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Friday, August 19, 2011

Obama one of the Nation's Greatest's why..

No I’m not kidding, I’m completely serious.  Name another president who came into power with nearly every bank and scores of major U.S. corporations facing bankruptcy.  Name another president who walked into a housing market that had 1 in 4 American mortgage holders underwater and literally millions losing their homes in foreclosure.
Name another president who walked in to month after month of over 500K job losses.  Name another president who walked in to two unpaid for ground wars that were poorly run and creating chaos in our image across the world.  Name another president who had to deal with the worst oil spill in U.S, history and a crashing stock market.
Name another president that had to deal with a 24-hour news network that spins, slants or lies about every single thing he says.  Name another president who had to deal with an angry tea party that organized the week he stepped into power. Name another president who is leading a House that routinely brags about shutting down the government and defaulting on the nation’s debt.
Name another president who has been accused of being Un-American, a terrorist a socialist and Marxist on national TV. Name another president with a kazillion “new” web-sites and blogs that spin lies and embellish everything he says.
Name another president who has to deal with dozens of manufactured and organic uprisings in the Middle East with tyrants and former allies murdering their own people.
Name another president who had all of those events happening simultaneously during his first two years in office.
And still, In the face of all of this, he has passed, compromised or have “in the works” 78% of the 500 promises he made according to He has only broken 11% of his promises but if you read the 44 of them carefully, he tried to get most of them passed as well.
When one honestly considers the difficulties he’s had to manage over the past 2.5 years, you have to admire this great president.  He gets screamed at daily from the left, accused and lied upon from the right and completely stonewalled by congress. He gets blamed for everything and credited for nothing but he keeps fighting to improve the lives of average Americans.
Obama is one of the greatest presidents of all time because of his intellect, temperament and heart.  He’s a pragmatist that focuses on the possible and is willing to give up the best scenarios to get 80% of what he wants done.  Hillary Clinton didn’t deliver a Public Option nor did she help Americans get insurance with pre-existing conditions.  She failed because she tried to operate in a vacuum and impose her will on the congress—it never works.
Obama fixed the banks, nearly doubled the value of the market and is winding down both wars. While unemployment is still high, he still has managed to get 17 straight months of modest private sector job  growth. He has stopped the oil leak in the Gulf and is repaying claimants for their losses.  He has reversed Clinton’s DADT policy and saved GM.  He captured and killed America’s greatest enemy which Bush, Cheney nor Clinton ever done.
Think about this for a second, conservatives honestly believe Reagan was one of the greatest presidents of all time. Do you believe Obama is already better than Reagan?
What Obama needs most is a second term so he can free himself from the grind of campaigning and raising money to share more of his heart.  Obama is a great president because of his pure heart—a heart that is sometimes clouded because of exterior forces or political expediency.  But it’s still there.  
That community organizer who worked with the churches; that young senator who fought for the family farmers is still there.  That guy who fought for better education and who truly wants all Americans to have good health is still there.  That guy who has been beaten and battered by so many manufactured and real events is still standing.  
He remains a thoughtful, effective and pragmatic leader with a pure heart.
Yes, he’s already one of America’s greatest presidents and we need to give him the chance to finish what he started.
[Updated]  I had to jump back in to speak about FDR because so many of you mentioned him. I believe he is the absolute "Greatest" progressive president--ever.  
But folks, he served 12 years--that's right, 12 years with up to 75 "real" democrats in the Senate and up to 333 in the House.  
His term occurred during America's most difficult economic times which is confirmed by these numbers:
"The U.S. economy grew rapidly during Roosevelt's term.[87] However, coming out of the depression, this growth was accompanied by continuing high levels of unemployment; as the median joblessness rate during the New Deal was 17.2%. Throughout his entire term, including the war years, average unemployment was 13%.[88][89] Total employment during Roosevelt's term expanded by 18.31 million jobs, with an average annual increase in jobs during his administration of 5.3%.[90]"
That's right, the average unemployment was 13% during his term.
Because he "inherited"  the worst economy in U.S. history.  Well guess what; Obama's inheritance was a close second.
FDR was a womanizer who cheated with his secretary and his Internment Camps made Gitmo look like a pre-school.
I've read your Obama complaints carefully and I haven't seen the actual policy disagreements that have led to so much progressive disappointment.
He didn't close Gitmo "yet" and he didn't deliver the public option that he never promised.  However, he "is" giving us 78% of what he promised and frankly, I can't ask for much more than that.  
After reading the posts of those who are disappointed with him, you have solidified my support of him even more.  Although he's only been in power a little over two years, he really is one of our greatest presidents.    

From the Daily KOS, click here.

Focus on what is important

These are the petty, pitiful among us who feel they've been
screwed and someone has to pay.  The giving nature of
their craft has been killed by their selfish ego. They walk
the planet in a state of anger that boils at the sight of
achievement for anyone but themselves.

Don't waste time and energy getting worked up about the
shortcomings of those who work so hard to hurt other
people.  (You know they are just screaming for you to
react, right?  They just want someone to love them
as much as they do!)

Life's too short.

Hug your kids, your loved ones and enjoy your weekend.  Do
some good and be grateful.

Proud to serve with you all!!

-From a fellow member of Screen Actors Guild leadership

What's ahead from Disney 2011-2012?

D23: ‘Avengers,’ ‘John Carter’ and ‘Brave’ lead Disney previews

"Iron Man 2," "Brave" and "John Carter" actor Taylor Kitsch (Marvel Studios / Disney Pixar / Associated Press)
“The Avengers,”  ”Brave” and “John Carter”  are coming to Anaheim this weekend.
The three-day D23 Expo 2011 opens Friday with previews and promotions representing every corner of the Mouse’s universe but the brightest of all spotlights will be at 10:30 a.m. Saturday when Walt Disney Studios begins a preview of upcoming film projects that will include movies from Disney proper as well as Pixar and, for the first time at the Expo, Marvel Studios.
At the first Expo, back in September 2009, the same preview program in the Anaheim Convention Center’s arena included appearances by Johnny Depp, John Travolta, Tim Burton and Nicolas Cage, and you can expect a similar parade of famous faces this year as Disney looks to further establish the D23 event as its own in-house version of Comic-Con International’s Hall H — the place where Hollywood studios reach out to fans, bloggers and the media with celebrity panels and first-look footage.
The preview on Saturday will be hosted by Rich Ross, chairman of Walt Disney Studios, and he will be joined by Sean Bailey, his president of production, as well as John Lasseter, the chief creative officer for Walt Disney Animation Studios and Pixar Animation Studios, and the newcomer to the group, Kevin Feige, the president of Marvel Studios. The details of the program are top secret at this point but here’s a look at six of the films that will be highlighted (and one that they probably won’t be mentioning):
“John Carter”: The most startling no-show last month at Comic-Con International’s Hall H had to be this fantasy epic from Andrew Stanton, the writer-director of “Finding Nemo” and “WALL-E” who is making the move into live-action feature film. If you consider cost (well north of $200 million or even, by some accounts, north of $300 million), ambition, release date and the century-old source material, there’s no 2012 movie that appeared more in need of a San Diego splash than this project. Disney’s choice to hold the March release back from Comic-Con may show an institutional commitment to make D23 a must-see event (as opposed to an afterthought sequel to Hall H) but it puts even more pressure on Stanton and cast members Taylor Kitsch, Willem Dafoe and Lynn Collins to win over the D23 crowd to the idea of visiting the expansive (and now expensive) Martian landscapes of Edgar Rice Burroughs.

“The Avengers”: On the screen, this May 2012 film will team Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.), Captain America (Chris Evans), Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and the Hulk (now Mark Ruffaloand looking different) and off the screen it represents the first Marvel Studios release to fully fly under the Disney banner. Feige and his team made Comic-Con history in 2010 when they marched the whole cast (which also includes Samuel L. Jackson, Scarlett Johansson and Jeremy Renner) out on stage  and the thunderclap moment was so big that they opted to skip Hall H altogether this year. Feige and director Joss Whedon won’t say what they have in mind for this weekend’s Anaheim adventure.
“Brave”: It’s hard to imagine that Pixar (which is celebrating a special but understated 25th anniversary this week) has something to prove after a dozen feature films, more than $6.5 billion in worldwide box office and 10 Oscars on the mantle, but that’s absolutely the case. “Cars 2″ had some dazzling visuals, sure, but after the triumphs of “Toy Story 3″ and “Up” it felt like a crass concession to retail realities. Lasseter knows the score and will be coming to D23 to bang the drum for the June 2012 release of “Brave,” a Pixar riff on the classic Disney princess story. “Brave” is an ancient Scottish Highlands tale of an impetuous, red-headed young archer named Merida who goes against clan tradition to find her own path but encounters a dark curse along the way. Cast members Kelly Macdonald (“No Country for Old Men,” “Boardwalk Empire”) and Kevin McKidd (“Grey’s Anatomy,” “Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief” ) will join Lasseter. (There will also be other Pixar panels during the weekend and we’ll have more on that here at Hero Complex.)

“Wreck-It Ralph”: This November 2012 computer-animated release is banking on the voice of John C. Reilly as well as some serious television comedy talent.  The director is Rich Moore, former animation director of “The Simpsons” and “Futurama,” and the stars are Jack McBrayer of “30 Rock,” Jane Lynch of “Glee” and and Sarah Silverman of “The Sarah Silverman Program.” Reilly is the title character, a video-game bad guy who longs to be loved like Fix-It Felix, played by McBrayer. Even more interesting: Will Silverman be able to stay G-rated for the entire preview session on Saturday?
“The Muppets”: This Thanksgiving release has just everybody in Hollywood making an appearance (Neil Patrick Harris, Mila Kunis, Katy Perry, Ricky Gervais, Jack Black, Zach Galifianakis among them) but who will show up on Saturday in Anaheim? Disney officials confirm that Kermit the Frog, Ms. Piggy and Jason Segel (who stars in the film and also co-wrote the screenplay) will be on stage but won’t say much beyond that. The first Muppets film in 12 years is being directed by James Bobin and there are high hopes that the inventive Brit will bring the right subversive humor to the franchise — he worked with Sacha Baron Cohen on the creation of Ali G, Borat and Bruno and is also the co-creator of  the HBO series “Flight of the Conchords.”

“Oz: The Great and Powerful”: After all the box-office heroics of his “Spider-Man” trilogy, director Sam Raimi is watching the masked-man swing off with a new filmmaker. Now Raimi turns his attention to this “Wizard of Oz” prequel, which stars James Franco as Oz and Mila Kunis, Rachel Weisz and Michelle Williams as the three witches from all directions in the land of the Yellow Brick Road. The movie doesn’t reach theaters until March 2013  so this will be a handshake moment between Disney fans and a project that has hopes that lie somewhere over the box-office rainbow.
“The Lone Ranger”: At D23 Expo 2009, Jerry Bruckheimer showed the audience a logo for his planned masked-man western and in the months after Gore Verbinski was announced as directorand Armie Hammer as the title hero who would ride with Johnny Depp as a non-traditional Tonto. All that is up in the air now, though, as a budget showdown between Ross and Bruckheimer’s team has shut down the work on the film. The movie might still happen but the upshot for D23 fans: Don’t expect to see Depp in the room this weekend.
– Geoff Boucher

From Hero Complex at the LA Times on-line, click here to access this and other stories...

Com 101 CSN Quiz # 3

Quiz # 3 Spring, 2010 Com 101 Art Lynch
Indicate whether the statement is true or false. Select the best answer.
____ 1. A white board or chalkboard is an excellent way of presenting materials during your speech.
____ 2. Oral materials should be supported with digital slides, not be dominated by them.
____ 3. Informative speakers should keep their presentation media limited and basic.
____ 4. You can easily obtain transparencies relevant to almost any topic simply by searching them out at
any university library, where thousands are on file.
____ 5. Informative speaking involves deepening understanding, raising awareness, or increasing an
audience's knowledge about a topic.
____ 6. All informative speeches should be organized using the topical pattern of organization.
Multiple Choice
Questions by the authors of the text or from repeated lecture and should use the textbook and lecturs as a
basis for determining the best possible answer. Identify the choice that best completes the statement or
answers the question as would be interpirted by the authors of the text book. There may be more than one
correct answer, so you must select the one that is the one inferred in the text and lecture. Reread other
questions if needed to assist in your thought process.
____ 7. It is usually best to distribute handouts when?
a. before your speech
b. during your speech
c. after your speech
d. None of these answers are correct.
____ 8. When used in an informative speech, the ____ pattern of organization helps the speaker explain
how someone or something has developed over time.
a. chronological
b. cause-and-effect
c. narrative
d. spatial
____ 9. Arriving at the speech site early and checking on the technical equipment for your speech helps
a. avoid technical problems.
b. increase your confidence that things will go
c. manage your nervousness.
d. All of these answers are correct.
____ 10. When using digital slides as your presentation media, you should
a. use lots of special effects to hold your
audience's attention.
b. avoid special effects, audiences find them
c. always use bright colors, preferably red and
d. None of these answers are correct.
____ 11. To create a sense of personal meaning for a speech to inform the speaker might
a. present a lot of facts.
b. include primarily technical information.
c. tell a story related to the topic.
d. self-disclose highly personal information.
____ 12. If an informative speaker wants to highlight locations or areas in a particular place, then the ____
pattern of organization would be the most effective.
a. chronological
b. cause-and-effect
c. narrative
d. spatial
____ 13. You can us RWA to demonstrate how to do something special on the web, such as displaying
articles found on websites that support your topic. RWA stands for ____?
a. real-world access
b. round the world access
c. real time web access
d. reality web access
____ 14. ____ involves monitoring news sources to analyze and assess the information produced by those
a. Gatewatching
b. Gatekeeping
c. Information selecting
d. Cyber critiquing
____ 15. The ____ pattern of organization is the best one to use for a speech in which the speaker seeks to
demonstrate how to do something.
a. chronological
b. cause-and-effect
c. narrative
d. spatial
____ 16. "The History of Mardi Gras in New Orleans" is an example of an informative speech about
a. objects and places.
b. people and other living creatures.
c. processes.
d. events.
____ 17. One advantage of digital slides and RWA is that
a. they are electronic.
b. you need very little preparation to use them in
your speech.
c. you do not need to face your audience while
using them.
d. you will know what is on the big screen by
observing what is on your computer. screen.
____ 18. Presentation media should do which of the following?
a. help your audience remember you main ideas
b. stimulate an emotional reaction
c. clarify a key point
d. All of these answers are correct.
____ 19. An excellent medium for documenting good ideas during a brainstorming session is ____.
a. a document camera
b. overhead transparencies
c. a flip chart
d. a model
____ 20. Which statement best describes the use of presentation media?
a. Use as much media as you can fit into your
b. Keep presentation media simple and brief.
c. Use presentation media only as a last resort.
d. It takes a lot of training to use presentation
Quiz # 3 Spring, 2010 Com 101 Art Lynch

Conan's a Barbarian, while Conan sings the blues, Spy Kids, UFC: Fox goes Martial Arts,

'Conan' to battle cleaning ladies. This weekend's big box office battle will feature  a remake of "Conan the Barbarian" versus the civil rights era drama "The Help." "Conan" may have the muscle, but "The Help" has the ladies and may clean up at the box office this weekend. Projections from the Los Angeles Times and Variety.
Change of heart. Just a few years ago, Fox Sports Chairman David Hill called mixed martial arts fighting "abhorrent" and his No. 2 Ed Goren said the company didn't "need the money that badly" when asked about carrying the sport. Now, in a deal Fox described as one of the biggest in company history, Hill & Co. are embracing the sport with a new TV rights package for Ultimate Fighting Championship matches. Hill conceded that his views on the sport had evolved over the years. Coverage from USA TodayNew York Times and Los Angeles Times.
As the Murdochs turn. The phone hacking scandal that took down News Corp.'s News of the World tabloid shows no sign of slowing down. Arrests of former staffers at the paper continue and the cloud around James Murdoch, son of News Corp. Chief Executive Rupert Murdoch and the executive who has had oversight over the British paper continues to darken. Now Reuters reports that there is gossip inside News Corp. that the younger Murdoch may exit, which was strongly denied by the company. The story is an everything but the kitchen sink piece that throws out numerous scenarios ranging from him leaving and coming back to nothing changing at all. That way, know matter what happens, something in it will be right. Meanwhile Glenn Mulcaire, the private investigator who helped hack into voice mails for News of the World, is now suing because the company stopped paying his legal bills. More on that from Business Week.
How classy of them. The Hollywood Reporter says that Bravo will delay the premiere of the new season of "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" by at least a week in the wake of the apparent suicide of Russell Armstrong, whose wife, Taylor, is a regular on the show. The woes of the marriage were a component of the show and Armstrong's death has cast an unflattering light on the reality genre.

Saddle up. Last week, the film crew building a Western town in New Mexico for the upcoming production of Disney's "The Lone Ranger" movie, was told to tear it down. Now they've been told: Not so fast. Holding off on gutting the set may mean that Disney is trying to find a middle ground in its battle with producer Jerry Bruckheimer and director Gore Verbinski over the budget for the movie, which stars Johnny Depp. The latest from the Los Angeles Times and Hollywood Reporter.
That'll look good on the resume. Bruce Rosenblum, the television head at Warner Bros. and one of the highest-ranking executives at the studio, has thrown his hat in the ring to become chairman of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. ATAS, as it is known, is the group that oversees the prime-time Emmy Awards telecast among other things. Rosenblum tells Variety that it is important that ATAS  "maintain its heritage of excellence and at the same time become more relevant and influential."
Shouldn't we see how Whitney Cummings' show does first? It's development season for the broadcast networks, and a bidding war is on for a new project starring comedian Sarah Silverman. Yes, the same Silverman whose previous show was canceled by Comedy Central because of a low ratings. I'm a fan of Silverman but given that NBC is about a launch a show with comedian Whitney Cummings that sounds very similar to what is being pitched for Silverman, why not wait to see what the appetite is for raunchy brunette comedians first? Deadline Hollywood has the details.
Conan's blues. The Wall Street Journal has a harsh assessment of late-night talk show host Conan O'Brien's first year on cable channel TBS after he was dumped by NBC. Saying the move to hire the lanky comedian is "flopping," the article notes that despite the addition of O'Brien, TBS's ratings among the coveted adult 18-49 audience are off more than 10% from a year ago. Something tells me former NBC chief Jeff Zucker will be hanging this article on his office wall.
Stuck whistle. Robert Emmel, a former executive at News Corp.'s marketing unit News America, found out the hard way what happens when you go against the company. The Guardian on the tough times faced by a News Corp. whistle blower. Meanwhile, Forbes Magazine editor-in-chief Steve Forbes tells News Corp. Chairman Rupert Murdoch that the sun will come out tomorrow.
Wasn't this a "Seinfeld" episode? Some actors in New York are getting extra work portraying sick people for medical students trying to learn how to diagnose symptoms. The Wall Street Journal did a front page story on the trend earlier this week. Of course, fans of "Seinfeld" will remember a classic in which Kramer does the exact same thing and gets frustrated when he gets typecast as a gonorrhea patient.
Inside the Los Angeles Times: Edie Wasserman, wife and confidante of the late legendary Hollywood mogul Lew Wasserman, died at the age of 95. Mary McNamara on what the apparent suicide of Russell Armstrong says about reality TV. 
Seeing 'Spy Kids 4' will be a smelly experience. A preview of Disney's D23 Expo fan event.

From the LA Times Company Town Blog, click here for the latest entertainment news.