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Friday, September 30, 2011

Art in the Park Saturday and Sunday in Beautiful Boulder City!

Art in the Park
49th Annual Art in the Park, October 1st and 2nd, 2011

Art in the Park 2011 Official Poster

9am to 5pm (both days)
Boulder City, Nevada 
Wilbur, Bicentennial and Escalante Parks (also includes Colorado St & Arizona St)
401 California Ave. - Boulder City, NV 89005
Click HERE for information on Boulder City Hotels, RV Parks, Restaurants and more
300+ juried Fine Art, Fine Craft & Traditional Craft artists selling original artwork
25+ unique food, beverage and "adult" beverage offerings - beer, wine, mimosas, 
bloody marys, margaritas & more
Live demonstrations, live music, activities for children and raffle giveaways

Art in the Park is one of the largest outdoor juried art festivals in the Southwest and is the largest 
fundraiser for the Boulder City Hospital Foundation. The event is held over two days in beautiful 
Boulder City, Nevada, not far from Lake Mead, Hoover Dam and the bright lights of Las Vegas. 
The event is free to the public, and although Boulder City's population is just over 17,000, 
the event draws over 100,000 visitors.

1st through 3rd place ribbons are awarded in Fine Art, Fine Craft and Traditional Craft 
categories, as well as an overall "Best in Show" winner.

Each of the 300+ artists participating in the event will graciously donate a minimum of one (1) piece of artwork to the fundraising raffle. Local Boulder City Chamber of Commerce members also donate amazing prizes. Over $25,000 in prizes will be raffled! Purchase your tickets at the Hospital Gift Shop, Foundation Office or local businesses from Thursday, September 9, 2011 through Sunday, October 3, 2011. Drawings are held all day October 1 and 2, 2011. Need not be present to win. Winners have 10 days to pick-up prizes. To donate to the 2011 fundraising raffle, please call 702.293.0214.

It takes hundreds of volunteers and civic organizations to make Art in the Park a success each year. To volunteer for Art in the Park or Boulder City Hospital, please call 702.293.0214.
Volunteer Job Descriptions
Volunteer Sign-Up Form

To purchase t-shirts, fleece blankets, tote bags, aprons, coffee mugs, visors or baseball hats, please call 702-293.0214

Limited free parking is available throughout Boulder City. Limited free handicapped parking is available on the side of City Hall and on the side of the Parks and Recreation Department (401 California Ave.). $8 paid parking is also available through the Foundation in the special off-site parking lot. To park in the paid parking lot, please continue on Nevada Highway into Boulder City and follow the signs. Free shuttle transportation service is available from the paid off-site parking lot. Cash only please.

Direct:     (702) 293-0214
Main:      (702) 293-4111
Fax:         (702) 293-0587

Why We Should Learn to Debate

What the society may be missing are true debates. Not politicians following made-for-tv rules, but real debates.

The reason is not what you may think.

When you learn to debate you need to research both sides, and in some forms be ready to debate in favor of either side of an issue based on the results of a coin toss.

Having to research and present a view differing from your own opens the doors to realizing that there is an element of truth in every point of view, that no matter how strong you feel emotionally, you need to acknowledge and understand the other side in order to have a prayer of winning your case against it, or better yet, to finding a common ground for acceptable ad positive compromise.

Perhaps the members of Congress have forgotten how to really debate. Maybe the television influenced world of soundbites, short slogans and presenting half truths as truth to generate ratings, has taken over our government.

What are your views?

Are you willing to compromise?

Do you really listen to the other side, even when you "know" they are wrong?

Do you research below the surface, being fair and balanced in the process, to really understand the issues or beliefs you stick up for, live by or represent to others?

Breast Cancer Walk Tomorrow

Oktoberfest...Harvest now!

When is Oktoberfest : Date varies
  • 2012: September 22 - October 7
  • 2013: September 21 - October 6
  • 2014: September 20 - October 5
  • 2015: September 19 - October 4
Oktoberfest is a two week festival, held in Munich, Bavaria, Germany. While it is a giant world festival in Germany, Oktoberfest celebrations are held around the world during this time. So, if you can't get to the fair in Germany, you can participate in a local event.

It's time to eat, drink, and be merry! Each year, the Oktoberfest is opened, as the mayor of Munich taps a keg a of beer. There is even a special brew made, aptly called Oktoberfest beer.

Oktoberfest is not just a celebration of beer. It is a huge festival with lots of food, music, dancing, rides, and carnival booths. Each year millions of people from all over the world come to the fair. Oktoberfest celebrations and festivals are held around the world during this time. These festivals also celebrate the rich heritage of the German people.

Go to for additional background, insights and fun!

Structures, Organization, Designs for Informative Speaches

Designs/ Organization structures
1.     See previous week’s note postings
2.     See textbook (as always)
3.     Use appropriate and best design for your topic / goals
4.     All designs may be used but the four best for informative are
a.     Spatial
b.     Sequential
c.     Categorical
d.     Comparative
e.     Causation
5.     Spatial Design
a.     Effective for describing places, locations or locating subjects within a physical setting
b.     Ordered by physical location or size, or special relationship or connection
c.     Determine a starting point and proceed in an orderly manner
d.     Complete patterns of descriptions to satisfy an audience need for closure
6.     Sequential Design
a.     Move audiences through time
b.     Effective for showing times steps
c.     Effective for showing change over time
d.     Effective for placing in historical perspective
e.     See previous notes and text for types of sequential design
f.      Includes random sequence, sequence, motivated sequence and chronological designs
g.     Chronological puts main points in order of time
h.     Sequential orders main points in terms of place in a particular process or puts them into a numbered order so that the audience may follow a process
7.     Categorical Design
a.     Appropriate for subjects with natural or customary divisions
b.     Suggested that 2 to 5 categories be used
c.     Begin and end with the most interesting categories
d.     Tie category relationships together
e.     See previous notes and text for additional information
f.      Main points do not have to have an inherent relation to each other
8.     Comparative Designs
a.     Helpful with new, abstract or difficult subjects
b.     Helpful for describing changes
c.     Helpful contrasting differing issues and proposals
d.     Best to relate one topic to something the audience already understands
e.     There are three types of comparative design
1.     A literal analogy draws subjects from the same field of expertise
2.     A figurative analogy draws subjects form differing fields of expertise
3.     Comparison and contact design points to similarities and/or differences
9.     Causation Design
a.     Explains a situation, condition, or event in terms of the causes that led up to it.
b.     See previous notes and text for types of causation design

Ginger Bruner of "Killians' Angels"

Chrome and Firefox problems with Angel

We have just discovered that Firefox 7.0, the latest version of the product, is causing issues in Angel.  The main issue seems to be with email functionality.  Unfortunately, Firefox can upgrade without being prompted by the user.  Here is what Angel is recommending.
The installations for 6.0.2 for Mac and Linux can also be found on
Please pass this on to your students as well.
Terry Norris, Ed.D.
Director of eLearning
College of Southern Nevada
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