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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Anonymous said...

Being cute get's you places in life! haha

Claude Marchi COM 101 hn 4080

Anonymous said...

It amazes me how funny pets can be. I love that they swtiched beds. My dog tonight tore up her new bed I just got her and it actually made me laugh. My dog is small like the dog on the big bed. Sometimes they are smarter than we think

Joseph Contreras COM 101 - 4049 T/Th 6-7:20

Anonymous said...

LOL Dogs are so cute. Have to wonder what they are thinking and why they do the things they do.

Angela Mains
Com 101 HN 4080

iheartblog702 said...

Obviously! the small one is the boss!

Roy Hardin said...

It takes a big person to give up his comfort to make someone else feel better!

Anonymous said...

The last time I bought a dogbed, my coworker laughed and asked me if I was getting my daugher a new bed, insulted I laughed replied that it was my "DOG'S" bed. She gave me a "Oh, you're so naive, it's cute" look and replied- "Okay...". The next day I found my 2 yr old sleeping on the bed, while the dog slept on the floor alongside the bed. I hated being wrong, but I had to give her credit for calling it.

Aurora Carlos Com101-4049

Anonymous said...

haha, clearly theirs a mistake in which bed is who's. This always ends up happening when I had my dogs, I would by something for one dog and the other dog would like it better and vice versa!

COM101 - 4049 SPRING 2012 (4049)

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely adorable. The larger dog must be awfully sweet to allow that.

Taylor Bishop
Com 101

Anonymous said...

I saw the same dog as the one on the right at the District on Friday. This picture does not do it justice. It is actually the size of a small pony. HUGE! But very sweet dog.