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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Communication and Motivation Seminar March 23 to 25th

Bea Goodwin-Aikens, Founder of Lanie’s Hope, shares her personal story of addiction and recovery, love and loss at the Life Choices event, March 23 -25 at the Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas. Throughout her career as a Casino executive, real estate broker, CEO and chairman of the board, Bea knew in her heart that she was being called to share her real story, the behind-the-mask struggle to overcome addictions that drove her from alcoholism to compulsive gambling to work-a-holism. Bea will share insights into:

■Balancing your life, releasing the “Dig Deep, Don’t Quit” mantra and learning to “be still”
■The importance of paying attention to “Cosmic Two by Fours”
■Embracing an abundant mindset and realizing your own “Twelve Dollars”
■Finding and recognizing your life calling
■Answering the call

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