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Friday, September 2, 2011

Superman first look: ‘Action Comics’ takes flight with new Man of Steel

(DC Comics)
Seventy-three years ago this month, a strange new vision arrived in American pop culture, a brawny figure in blue with a flowing red cape and the ability to leap tall buildings in a single bound. The character of Superman has flown on into film, television, video games and every imaginable corner of entertainment, but he’s always remained tethered to his first home – Action Comics has been published every month since June 1938 and, in April, became the only American comic book title to reach a 900th issue.
But, in a move that is either audacious or desperate — or a bit of both – DC Comicsis making a break, at least in numbering, from the grand old series. In September, celebrated Scottish writerGrant Morrison and rising artist Ralph “Rags” Morales will start the series over with Action Comics No. 1, the 21st century version, which is one part of a huge initiative to a reach a new audience with a new interpretation of the Man of Steel and the DC Universe.
Click to read more and see Superman, Superboy and Supergirl #1 images.

I am worried about my grade

Nevada Public Radio's Desert Companion September Issue

In Space no one can hear you scream, Warner Brothers TV Factory, No Starz for Netflix, Rich get richer, The Happiest Place on Earth


No Starz to see. Liberty Media-owned pay television channel Starz won't renew its deal to offer its content on Netflix, which ends in February. This is a big deal because Starz content includes not only original content but movies from Walt Disney Co. as well, meaning that Netflix is losing a big source of fresh programming. While Netflix offered plenty of bucks to keep Starz as one of its programming sources, the pay cable channel decided to go the same route as HBO and Showtime, both of which keep their content off of Netflix for fear of alienating the multichannel video programming distributors who carry their channels. Netflix stock tumbled on the news. Analysis from the Los Angeles Times andWall Street Journal.
Apollo 18 could win the weekend
One small step. It's Labor Day weekend and given what's being offered at the box office, Hollywood knows that a lot of people just prefer to chill out with family this weekend or sit in front of the TV watching college football. But if you do dare to head out to the multiplex, you can check out "Apollo 18" or "Shark Night 3D." If you have a brain, there's "The Debt." Box office previews from the Los Angeles Times and Variety.
What would Freud say? Bloomberg Business Week has a lengthy profile of Matthew Freud, the public relations guru who these days is better known as Mr. Liz Murdoch. Freud, who hasn't always been the apple of his media mogul father-in-law Rupert's eye, plays an influential role in the family drama that goes on behind the scenes at Murdoch's News Corp. He also apparently isn't a Hugh Grant fan. Reuters, meanwhile, looks at Paul Carlucci, the News Corp. executive who oversees the New York Post as well as some of the media company's marketing operations whose methods are getting new scrutiny.
The revolution fizzled. "I would do everything differently," movie hot shot Joe Roth told The Wrap in a story about his failed efforts to build Revolution Studios. Revolution folded a few years ago, but the library is for sale and The Wrap examined financial documents as a hook for a look back at Roth's aspirations and how the company was too freewheeling when it came to spending money.
He said, they said. Bruce Feldman, a writer at ESPN who got in hot water with his bosses for a book he wrote with Mike Leach, a college football coach who is suing the sports behemoth, is leaving to go to CBS Sports. New York Times sports media writer Richard Sandomir takes a look at the behind-the-scenes drama that led to Feldman's exit.
The happiest place on Earth. The Wall Street Journal visits the Warner Bros. lot to see where the magic happens. This one will be hanging on every exec's wall at the studio.

33.3 million plus 12.5 million in bonuses. News Corp. Chief Executive Rupert Murdoch continues to be one of the most richly compensated executives in America -- collecting $33.3 million for fiscal year 2011.
The 80-year-old media mogul's salary and stock package soared 46% over 2010 because of the addition of a $12.5-million bonus.  
Inside the Los Angeles Times: A look at "Rescue Me" as it wraps up its incredible run. Saadi Kadafi's career as a movie producer may be on hold as his father Moammar deals with a little stress in his homeland of Libya. Think your cable bill is too high? Here's a cable operator who agrees with you.
From the LA Times Company Town, click here for the latest entertainment business news.

CSN Com 101 Art Lynch Sections Syllabus, Fall 2011

CSN Communication 101: Oral Communication

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