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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Unit 2 Notes

COM 101 Unit 2
Art Lynch

These note supplement the lecture, other handouts and the textbook. They do not replace either.

Please send your lecture and text notes for other students to benefit from, add to, or respond to under the “notes” portion of discussion.

There will be repetition in the notes, lecture and textbook. If you are the type turned off by repetition, keep in mind that many students learn from multiple exposures from multiple sources. If you can take advantage of the repetition to become as close to an expert on the topics discusses as you can in a one semester 101 classroom. You will not regret it.

Use the links on Angel, your own Internet and reading exploration, trial and error and the experience and knowledge of your fellow students to grow and excel in this course, and in future courses.

All students must post an introduction on Angel using course mail.

Click on "read more" below for a review of materials from the first few weeks of class.

Quiz # 2 Summer 2010 MASTER


1.  Relative truth states that truth is not fixed and may differ over time or culture.
     a) True
     b) False

2.  Your objective as a speaker is to place verbal emphasis on the words you speak, but never to actually sound as if you’re conversing with the audience.
a)     True
b)   False

3.  When you use testimony in a speech it is acceptable ether to paraphrase or to use a direct quotation.
a)     True
b)    False

4.  The invisible web is a term used because you cannot see the Internet.
     a)    True
     b)    False

5.  A well constructed narrative (story) can be equally informative and persuasive.
a)     True
b)    False

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Popeye The Sailor 003 - Blow Me Down (1933)

Effective Listening Skills

A competent listener:
  1. Uses eye contact appropriately.
  2. Is attentive and alert to a speaker’s verbal and nonverbal behavior.
  3. Is patient and does not interrupt, waiting for the speaker to finish.
  4. Is responsive, using verbal and nonverbal expressions.
  5. Asks questions in a nonthreatening tone.
  6. Paraphrases, restates or summarizes what the speaker says.
  7. Provides constructive verbal and nonverbal feedback.
  8. Is empathic, makes an effort to understand the speaker.
  9. Demonstrates interest in the speaker as a person.
  10. Demonstrates a caring attitude and is willing to listen.
  11. Does not criticize, is as nonjudgmental as possible.
  12. Is open-minded.
  13. Works actively at listening and understanding.
An ineffective listener:
  1. Interrupts the speaker, demonstrates impatience.
  2. Does not make eye contact, allows his or her eyes to wander.
  3. Is distracted and/or fidgety, does not pay attention to the speaker.
  4. Is not interested in the speaker.
  5. Gives the speaker little or no verbal and/or nonverbal feedback.
  6. Changes the subject.
  7. Is judgmental.
  8. Is close-minded.
  9. Talks too much.
  10. Is self-preoccupied.
  11. Gives unwanted advice.
  12. Is too busy to listen.
  13. Stops listening and does other things (text, read, videos, etc.)

Study: Deep male voices attract women..Women remember more

DC now offering Freemium Games

DC Universe Online Joker
It's no joke. Nine months after launching its subscription-based superhero online title, DC Universe Online, Sony will be throwing open portions of the game for free in October in an attempt to garner more players.
The move comes as traditional multiplayer online games that charge monthly fees come under economic pressure from social games, which are initially free to play, but sell virtual goods and premium game perks to players who want to advance more quickly.
Starting in October, Sony said it will offer three tiers of the game, a free version with limited features, a premium tier for those who spend a total of $5 or more on virtual items for the game, and a "legendary" tier with access to all the features in the game for $15 a month.
John Smedley, president of the Sony division that developed DC Universe Online, had hoped that the game's target audience of young, male players would be willing to pay for the game, which cost Sony about $50 million and took more than five years to make.
After launching the game in January, however, "we discovered a new type of online gamer," Smedley said in a statement announcing the change. "We've listened to our community, and we've determined that the free-to-play model is the best fit for DC Universe Online."
Some analysts believe that online games that charge monthly fees will wane while games that sell virtual goods will grow over the next few years. One research firm, IHS Inc. in El Segundo, estimatedthat North America/Europe sales of virtual goods from games such as CityVille, Moshi Monsters and Maple Story will grow from $1.13 billion last year to $1.8 billion in 2015.
Subscription game revenues, meanwhile, are expected to dwindle, from $1.58 billion in 2010 to $1.33 billion in 2015, according to IHS forecasts.
The decision by Sony, an early pioneer of subscription-based online games, attempts to capture three segments of players -- a growing audience that expects online games to be free, a smaller number willing to spend money for game perks and a shrinking number of players who will splurge for a monthly subscription.
"Consumers are being asked to pay for a million different subscriptions that didn't appear on their budgets 10 years ago," said Aram Sinnreich, a professor of media studies at Rutgers University. "Whether it's Xbox Live, broadband Internet, cellphones, music or games. It's death by a thousand cuts on a budgetary level."
-- Alex Pham
Photo: The Joker in DC Unniverse Onlne. Credit: Sony Online Entertainment