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Monday, July 25, 2011

Mindset: A lesson in psychographics of age

References familiar to you may not be understood by others because of differences in life experiences, starting with age. This list will help students and professors alike understand why age is a key difference in psychographic, and mis-communication does occur.

When two police officers stopped world class singer-song writer Bob Dylan and did not know who he was a gap was revealed. I can only guess that older officers must have had a good laugh when they heard their younger comrades had picked up a man who was not carrying ID and had never heard of his name, much less recognized him. The list above helps explain why.

First posted August 18, 2009

The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not. - Thomas Jefferson

Have we have become a polarized attack society, with stones thrown an hateful words without reasoning, forethought, research or understanding? It seems that all poltiicians, and for that matter any celebrity, have painted targets on their chests and notes pinned to their trousers with the words "kick me!"

Part of the job? Part of the price of fame?


But why to we destroy those who put their personal, professional, public and privates lives on the line to serve us, the public, those who toss stones but are not willing to do what it takes to do the actual heavy work of keeping our democracy going.

This is non-partician.

When Russ Limbaugh was in the hospital recently, the vast number of posts on his web site did not wish him well, they wised him death or a fate worse than death. Hate at a time when compassion is needed.

How many conversations have you been in, or heard, or watched on alleged news television, where unsubstantiated statements or opinion are made as if they are fact? How many people talk about politicians and celebrities as if they know them, taking gossip and rumor as fact and thinking they know the truth?

I once enjoyed a Christmas gathering until one women could not stop talking about how "actors" had no right to speak out on poltical issues they know nothing about. I let it slide for quite a while, not wanting to spoil the holiday gathering, until she began to talk about someone I know.

I went on to explain that that particular person has a medical PhD, has traveled the world, has written in professional journals on the subject and could be considered an expert. She went on to repeat an entrenched political speaking point rhetoric, ignoring what I was saying and insisting that that person did not know what they were talking about and had no right to use their celebrity to spreak "lies". I am sure she did not have a PhD and did manage to confirm that she has never traveled beyond Nevada and Caifornia, much less to the areas that she claimed to be an expert on over this particular actor.

Closed minds, set view points and attacking those who disagree rather than listening, researching or being open to the complexities that life brings, may be forever undermining our democracy and our society.

My other example is an even more political one and may challenge what many of you think you know as reality. Your entitled to your views. You may be right. This is not intended to change minds, only to illustrate the point that we all have views based on what we are told to think, what is reinforced in conversations, by media we choose to listen to and by what we think, deep inside, is right, without and open heart or honest research. We all do. Even I do.

But the issue is who will serve if hatred, ill will and even physical threat is the price?

From my view, and this is where many of you tune out, I can look at the hate and assumptions made about Senator Harry Reid, whose name has been equated with Liberal (he is a conservative as Democrats go and a Morman), whose actions are attacked and who many cry is no longer good "for Nevada."

A very real failed bomb intended to take his life and his families, when he was serving on the Nevada Gaming Commission, was jokes about openly and turned around so much that many claimed it never happened, or that he may have done it himself to advance his poltical career. How would you feel if someone tried to kill you or threaten your family? Would you go on to become a US Senator, putting your life literally at risk and your reputation up for public attack? That's what it takes.

So the Harry Reid that kept  the nation's high level nuclear waste from being dumped close to Las Vegas is now bad for Nevada? City Center would be a Detroit style boneyard at the heart of the strip if Reid had not stepped in. Those of us who have pre-existing conditions would look at a future without health care simply due to our "risk" factor on some insurance company's books.

Now open your mind and pay attention to what is being said, passed in e-mail, gossiped about Harry Reid in an attempt to derail him politically?

Maybe he needs to be voted out. Not my view, but a valid one from the perspective of those who believe it. But hatred, black-and-white assumptions and belittling, denying or ignoring the work he has done is not a good attitude for a democracy to work and exist, or a society for that matter,

On to a subject that is even more volitile: religion.

I researched a blog posting attacking Reid and found the woman was a Republican, Morman, stay at home mom. Did she know Reid if a fellow Morman? Did she research his life or family? Did she read some of his writings or legislation he has actually authored? Or is she repeating what she has heard over and over again in tea chats, on certain news media, in Internet gossip or base her entire view of the man on one single issue?

These are questions that should be asked before we "throw stones", or at least the damage done by our words should be weighed for what they are and what they can do. One person states somethign and others repeat it. A negative builds far faster than any positive. Ask anyone in retail.

What happened to "forgive", "love", "trust", "honor" and other basics of most faiths? The way attacks occur on politicians and celebrities you would think there were no religious people remaining in America. The part that gets me boiling, is that the attacks often come in the name of "family values" by people who claim to be religous, with no sign of a forgiving bone or attempt at empathy.

For some reason we have become a self justifying people, who feel right to the bone and who "defend" those rights to the bone.

When you judge politicians judge the alternatives. Have someone in mind who can and will do the same job, with equal poltical contacts and power, and with your personal trusts and belief. Keep in mind that whomever you back, or whomever you support, must be willing to do the job and do it at risk of being hated and attacked, like Russ Limbaugh or Harry Reid.

Make wise decisions, and while you are doing to, keep an eye on your own soul, your own heart, your own reputation and on who you are as a person.

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