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Sunday, February 19, 2012

'Arrietty': The Borrowers' Tiny World Comes Alive in new film!

The new film The Secret World of Arrietty is based on Mary Norton's celebrated 1952 novel The Borrowers. It's about a race of tiny people who live among us but prefer to go unseen.


Anonymous said...

Disney has been going downhill recently in quality. Hopefully this movie can launch them back in the right direction. They used to have such creative ideas but now there out shined by Pixar which seems to never make a bad movie.

Claude marchi com101 hn4080

Anonymous said...

I will be taking my kids to this movie this weekend. Growing up I remember several cartoons and movies that were based on The Borrowers.

Jesse Steele
Com 101-4080

Anonymous said...

Too bad i hate cartoons BUT i love to read so maybe i can give the book its based a try

Stephanie Cardiel Com 4044