101

Ana Tinta COM101-4080 said...

True. The roomate example is very good. Come on, we can't blame Obama for everything...

Christina Ortega COM101-4049 said...

You know, I am not the most political person. Matter of fact my knowledge of politics are quite slim. But one thing that fires me up is hearing people talk trash on Obama simply because he hasnt "Fixed Things Yet" Pssh! In my opinion no matter WHO was president they wouldnt be able to get us out of the hole were in right now!!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Obama is also an illegal alien, the antichrist, a terrorist, Muslim, and worst of them all, a socialist. *in a sarcastic tone*

Epic picture of Obama doing the face palm.

Alberto Sayson
COM101 4080

Anonymous said...

He is being villified in the way George W Bush was...and then some. Yet Obama did not get us into an illegal war, run up our debt, cut programs that would have kept jobs in America, or did any of the damage Bush did. Obama has caught Bin Laden, helped overturn Kadafi, pulled us out of Iraq, expanded health care to everyone, ended preexisting condition penalties or denial of health care, reversed the job trend (we are now gaining jobs), saved the auto industry and restored respect for America in the International community.