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Wednesday, April 4, 2012



Anonymous said...

I love this comic and agree all the way. No matter who is beside you in war they are all equal no matter what sex, race, sexual orientation. We have to stop these neverending fighting for frivilous gains. We are only killing ourselves and our furutre generation.

Alberto Sayson
Com 101
Henderson 4080

Anonymous said...

This comic has a vary good point and only the brave who go into war will ever know the feeling of being side by side in the trenches dieing next to each other. Obvioulsy whoever is "they" are very indecisive on what hurts morale and willing to go to war, but never leave the comfort of their office.
Benny Ventresca II COM101 hn4080

Anonymous said...

I like this comment and have to agree with Alberto. It doesnt matter your race, sex or sexual orientation. We are all created the same. Going to wars and getting our citizens killed is not solving anything. We are just losing innocent lives of people that were willing to do anything to protect our country. Many young people have died and have left families, parents and children behind. War is killing us, not what we are made of.

Holly Knowlton said...

The military these days really frustrates me. I have friends in the military and my all of my grandfathers were soldiers and my mom and siblings are army brats, but today, in this generation, it seems like more people join because they are broke and want an easy way out for getting money, not because they are proud to be an american.

Holly Knowlton com 101 4080

Anonymous said...

This war makes no sense thats why. If there was an actual target and objective then the morale would be higher. this war is pointless.

Chris Wynn 4044