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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Apple readies media event, most likely to introduce next iPad

Apple has issued invitations for a March 7 media event in which the company is expected to introduce the iPad 3, a tablet that is expected to be faster and to feature a sharper display and support for 4G networks. Apple, which sold 15.4 million iPads in the fourth quarter, has come under some pressure from Amazon's Kindle Fire tablet, which is priced at less than half of the iPad 2's $499 tag. Reuters (2/28), The Wall Street Journal (2/29)


Anonymous said...

Whats the point of having an ipad if you already have an iphone plus a computer or two like in my case, work and personel. I know not everyone has a smartphone but i bet they all have a computer. why would anyone in their right mind buy an ipad (and/or basically another computer) before a smartphone. Having am ipad seems pointless to me.

Anonymous said...

iPads are great! They are not a computer and that is the point. They are larger than nooks or Amazon readers and that is the point. They are not phones, and that too is part of the point. Pads are new ways to communicate, use applications and communicate. iPad is the best pad out there.

Anonymous said...

I feel the ipad is much more useful than the kindle. It has so many more things going for it. It is pricy but I would say it's probably worth it.

Taylor Bishop
Com 101

Anonymous said...

People spend way too much money on the iPad. I don't see how it's better then having a laptop. It's too big in my opinion, but too small for a computer. ipad knows that people are always looking for what's new, and it's working for them.

Chris Smith com101 sec4049

christina ortega COM101-4049 said...

mac book, i pad, i phone- they are all great but the caption is right, with a kindle being so cheap apple does have a bit of competition! id sure hope to see something more new in apple other than a faster and clearer screen.

Anonymous said...

Madison Harper com 101 4044
I really hope the ipad ends up being cheaper I just can't justify paying 6 to 8 hundred dollars on a big iphone.

Anonymous said...

iPads are not phones. They are not laptops. Many of the "pads" that are coming out are missing the point. The iPad is a new tool for a million things we do or can do, including retail sales and art work, viewing movies on a screen large enough to appreciate them, communicate and create. It is not a phone or a laptop.

Bridget West COM 101-4080 said...

I'm excited to hear what improvements they've made over the iPad 2. I can't even imagine what else they would include. One thing's for sure - it's gonna be expensive. I might try to score an iPad 2 once the new ones come out, since it'll be a lot cheaper. I still haven't heard anything about the details discussed in this media event though.