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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

On Media looks at Facebook and Netflix

iPhone 5, Amazon Tablet for $199, Google leads in bid for Hulu

September 28, 2011
News covering the consumer electronics industry

  Today's Digital Pulse 

  • Amazon prices new tablet at $199
  • today introduced the Kindle Fire, a tablet computer priced at $199, presenting a competitive challenge to Apple's popular iPad, which sells for $499 or more. The Android-based Kindle Fire has a 7-inch touch screen, smaller than the iPad's, and will be able to offer e-books, games, movies, music and television shows to its buyers. ClipSyndicate/Bloomberg (9/27), Bloomberg (9/28)     

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  CE in the Home 

  • Connected home concept creeps closer to reality
  • Improvements in peer-to-peer connections among electronic products in the home should 
  • occur in the next year, according to Craig Barratt, president of the Atheros division at Qualcomm. 
  • Speaking at GigaOm's Mobilize conference, Barratt said the industry has agreed on communications standards that will make connectivity easier. GigaOm (9/27)      

  • Other News

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  • Mango is ripe: Microsoft begins serving Windows Phone update
    Microsoft offered a pair of surprises Tuesday in starting to roll out its Mango update -- 
  • also known as Windows Phone 7.5 -- which features about 500 upgrades to the platform. 
  • The company introduced a Web-based Windows Marketplace that will allow users 
  • to browse and install apps from PCs as well as a tethering feature that will let users 
  • share their phone-based Internet service. On its website, Sprint Nextel offered 
  • instructions for updating its HTC Arrive smartphone to WP 7.5. (9/27), 
  • MobileBeat (9/27), CNET/Dialed In blog (9/27), Electronista (9/27)      
  • MeeGo successor? Intel, Samsung back new Linux platform
    The LiMo Foundation and the Linux Foundation will join with Intel and 
  • Samsung Electronics to develop a new open-source platform for phones and other devices, 
  • although analysts said the successor to Intel's ill-fated MeeGo software -- dubbed Tizen -- 
  • faces obstacles in a highly competitive market. Officially, MeeGo still lives: Nokia has 
  • shipped the N9, the first and only handset based on the operating system the handset 
  • maker had developed with Intel before joining up with Microsoft. Reuters (9/28), (9/27)      
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  Tech News 

  • DISH, Google are rumored to be top bidders in Hulu auction
    Various media reports say Google and DISH Network were the leading bidders for 
  • the Hulu video-streaming service, topping Yahoo! and Google's 
  • $4 billion bid reportedly carries numerous conditions and may not fly with Hulu's 
  • corporate owners, while DISH's rumored $1.9 billion bid may win favor with the sellers, 
  • since it apparently doesn't have the same conditions Google is proposing. 
  • Home Media Magazine (9/27), The Business Insider (9/27)      
  • OnStar changes course, won't collect data on former subscribers
    Responding to strong criticism from customers and members of Congress, 
  • OnStar won't change its privacy policy, deciding against collecting data from 
  • OnStar-equipped vehicles after their owners end their subscriptions with the 
  • satellite-based assistance and location service. Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., 
  • was among the congressional leaders who decried the proposed policy change. Bloomberg (9/27)      
  • Apple issues invitations for Tuesday iPhone event
    Apple is expected to introduce the iPhone 5 -- equipped with a bigger screen but a 
  • thinner body -- Tuesday at a media event. "We talked about it having a bigger screen, 
  • a dual core processor, and probably integrates pretty well with the iCloud," 
  • said ThinkEquity analyst Mark McKechnie. Another analyst, Piper Jaffray's 
  • Gene Munster, predicted that Apple would sell 25 million iPhones in the fourth quarter, 
  • saying he expected the new iPhone to be priced as low as $199 
  • and that the iPhone 4 could drop to $99. 
  • Reuters (9/27), The Wall Street Journal (tiered subscription model) (9/27)      
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