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Friday, September 9, 2011

What, no reruns?

Lucille Ball needed a vacation, a summer vacation. She and Desi shut down Desilu Studios and took the time off, forcing the network to come up with an innovative way of keeping her fans happy..the rerun.

Since that time the length of the TV season has been shrinking from 52 to 50 to 36 to 32 to 18 and now as little as 12 episodes a year. The incentive was not so much time off, as it was that reruns pulled ratings without costing any additional money, increasing profits from advertising.

Then came the idea go sell the programs for reuse. First to local affiliates, then to independent stations, then to cable and satellite and eventually for DVD use. At each step of the reason was to profit from the original  product without spending large amounts of money to produce new episodes,

Morning Edition on National public Radio explains that the age of the rerun and back end income for producers and talent, may be drawing to a rapid close.

Click here for the story, both written and audio.

Monday, September 10, 2001

Less government lower taxes?

During World War II Government Spending hit 40%, dwarfing what we have today, and we won wars on world scale half way across the earth from each other in three and a half years.

During the Depression the US spent record amounts on public works projects, some started prior to the depression, and government programs, and we pulled out of the worst recession in history. Millions upon millions were given jobs and the private sectors was stimulated to recover through government contracts and incentives.

And as for taxes...

The wealthy have always agreed to pay more at times of war. We are in the longest war in US history.

At times of world stress, it takes government to pull through, not lack of government or a government with no power to tax and spend.

We are in a world wide recession and a world wide war on terror.

And it takes took a year for the US to recover and rebuild to fight the Second World War, and that was a year of full government support, spending huge amounts, higher taxes and the support of the public. It took seven years to pull out from the Great Depression.

And the theory that business will do it themselves if the government cuts taxes and backs off. Trickle job economics led to Reagan tax increases, not cuts, increased deficit not a balanced checkbook, and a severe decrease in our readiness for war, not a strong military. Business increases profits for shareholders, and in an International Age are not the patriotic lot they may have been in the 40's, 50's or 60's. May is a key word, as there is ample evidence that business resisted their sacrifices, not marched happily into being a part of the solution.

So, where are the Republicans getting their ideas that less government and lower taxes will "lift" us out of this recession and generate good jobs for Americans?

Republican Anthem

I don’t know what they have to say,
It makes no difference anyway –
Whatever it is, I’m against it!
No matter what it is or who commenced it,
I’m against it.
Your proposition may be good
But let’s have one thing understood –
Whatever it is, I’m against it!
And even when you’ve changed it or condensed it,
I’m against it.
I’m opposed to it –
On general principles I’m opposed to it!

-Sung by the late Groucho Marx

China works and spends to change your views of China

China Radio International now programs American radio stations, in a reverse of Voice of America. Six and a half billion dollars is being spent a year in the US by the Chinese government within the US. It's flagship is WILD, Boston, long the African-American voice of the region. This is the same as Radio Free Europe or on a softer level Voice of America, as an attempt to re frame our view of China using propaganda advertising and entertainment programming.

Boston’s WILD AM Now Broadcasting China Radio International

China Radio International - English logo
Boston’s WILD AM has become only the second station in the US to adopt China Radio International.

The New Education Model

Education and teaching seemed to be a theme on all of the media I monitor here at the station on Sunday mornings.

Teaching Naked is a new word for Hybrid or Web Assist, but goes further to put additional content (the traditional classroom) on the web, including podcast and programs such as Blackboard or Angel. The technique explained on NPR is to require the student stop the current practice of not reading the text, or working outside class. They need to be prepared before class. Instead of the traditional lecture and review, class time is used to have debates, discussion and application in class, relate to current affairs, history and other ways in which the course interacts with the universe aroun it. Students are then require follow-up and investigation after class, with exams and tests after each unit. Video games, the Virtual World and other techniques will be applied as needed depending on the course. The dean of Southern Methodist University, Dallas Meadows School of the Arts believes that universities and colleges are too rooted, the story goes, in the Medieval model of students coming to class to be filled with knowledge, then reading to reinforce the knowledge, then comprehensive testing of material considered to be fixed and required for the course and field. The real world involved exploration, study and change. Teaching Naked is defined as using technology outside the classroom for education, rather than power points and lectures or “20th Century technology” in the classroom.

Another approach discussed on NPR was requiring students to back up their arguments with research, reason and logic. New York University President George Sexton believes the best way to achieve this is or schools to become truly global, with students around the world working with and learning from each other, forced to meet European, American, Asia and Middle Eastern standards and mindsets. NYU is opening a full campus in Abu Dhabi, paid for entirely by the Emirate. When asked why a traditional university that is heavy in Jewish population would partner with a country that bans Israeli’s from entering their country and discriminates against Jews, he said that NYU is open to relationships with Israel or any nation, belief or structure, in the name of education. The campus will not be specialized or a satellite. It will be a full campus of NYU.

NYU’s President Sexton says that the 21st Century will be like the Italian Renaissance gone global and accelerated. Technology and a global economy will lead to the universal university, the crossing of cultural, national, geographic and economic lines as has never before seen in the history of man. By 2020 when people think of the top universities of the world they should think of NYU, not as New York, but global based in Abu Dhabi and New York. He says that the Emirate will not change admissions and that standards and students will not be limited at any campus by race, religion, economics or any other standards but educational.

Education is changing rapidly.

Too often student who were raised in traditional classrooms or whose previous teachers are tied to traditional models enforced by their administration (bosses) enter college not ready for the new hybrid world, the classroom without walls, a model that puts the burden of investigation, learning and growth on the consumer...the student.

The new models exist to prepare students for the world in which they are likely to live and work well into the future.

It's a brave new world out there.

first posted 8-16-2009

National Public Radio, who are they?

We Are NPR-Video for Stations from About NPR on Vimeo.

Windows on the World Waiter Recalls 9/11

Fekkak Mamdouh (Photo: Alex Gallafent)
The World Trade Center drew workers from all over the world. A particularly diverse group was to be found at the ‘Windows on the World’ restaurant.

The American Jobs Act: The Economy and the Presidency

The American Jobs Act: The Economy and the Presidency

FRI SEP 9, 2011

After last night’s address to Congress, President Obama took his American Jobs Act out on the road today. We hear how it’s playing with Democrats, Republicans and different sectors of the voting population.  Also, one worker’s mistake causes a massive power outage, and how Ground Zero in 2011 has become “a careful balance between commerce and commemoration.” 
Among guest a a Pulitzer prize wining journalist Scott Timberg in Los Angeles who has been out of work for three years, lives under his wife's insurance, had to walk away from his home, lost his kids college fund and except for an occasional freelance story, has been unable to find work in any field related to his work experience, his Masters Degree and personal references and connections. He was a front line award winning journalist for the Los Angeles times prior to losing his job three years ago.

Submissions Sought for Dam Short Film Festival

New Address, Phone Number and Logo for 

2012 Dam Short Film Festival

Dam Short Film Festival

1022 Nevada Highway


Boulder City, NV 89005


'The Banality Of Evil': Following The Steps To Sept. 11

Mohammed Atta was the leader of the Sept. 11 hijackers. After a last-minute change of plans, Atta arrived in Afghanistan just as Osama bin Laden had approved the plot.
Mohammed Atta was the leader of the Sept. 11 hijackers. After a last-minute change of plans, Atta arrived in Afghanistan just as Osama bin Laden had approved the plot.

Ten years ago Friday morning, the men who would become the Sept. 11 hijackers were ready. They woke up on Sept. 9, 2001, in small motels along the East Coast. Their leader, Mohammed Atta, was one of the last ones on the move. He was checking in with the teams on his way to Boston.
The White House counterterrorism chief, Richard Clarke, was also at work that day. He was watching something happening in al-Qaida email chatter — he just didn't know what.
Both Atta and Clarke had spent years working on opposing sides of the same war. Retracing the steps of the two men over the years before the attacks shows how luck and focus made all the difference.

Happy Birthday Washington DC

On this date, September 9th, in 1791, The Nation's Capital was named after General and President George Washington (her preferred the title General).


Motto: Justitia Omnibus  (Justice for All)
Location of Washington, D.C. in the United States and in relation to the states of Maryland and Virginia.
Coordinates: 38°53′42.4″N 77°02′12.0″WCoordinates38°53′42.4″N 77°02′12.0″W
CountryUnited States
Federal districtDistrict of Columbia
ApprovedJuly 16, 1790
Granted limited self-government1973
Named forGeorge Washington
 - MayorVincent C. Gray (D)
 - D.C. CouncilKwame R. Brown (D), Chair
 - Federal district68.3 sq mi (177.0 km2)
 - Land61.4 sq mi (159.0 km2)
 - Water6.9 sq mi (18.0 km2)
Elevation0–409 ft (0–125 m)
Population (2010)[1][2]
 - Federal district601,723 (24th in U.S.)
 - Density9,800.0/sq mi (3,784.4/km2)
 Metro5.58 million (7th in U.S.)
 - DemonymWashingtonian
Time zoneEST (UTC-5)
 - Summer (DST)EDT (UTC-4)
ZIP code(s)20001-20098, 20201-20599
Area code(s)202

Washington, D.C., formally the District of Columbia and commonly referred to as Washington"the District", or simply D.C., is the capital of the United States. On July 16, 1790, the United States Congress approved the creation of a special district to serve as the permanent national capital as permitted by theU.S. Constitution. The District is therefore not a part of any U.S. state and is instead directly overseen by the federal government.
The federal district was formed from land along the Potomac River donated by the states of Maryland and Virginia; however, the Virginia portion was returned by Congress in 1846. A new capital city named after George Washington was founded in 1791 to the east of the preexisting port of Georgetown. The City of Washington, Georgetown, and other outlying areas within the District were consolidated under a single government in 1871, which formed Washington, D.C., as it exists today. The city shares its name with the U.S. state of Washington, located on the country's Pacific coast.
Washington, D.C., has a resident population of 601,723; because of commuters from the surrounding Maryland and Virginia suburbs, its population rises to over one million during the workweek. The Washington Metropolitan Area, of which the District is a part, has a population of nearly 5.6 million, the seventh-largestmetropolitan area in the country.
The centers of all three branches of the U.S. federal government are located in the District, as are many of the nation's monuments and museums. Washington, D.C., hosts 176 foreign embassies as well as the headquarters of the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Organization of American States (OAS), the Inter-American Development Bank, and the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO). The headquarters of many other institutions such as trade unions, non-profit organizationslobbying groups, and professional associations are also located in the city.
The District is governed by a mayor and a 13-member city council. However, the United States Congress has supreme authority over the city and may overturn local laws. Residents therefore have less self-governance than residents of the U.S. states. The District has a non-voting, at-large Congressional delegate, but no senators. D.C. residents could not vote in presidential elections until the ratification of the Twenty-third Amendment to the United States Constitution in 1961.