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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Mr. President (PS: mine is Sunday August 7)

Sarah Palin: Tea Party aren't 'domestic terrorists'--If we were we'd be better pals with Obama


Congress budget vote cripples America's Jobs recovery

The budget agreement Congress passed this week is a bad deal for our country—especially working people. It will make it even harder to solve our country’s biggest crisis—the jobs crisis.

The AFL-CIO—and the entire labor movement along with our community partners and allies—is committed to putting people back to work. And we’re determined to protect and strengthen workers’ rights so people have the opportunity to get good jobs that provide a pathway to the middle class.

Will you add your voice to our petition and help shift our national debate?

Add your name to the "American Wants to Work" petition. We'll deliver it to Congress, the White House and major media outlets.

Americans agree—we need jobs. When asked in a poll last week whether Congress and the president should focus on the federal budget deficit or jobs, 67 percent of the public said “jobs.”(1)

America needs to stop wasting time on manufactured political debates that will make our economy worse. According to economists, the recent deal to raise the debt ceiling will undermine economic growth and job creation across the board and make our fragile economy worse.(2)

Add your name to our “America Wants to Work” petition. It says: “America wants to work. It’s time to move on from manufactured crises and focus on jobs.

We need to demand politicians and major media outlets focus on our jobs crisis. And congressional Republicans in particular need to hear that message. Last November, they campaigned on jobs, jobs, jobs. But then, they forced us to waste months on raising the debt ceiling—and finally forced a “solution” to the manufactured debt crisis that will destroy jobs.(1)

The only solution to our jobs crisis is a national jobs strategy. Outside of Washington, job creation is at the top of everyone’s agenda. Only in this topsy-turvy Alice in Wonderland place are long-term deficits more urgent than massive unemployment. We’re years into a jobs crisis with no end in sight. It’s time our leaders and the media started paying attention.

Urge our political leaders and the media to bring just as much urgency to the task of creating jobs as they brought to the politically manufactured crisis over the debt ceiling.

In Solidarity,

Richard L. Trumka
President, AFL-CIO

P.S. This August, when members of Congress get back home and away from the Washington, D.C., bubble, AFL-CIO working families activists will show up and demand they work to solve the jobs crisis. And we’ll keep demanding major media outlets cover the jobs crisis in America—and help them understand that we can’t cut our way to prosperity. Will you add your voice?

Click here to sign our petition. It says: “America wants to work. It’s time to move on from manufactured crises and focus on jobs.



Feeding Pirates: When Legit Companies Advertise On Shady Sites

A screen shot of the ads found on pirate sites.
This Vonage ad was part on a site ( that specializes in distributing Hollywood films for free and more than likely illegally. 

From NPR's All Tech Considered, a story of hell from a filmmaker who has seen legitimate business keep her from making money by promoting piracy...

Ashleigh Sumner is the star of  "And Then Came Lola."
And Then Came Lola
Ashleigh Sumner is the star of And Then Came Lola. Its filmmakers are asking companies to stop advertising on sites that have pirated it.