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Friday, January 20, 2012



Anonymous said...

Oh geez. I am worried, as well as frustrated with this whole thing. First of all, it seems to me like this whole SOPA/PIPA thing is some kind of big governmental power play. I had been hearing rumors lately that this is a step towards censorship and if it honestly punishes people or takes down a site on a whim, then it sounds like it is. And isn't this violating the first ammendment? People use links and things like that to express themselves. Secondly, it seriously upsets me that so much is going into this when so many people in this country are being brutally murdered and not getting the justice they deserve. Bringing justice to murder cases seems like a much bigger priority to online piracy. Aside from murder, what about the hundreds of former veterans you see on the streets because they lost their ability to work because they lost some vital body part in a war fighting for US and this country. Shouldnt the government be taking steps towards solving problems such as these, problems that cause immeasurable suffering among America's citizens, instead of trying to gain all this control over the internet and the people who use it.

Rebecca Johnson

Anonymous said...

Funny how little empathy people seem to have for performers who are struggling to earn a living. We seem to turn off on understanding the real problem, that we are giving way our many ways of earning a living in this country in favor of low cost food, toys and "free" Internet.

Also, what about the billions in tax dollars that this country needs that off shore pirates steal from your pockets(you pay higher taxes because these "services" do not).