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Thursday, January 26, 2012

SKECHERS Superbowl 2012 Sneak Peek


Anonymous said...

If that is a superbowl ad then I would not even want to watch it. I do not like skechers shoes to begin with, but that commercial just makes it even more annoying.

Nicole Baxter 101.4080

Shung Lee said...

I thought this advertisement was weird because as much as I love shoes and dogs, this ad doesn't quite make me want to buy the Skechers shoes.

Shung Lee

Anonymous said...

French Bulldogs are amazing. An aquaintance of mine has one that has difficulty breathing because of it's small nostrils, so this commercial is not very realistic ;). Go Pats!

John Williams
COM 101 Sec 4049

Glubis Valdivieso said...

That's pretty freaking beast a dog with running shoes, what a great commercial. Now we know this superbowl is going to be good after this commercial.

Breanna Linsley said...

I love Superbowl commercials. I usually cant keep up with the complicated game of football with all the confusing rules, but the commercials always keep me interested and laughing.

Breanna Linsley
Com 101 HN 4080

Anonymous said...

Oh, Mr.Quibbly, your just the crowd favorite aren't you! Dogs were meant to wear shoes, I'm sure Marley and Sccooby Doo will catch on soon enough.

Claude Marchi COM 101 hn 4080

Holly Knowlton said...

French bulldogs are not the necessary candidates when it comes to dog racing. I think skechers was "trying" to prove a point that it doesnt matter if your fat, small, short, or tall, you can still win the race.

Anonymous said...

What kind of advertisement is this? I know their is a brand of shoes named skechers out there, so does almost everyone else. If this was justed based towards brand awarness then it would be ok. The thing is how do these shoes perform, they should of put nikes on the rest have Mr. Quibbly take off and stomp the competition. Then come up with a motto "Skechers... stomping on the rest" or something like that.
Benny Ventresca II COM101 hn 4080

Anonymous said...

I actually watch the Superbowl for the game, but the commercials are like the rainbow sprinkles on top of a delicious ice cream. They are great and amazing, but not needed. But if you're paying an insane amount of money to earn a spot, you better come up with something better than this Skechers.