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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Jack Black and Will Ferrell "Get Off the Stage" Oscar® song

Doris Day to Receive Career Achievement Award From Los Angeles Film Critics Association

The group will next meet Dec. 11 to vote on its annual awards.

by Gregg Kilday
Doris Day Circa 1966 - P 2011Getty Images
Doris Day circa 1966
Doris Day has been named the recipient of the Los Angeles Film Critics Association's Career Achievement Award.

Although the actress has not appeared on fim since the late '60s, throughout the '50s and early '60s she was one of Hollywood's reigning boxoffice stars. Although she is best known as the virginal heroine of such frothy comedies as Pillow Talk and That Touch of MInk, she appeared in a wide range of films from thrillers like Alfred Hitchcock's The Man Who Knew Too Much to musical dramas like Charles Vidor's Love Me or Leave Me.

STORY: Doris Day Interviews With Sir Paul McCartney Before Album Drops

During the course of her career, she received one Academy Award nomination as best actress for 1959's Pillow Talk. Over the years, her fans supporters have also urged the Academy to pay tribute to her with an honorary award, although it has yet to do so.

LAFCA also announced that it will meet to vote on its choice for the year's best films Dec. 11.

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Lonnie's Open House for Nevada Day is on! Visit "the" collection October 30th

Happy Hammergrin Halloween/ Nevada Days Open House is on this year

SAG actors who have been here for a few years remember the parties Lonnie use to throw for branch members who hit 25 years in the union (some as high as 70 years). My wife and I had the joy of handling Lonnies marketing and advertising (of course Lonnie was his own marketing) on his successful run for Lt Governor in 1994. It was a fun and wild ride! A campaign unlike any other!

As for his house: sharks, subs, Apollo text capsule, bikes, shrunken heads, musical instruments, a working planetarium, an authentic gondola, neon Las Vegas history, the desks from the old state legislature and a world of other surprises are to be had when touring this "back yard" overlooking Sandhill. The Liberace staircase, his traveling piano, the dome from the old Dunes, a roller coaster from the Stratosphere, a scale model of Leonardo daVinci's flying machine, the Nevada Brothel Bar, a plane owned by Howard Hughes and much much more...

Will there be an annual Halloween at Lt. Governor Lonnie Hammegrin's house?

The ANSWER THIS YEAR IS YES..Open House on October 30th for Nevada Day (costumes optional). More in today's Las Vegas Review Journal.

Click on "read more" below for additional information on the Hammergrin Estate.

Dark Music with Beautiful Chorus

Apathy, not voting and not speaking out? YOU ARE TAKING SIDES!

Why The Haves Have So Much

Sheets of $100 bills wait to be cut into singles at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing in Washington, D.C. In recent decades, the gap between rich and poor has widened in the United States.
Enlarge Mark Wilson/Getty Images Sheets of $100 bills wait to be cut into singles at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing in Washington, D.C. In recent decades, the gap between rich and poor has widened in the United States.

The Congressional Budget Office released a report this week showing that the gap between wealthy and poor Americans has become much wider than it once was.

What's behind that expanding income gap?

Federal tax policy is part of the story. Those at the top of the income ladder have been the biggest beneficiaries of tax cuts over the last three decades.

But the biggest change has come in the shape of the economy itself.

The United States is becoming more and more of a winner-take-all society. Cornell University economist Robert Frank co-wrote a book with that name. It describes how technological change allows top performers to claim an ever-larger slice of the economic pie.

"The most vivid example we had for a long time was the tax advice industry," he says. People who once might have gone to a local accountant to have their taxes done can now use mass-produced software instead. That puts a crimp on the income of local accountants. But the CEO behind TurboTax made more than $4 million last year.

Superstars in sports and entertainment have long enjoyed that kind of outsized gain. But Frank says the winner-take-all pattern of concentrated rewards is spreading to one field after another.

"All that's to the good in one sense. I mean, we get to buy from the best now in a way that we didn't," he says. "But it's created an enormous increase in income inequality."

'Class Warfare'?

None of this is exactly news to people who've been paying attention for the last three decades. Ten days after he took office, President Obama set up a task force on the issue, to be chaired by Vice President Biden.

"The measure of our success will be whether the middle class once again shares in the economic success and prosperity of the nation," Biden said.

Republicans generally don't like to talk about the widening income gap. Instead, they stress that with hard work anyone can make it into the top 1 percent. In a speech this week at the Heritage Foundation, Republican Rep. Paul Ryan argued that focusing on the distribution of income amounts to misguided class warfare.

"This just won't work in America," Ryan said. "Class is not a fixed designation in this country. We are an upwardly mobile society with a lot of income movement between income groups."
In fact, studies show there's less upward mobility now than there used to be, and less movement between income groups in the United States than in Germany, France, Canada or the Scandinavian countries.

Economist Jared Bernstein, who used to staff the Middle Class Task Force at the White House, argues the Republican budget drafted by Ryan would worsen inequality, because it would cut government programs that benefit the poor and middle class, while cutting taxes for the wealthy.
"I think it was Warren Buffett who said, 'If there's class warfare out there, my class is winning,'" Bernstein says. "It's not that you want your tax system to totally offset the inequality in market outcomes. I don't. But you certainly don't want them to make it worse. And plans like those of Paul Ryan do. And that to me sounds a lot like class warfare."

What Could Narrow The Gap?

But even liberal economists like Bernstein don't believe tax policy alone can correct for the nation's mounting inequality.

"That's where we have to look for policy solutions to increase the earnings power, the bargaining power, the basic ability of middle-class families to claim their fair share of the productivity growth that they themselves are helping to create," he says.

We're probably not going to outlaw TurboTax. And the administration's efforts to strengthen unions' bargaining power have so far borne little fruit. The White House is trying to encourage manufacturing — where rewards tend to be more evenly distributed. And economist Frank says it wouldn't hurt to make the financial industry, with its conspicuous winner-take-all bonuses, a little less attractive.
"In 2007, I think it was 44 percent of the graduating class from Princeton took jobs in the financial services industry. Really talented kids who could be doing useful things — instead they're competing to see who can forecast what the asset price will be 10 seconds sooner than the next quickest forecast," Frank says. "We don't need that many people seeking those positions."

Finally, any steps that improve the job market could help. The 1990s, when employers had to compete for workers, produced some of the biggest gains for people in the middle of the income ladder. Bernstein says the best recipe for giving working people a bigger slice of the economic pie is full employment.

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We no longer wear bootstraps

But the party of the rich says we still do...


The Working Man....

"I'm union. I work only 16 hour a day."

"I thought you could only work 8 hours a day."

"I'm a member of two unions."

-"Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein'

New Phase for YouTube, first run cable quality programming.


100 channels of original programming? Low budget with big names? 25 new hours per day?

CW to stream shows on Hulu

CW's Hart of Dixie
Continuing the evolution of its digital strategy, the CW television network said Friday it would offer online streams of new episodes through Hulu and the Hulu Plus subscription service.
The five-year deal with Hulu comes just two weeks after the CW, a joint venture between CBS Corp. and Warner Bros. Entertainment, announced a similar partnership with Netflix. Netflix will make available episodes of past seasons of CW shows, including "Gossip Girl" and "Vampire Diaries," to its subscribers.
The Hulu deal is different because the service, owned by media giants News Corp., NBCUniversal and the Walt Disney Co., will have the exclusive right to stream episodes of such new CW shows as "Ringer" and "Hart of Dixie" as well as returning series. Financial terms were not disclosed.
The two deals mark a major switch in strategy for the small broadcast network, which until now had tightly held the digital rights to its shows. In a bid to protect its TV ratings, the network delayed the online availability of its episodes and steered viewers to its own advertising-supported CW website.
But by striking deals with such major players as Netflix and Hulu, CW is carving out a new revenue stream, which should eventually allow the network -- launched in 2006 -- to finally become profitable.  Episodes will continue to be available on the CW's ad-supported website.

Film Incentives at work: Ironman lands in North Carolina

In a blow to Los Angeles' below-the-line community, Marvel Studios will take its next "Iron Man" movie to Wilmington, N.C.

After weeks of speculation about where the movie would land, EUE/Screen Gems co-owner and Chief Operating Officer Chris Cooney confirmed Thursday that Manhattan Beach-based Marvel will shoot its next "Iron Man" movie at his studio in North Carolina.

“We aggressively pursued this piece of business,” Cooney said at a press conference held at the studio. “We negotiated hard and it paid off.”

Marvel also had been considering Michigan, but uncertainty surrounding the future of that state's tax credit took it out of the running.  Marvel executives also weighed filming in Los Angeles -- where the first two films in the superhero franchise were shot -- and New Mexico, but executives were ultimately wooed by North Carolina’s 25% film tax credit, in addition to the large Wilmington studio. California offers a film credit of up to 25% but it excludes big-budget movies like "Iron Man 3."

“We have a massive film facility and the third-largest film and television based crew in the country,” EUE/Screen Gems Executive President Bill Vassar said.

Rocky Horror Picture Show Halloween Spoktacular Tonight

So here we are! We are just one day away from the biggest event in Las Vegas this Halloween season, and that is THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW, starring the cast of Frankie's Favorite Obsession! We're ready to thrill you, chill you, and fulfill you! It's this Saturday at Midnight (Come around 11-11:30 if you want good seats; we expect to sell out) only at Regency Tropicana Cinemas (3330 E. Tropicana Avenue at Pecos)! So don't dream it, BE IT
Saturday, October 29 at 11:30pm, Tropicana Cinema Inc