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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thesis and Critical Thinking help from fellow professors

This link provides an overview of how a thesis can be constructed. I have actually provided this link to students as an aid in getting them to construct better arguments (although I don't think any of them have ever used it). I like this site because 1) it's short (so students won't be discouraged from reading it based on length alone) and 2) it provides an incremental path to constructing a thesis.

The Critical Thinking Community is an online resource for research related to critical thinking applicable to nearly every discipline.  There are free article, thesis, and dissertation downloads that can be a great supplement to resources we already have available in our materials.

Mind Tools is an excellent source for effective decision making and critical thinking resources. It primarily functions as a collection of articles but the user can join and sign up for regular decision making tips and advice.

I found this very pertinent article in the Harvard Business Review blog.  In my case, this particular statement rang a bell:  “Critical thinking has always been a prized attribute of leadership, but over the years, especially as business schools have emphasized quantitative skills over qualitative ones, critical thinking dropped by the wayside. Now as the rate of complexity rises, the need for critical thinking resurfaces”. 

This link leads to a sample of the book “Critical Thinking – A Concise Guide”.  Although this is not a full copy of the book (just the first 18 pages), the material provided is a starter that contains good definitions and examples for non-specialists in the subject matter.


Anonymous said...

Some very useful links about Critical Thinking - thanks for sharing. It is important for all students (of school or life) to know that there is more than one way to look at something, including how to effectively think critically!
Alan Kennamer

Anonymous said...

I will check this site out...hope I am to use the site once class is is still more to learn...critical thinking...I have none...BHW...HUM/112..1.12.12