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Friday, September 23, 2011

Moneyball, Dolphin Tale, X Factor's poor start-up, Facebook sells your users, All My Children ends TV historic run with a cliff hanger

Play ball!
 Sony's "Moneyball" about Oakland A's General Manager Billy Beane's approach to building a team stars Brad Pitt and is getting very good reviews. But sports movies in general and baseball movies in particular have a mixed record at the box office and little international appeal. TheLos Angeles Times looks at the studio's marketing campaign and whether "Moneyball" can drive it out of the park or will get caught looking at a called strike three.
Baseball, lions, or dolphins. This weekend's box office battle will be between "Money Ball," "Dolphin Tale" and the re-release of Disney's "The Lion King," which finished first last week. It would be pretty embarrassing if an almost 20-year-old film ended up on top two weeks in a row. Previews from the Los Angeles Times and Hollywood Reporter.
Out of tune. The Wednesday premiere of Simon Cowell's musical talent show "The X Factor" drew 12 million viewers, which is far smaller than what most industry observers had been expecting. Fox was spinning that the performance was good enough. While it's true that "The X Factor" did better than what Fox was doing that night a year ago, keep in mind the amount of money being shelled out to Cowell and co-judge Paula Abdul before buying the spin that the network can live with that performance. ABC's "Modern Family," coming off its big Emmy night, actually beat "The X Factor" in the ratings. Analysis from Variety and USA Today. If the night wasn't bad enough for Fox, the Parents Television Council said it would file an indecency complaint at the Federal Communications Commission against the show because one clip showed a contestant dropping his pants.
Better call Saul. Lawyers for victims of phone hacking done by the now-shuttered News Corp. tabloid News of the World are looking to sue the company in the U.S. as well as the U.K., which is where the hacking took place. News Corp., the media giant run by Rupert Murdoch, has apologized for any hacking done by its paper. That's not going to appease investigators overseas or here, where the company is being probed to see if it may have violated the foreign corrupt practices act. Details fromSky News.
Status update. You've probably noticed Facebook's new look and, if you're like me, you hate every time Facebook makes a change that seems more designed to please advertisers than its own users. The latest version is aimed at wooing big media, according to All Things Digital and the Los Angeles Times. As I said on Facebook, the social networking site is becoming too cluttered and too much work, so if you want me, find me on Twitter.
Peace treaty? After years of bickering, the National Football League may finally be near a deal to get its cable network on Time Warner Cable, which is the largest distributor in New York City and Los Angeles. I was afraid of this day. Now I'll never leave my apartment. More from the New York Post.
Don't let the door hit you. Viacom, whose CEO Philippe Dauman warned investors of a softening ad market earlier this week, which led to the stock taking a tumble, is trimming staff. No numbers were available but Ad Week reported the cuts were at cable networks including MTV and VH1.
Inside the Los Angeles Times: As "All My Children" ends its run on ABC, Meg James looks at the slow death of daytime soaps. Patrick Goldstein on the new rules of Oscar screenings.
-- Joe Flint
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From the LA Times Company Town here for entertainment industry news.

Blockbuster and Dish to take on Netflix

Seeking to challenge Netflix without undermining its own satellite television business, Dish Network has launched a new service, available only to its television subscribers, that will stream movies and TV and send DVDs by mail under its newly acquired Blockbuster unit.
Called "Blockbuster Movie Pass," the service includes DVDs and video games by mail along with 3,000 movies and television shows available to stream on TV and an additional 1,000 for computer. It will launch Oct. 1.
The offering costs $10 per month, the same price that Netflix previously charged for a combined streaming and DVD service before it unexpectedly raised the price in July, leading to a public outrage and the loss of an expected 400,000 subscribers by the end of September.
To entice new Dish subscribers, the Blockbuster Movie Pass will be free to them for the first year.
Because the new offering is only available to people who subscribe to Dish for at least $39.99 per month, its appeal could be limited to those who are currently happy with their cable or DirecTVservices or already use Netflix alone.
Dish Network, which has 14 million subscribers, acquired Blockbuster for $320 million in April at a bankruptcy court auction.
At a news conference held in San Francisco, Blockbuster President Michael Kelly said the company is working on a similar subscription offering for non-Dish subscribers that will launch in the future.
From the LA Times Company here for access to the latest entertainment industry news.

Obama as third highest approval ratings of presidents this century..

Rep. Michele Bachmann says President Barack Obama's approval ratings are historically low -- and sinking even lower.

During the Sept. 22, 2011, Fox News/Google debate in Orlando, Bachmann said, "President Obama has the lowest public approval ratings of any president in modern times. He hasn't gone to the basement yet. It'll be a lot lower than what it is now."


"President Obama has the lowest public approval ratings of any president in modern times."

Michele Bachmann on Thursday, September 22nd, 2011 in a Republican presidential debate in Orlando

Michele Bachmann says Barack Obama 'has the lowest public approval ratings of any president in modern times'

We can't explore her prediction, but we can examine if Obama has the lowest ratings of any modern president. Are they really worse than those of Richard "Tricky Dick" Nixon, Jimmy "Malaise" Carter and Lyndon "Hey, Hey, LBJ, How Many Kids Did You Kill Today" Johnson?

Not by a long shot.

We looked at presidential approval data from Gallup, which goes back to Harry Truman. It’s the longest continuous data set for presidential approval ratings. We looked at two different measurements: Each president’s lowest approval rating for their entire term, and each president’s lowest point for their first 968 days, which is how long Obama has served in office.

First, the lows for the presidents' entire terms, listed in descending order from the "highest" low to the "lowest" low:

John F. Kennedy: 56 percent
Dwight Eisenhower: 48 percent
Barack Obama: 40 percent
Bill Clinton: 37 percent
Gerald Ford: 37 percent
Ronald Reagan: 35 percent
Lyndon B. Johnson: 35 percent
George H.W. Bush: 29 percent
Jimmy Carter: 28 percent
George W. Bush: 25 percent
Richard Nixon: 24 percent
Harry Truman: 22 percent

By this measure, nine presidents hit lower lows than Obama has.

What about comparing only the first 968 days for each president? Bachmann’s closer with this one, but still wrong. Here is a list of each president’s low point during that time frame:

John F. Kennedy: 61 percent
Dwight Eisenhower: 57 percent
George H.W. Bush: 53 percent
George W. Bush: 50 percent
Richard Nixon: 48 percent
Lyndon B. Johnson: 46 percent
Barack Obama: 40 percent
Bill Clinton: 37 percent
Gerald Ford: 37 percent
Ronald Reagan: 35 percent
Harry Truman: 33 percent
Jimmy Carter: 28 percent

By this measure, five presidents had lows that were worse than Obama at this point in their presidencies.

So Bachmann is far off either way. We're reaching for the matches: Pants on Fire!

From PoliticiFact (click here)....The Truth-O-Meter Says:

Andy Hartmann, IBEW Local 234 - Vignette 3

Art White Progressive Liberals Abandoning Obama? If so, rather have a President Perry?

This is REALLY interesting. I don't buy that white liberals, or any other liberals, ultimately will abandon Obama, because I don't think liberals are total morons. But if they do, they deserve what will happen: President Perry.
Electoral racism in its most naked, egregious and aggressive form is the unwillingness of white Americans to vote for a black candidate regardless of the candidate’s qualifications, ideology or party. This form of racism was a standard feature of American politics for much of the twentieth century. ...

Why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer...who has all the weapons in this "war"?

Pity the poor dears. After all, they are victims, while the homeless and unemployed are just abusing them. How many of these rich a-holes go to church on Sunday and claim to be following in the footsteps of Jesus?
This week when President Obama proposed we tax the rich in order to reduce the debt by $4 trillion, he made clear that it's not class warfare, "It's math."

Just another day in NYC..."I didn't see any rats."