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Friday, November 9, 2012

What happened to education and the mission of community colleges?

California has a community college task force that would "turn the colleges into certificate-production machines rather than true institutions of higher learning." It turns out Nevada isn't the only one with idiots making idiotic suggestions for community colleges!
Until a few years ago, just about any Californian could attend a community college, and many did. The colleges offered a wide variety of options: They conferred two-year associate's degrees; prepared students for junior-year transfer to a four-year college; provided vocational training and certifica...

First published 1/9/19


Anonymous said...

Without a way for those of lower income/societal status, a division between upper and lower class may form. Then a large portion of society's problems will be dealing with that lower, uneducated class instead of progressing the country's technology and systems of operations.
Shirley Hartman HUM/114 wk5

Jess Kobayashi said...

I just don't understand why they keep pulling funds from education and dwindling it down to practically nothing. The reason they are "certificate- production machines" are becasue there are no jobs. People with bachelors and masters degrees are coming back to these "don't call me community" colleges, to get certificates that will actually make them relevant in the current job market. Where a bachelors alone used to guarantee a god job, now its practically worthless in some cases and graduate school is a must. I am at csn for the same reason, I do not have time or resources to continue my pre-med degree and need to be in the job market sooner, so I am settling with a radiation therapy degree that pretty much guarantees me employment upon graduation for around 39-40$ per hour starting salary. Many of my friends have bach degrees in psych but can't really do much with it, so they are here applying for the nursing program. I know that at csn, you have to have a certain amount of credits to get priority registration and those with not enough have to wait to register. Its a shame that that school budgets are practically non existent, making it harder for people to be educated.
- Jess Kobayashi