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Monday, August 29, 2011
Join Our Annual Tweet-a-Thon!What: This Labor Day, we can all do our part to help send a positive message about the value of unions – and we’re encouraging Screen Actors Guild members to do so through Twitter! 

To the sociologists: If you don’t like Vegas, don’t come back

The American Sociological Association held its annual convention at Caesars Palace this month, and their reaction to Las Vegas has been like a parody of academic pomposity — noses turned up at us like the French aghast at California wine.
The hubbub was written up with some snark in the trade publication Inside Higher Ed:
 Read the Las Vegas Sun commentary by J. Patrick Coolican (contact). (click here)

Join Our Labor Day Tweet-a-Thon

Union Members Tweet in Support of Labor and Screen Actors Guild

What: This Labor Day, we can all do our part to help send a positive message about the value of unions – and we’re encouraging Screen Actors Guild members to do so through Twitter! Simply send a Tweet over Labor Day weekend with the hash tag #unionmember to showcase the strength, solidarity and diversity of our unions. And to show your support for SAG, also include the hash tag #SAGmember.

Why: Labor Day is a celebration of the American worker and a day to honor the labor movement. It's also a day most Americans can enjoy as a holiday thanks to the efforts of unions and workers’ rights advocates. It’s a great time to remind the public that unions still play an important role today. And it’s an easy way to show you’re a proud union member. Your followers and supporters, and our allies in the entertainment industry, professional sports community, and workers’ rights and union movement, and more will be ReTweeting to maximize visibility of the effort.

When: Tweets can be sent Thursday, September 1 through Labor Day, Monday, September 5.

Who: The Tweet-A-Thon has been organized by American Rights at Work. SAG members will also be joined by our colleagues at AFTRA and AEA, as well as members of the Major League Baseball Players Association. Feel free to send multiple tweets honoring all of your unions. Your followers and supporters, and our allies in the entertainment industry, professional sports community, and workers’ rights and union movement, and more will be ReTweeting to maximize visibility of the effort.

How: We’ve made this easy. Here are sample suggested tweets to send through your Twitter account on Labor Day. All are under 140 characters. Of course personalize as you see fit.

Sample Tweets:
Please use #unionmember in each tweet so we know you’re participating! If you have room, feel free to include the short URL of the tweet-a-thon’s website, which is

1.    #sagmember Want to make it big? Become a #unionmember
2.    Best career advice: Become a #unionmember #sagmember
3.    I’m a #sagmember #unionmember. Happy Labor Day
4.    I am a #sagmember #unionmember Part of the American dream.
5.    Happy Labor Day from a proud #sagmember #unionmember
6.    Become a #unionmember like me. #sagmember
7.    Oscar, Emmy, SAG Award Winners?  #unionmember #sagmember
8.    #sagmember  #unionmember  Stronger together. Happy Labor Day
9.    Happy #LaborDay! #sagmember #unionmember for life.
10. Proud #sagmember #unionmember! Happy Labor Day
11. #sagmember Happy Labor Day, paid for by the labor movement. #unionmember
12. I’m a #unionmember because together we are more powerful than we are alone.
13. One for All and All for One: I’m a #unionmember and #sagmember
14. #LaborDay is a great day to support workers rights and being a #unionmember
15. Fun fact: I'm a #unionmember! Happy #LaborDay!
16. Being a #unionmember gets you a shot at the American Dream
17. Happy to be a #unionmember this Labor Day? Tweet about it!
18. One for All and All for One: I’m a #unionmember and #sagmember
19. Proud to be a #unionmember and #sagmember this #LaborDay!

Participating in a Labor Day event? Tweet your photos!
There are numerous tools you can use to tweet about your Labor Day event and include photos in your tweets! iPhone users should use the official Twitter iPhone app from the App Store. For Blackberry users, we suggest UberTwitter, download at Android users should use the official Twitter Android App via the Android Market.

Thank you in advance for participating and have a happy and safe Labor Day.

Editor's Note:  With the very foundation of what so many fought, even died for at risk in legislatures coast to coast and in the House of Representatives it is vital that we remember what Labor Day is all about. Do not let it be overshadowed by the upcoming remembrance of another day we should never forget, September 11th. Labor Day is vital to our nation as a day to celebrate what unions have and continue to make possible....including three day weekends and any weekend at all!

What does it mean to be creative?

Fats Waller:Moppin and Boppin

‎"Politicians should wear uniforms like NASCAR drivers so we can identify their corporate sponsors." - Anonymous

State Budget Cuts could end state's third oldest museum...

Goodnight Irene, Sony and Pan Am, FOX/New Corp loses NYC School Contract,

Here are your headlines. Hurricane Irene battered the box office and reminded us that the only thing we have to fear is fear-spreading TV news anchors. Also, Sony TV is making its mark and the hacking scandal at News Corp. has cost it some business.
Goodnight, Irene. Hurricane Irene came and went without doing nearly the amount of damage that had been predicted. Although the storm was lethal, the paranoia and hype that the media -- particularly cable television -- stirred up over was extreme. No one is saying Irene wasn't a story; it's the wall-to-wall fear-driven coverage that is an issue. Cable anchors seemed at times almost disappointed that the storm was not New York City's version of Katrina. Analysis from the Associated Press and Daily Beast. Also praise from Capital New York for how New York 1, the Big Apple's local cable channel (which Los Angeles needs a version of) handled the story and the New York Times gets all lovey-dovey with the Weather Channel.
Rained out. Hurricane Irene kept people on the East Coast inside and in front of the TV, which means they weren't going out and spending money on movies. "The Help" stayed at the top of the box office, but new releases "Our Idiot Brother," "Colombiana," and "Afraid of the Dark" stumbled. Ticket sales were down almost 25% compared with the same weekend last year as a few chains including AMC and Clearview shut their doors as the storm clouds gathered. Box office analysis from the Los Angeles TimesVariety and Movie City News.
Breaking into prime time. Sony's television unit is an independent studio, meaning that its parent company doesn't own a broadcast network or lots of cable channels. That should make getting new shows on the air a challenge, but somehow the studio has high-profile programs coming on this fall including ABC's "Pan Am" and "Charlie's Angels." The New York Times looks at how Sony has made a mark for itself.
You've got to know when to fold them. Paramount is planning to remake the James Caan classic "The Gambler" with Leo DiCaprio starring and Martin Scorsese directing. That was news to the film's original writer James Toback who shares with Deadline Hollywood his outrage at not even being given a courtesy call and recounts how the original came together.
Class dismissed. News Corp. has been trying to make a big push into the education business, even hiring former New York City schools chief Joel Klein to oversee the effort. But the company suffered a big blow when New York rejected an almost $30-million contract with a News Corp. unit. The decision to kill the deal was directly tied to News Corp.'s ethics scandal in Britain that led to the closure of its News of the World tabloid. The New York Daily News has the details.
Friends of Obama. The folks at Comcast have been very generous to President Obama's reelection fund. Employees of the nation's largest cable company and NBCUniversal's parent have given more to the Obama Victory Fund than any other organization's workers. Also on the list: Sony, News Corp., Disney and Time Warner as well as talent agency CAA. More from Open Secrets.
Inside the Los Angeles Times: Randy Lewis on the MTV Awards. Mary McNamara offers some advice to Oprah Winfrey on programming her network.
-- Joe Flint
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From the LA Times Company Town blog. Click here for the latest entertainment news.
Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists continued formal discussions this weekend between the AFTRA New Union Committee and the SAG Merger Task Force to facilitate the creation of one union to represent all members of Screen Actors Guild and AFTRA.