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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Get Started...Don't Wait!

MIKE PNIEWSKI “Don’t worry about results, whatever you can do to get started, focus on that and nothing else. Stop thinking about it, talking about it, eating over it, drinking over it, complaining about it – if you just move, just begin and take the first step that gets you started, you can then take the next step and the next step… Just move. Just begin.” 
                        —Mike Pniewski

In the same boat

In The Same Boat: British Prime Minister Winston Churchill (from left) leaves Westminster Pier in 1942 with American politicians Harry Hopkins, John Winant and William Bullitt. At right is British Labor Party politician and First Lord of the Admiralty A.V. Alexander.

Four American's played key roles in London during  the Blitz. NPR spoke wtih the author of a new book about American politicians Harry Hopkins, John Winant and William Bullitt, along with journalist Edward R Murrow. Each played key historic roles in gaining support from America to help save England, under siege by Germany from the air and sea. It's a story or politics, street heroics and sexual intrigue.

It's the history of the Anglo-American Alliance in Britain in its darkest and  finest hour. An excerpt of the book can be found at the All Things Considered NPR web site.

Mistakes are not forgiven

Dutch Web Site (fun site)

HEMA is a Dutch department store. The first store opened on November 4, 1926, in Amsterdam. Now there are 150 stores all over the Netherlands .

Take a look at HEMA's product page (catalog) - just wait a couple of seconds and watch what happens.  Watch it to the end. DON't click on any of the items in the picture; just wait.

This company has a sense of humor and a great computer programmer, who has too much time on his hands.

Contributed by: Lauriann Bradford

Acting Classes to meet every need!

Believe in yourself, Acting classes now forming

I believe in talent; all talent.

If you want to act, if you enjoy acting, you are already an actor. That does not mean a star, a celebrity or competitive in the field of acting. But acting applies to many aspects of life, and can be used to teach, to pray, to entertain, blow off steam, or reflect the world as only an artist can.

How good you are, how skilled, how studied depends entirely on how much you want to put into it.

There is aptitude and there is talent. Both can be developed to meet the needs of your church, community, professional theater, film, television, conventions and other areas where actors ply their craft.

For over a decade I coached acting full time, with part time for most of my adult life. As a youth I found friendships, experiences, and passion putting my own talents to use.  I love acting and believe in actors. It is not a closed club, but something that lives deep within all of us.

I have worked with and have references from students in all age groups, from 4 to senior citizens.

I do not pretend to be some sort of star, or an expert, just a coach, trainer, teacher and someone who believes in you.

Ask my students.

I was taught this lesson by the likes of Dick "please don't squeeze the Charmin" Whipple, who gave to Nevada, Nevada SAG and to beginning actors with all his heart. He told me never to give up, as he gave me his first gigantic black and white video camera, the one he used in teaching his students.

Acting, Voice Over, Character Voices, Improv Theater Games, Auditioning, Public Speaking, The Business, Self Marketing, On-Camera, Broadcasting and other areas of the craft are available for the asking through the Boulder City Park and Recreation, Casting Call Entertainment, or private arrangements. Just ask.

Acting Classes

I offer private, small group and group lessons for reasonable rates. I taught acting full time for over a dozen years, plus have coached talent for most of my adult life. Contact me direct at or call 702-454-1067.

You count, not my ego, or anyone else. I do not talk down or market against any other teachers. You can judge for yourself. I do advise you do not get sold by star studded sales or talk of the work a coach has done in the industry. What they have done, other than coaching or teaching others, is their career, not what will make yours. Experience has value. But in the end it is th work you do, how they help you to make the most of your potential, and the way you use your talents that counts. What a coach or teacher can bring out in you, and what other students can offer you, are what really counts. Every class has value and potential for talent, just not all talent. It is better to be working the craft in workshops and on jobs, than simply talking about it.

I teach courses and individuals through motivating their own interests, talents, strengths and finding fun ways to work on your weaknesses (if any).  I keep on top of the industry and know what the industry is looking for. But in the end only you can make your dreams, aspirations or goals come true. Any techer is only as good ast he passion and talent of their students. I also help students have fun, find things within themselves they never knew they had, and develop the skills needed to be an actor, regardless of how they eventually apply those skills (see postings on this blog, my bio or contact me directly at 702-454-1067).

I offer very reasonable courses through Boulder City Parks and Recreation. Courses are on Saturday mornings, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings. Courses include voice over, acting, auditioning and improvisation. Prices vary, but the gernal cost comes to $60 a month for up to 8 hours of classroom time. Private lessons are $20 an hour. Contact Patty Sullivan for details. Boulder Cityis much closer than you may thing. BC is ten minutes from Henderson, twenty minutes from the Las Vegas Strip and a half hour from downtown Las Vegas

I teach courses at Casting Call Entertainment, a labor of love offered by someone who shares my basic philosophy, SharryFlaherty. At this time my primary class meets Friday afternoons between 4 and 6 at their studio, near Flamingo and Eastern.

Internet based one-on-one and small group lessons are also available, offered to individuals or groups no matter where you live across the globe.

A full service site for actors is under development at When completed it will include a detailed glossary with links, interviews, links to other sites offering lessons and information, current news, audition information and more. This blog is a small start to the final project.

Stage and screen skills, voice over, character development, cold reading, scene study, auditioning, improvisation, public speaking, confidence building, theater games and on-camera technique are among the courses or material I have to offer.

Acting Material on this Blog

Actors and acting, shown on the right side of this blog, has links to articles, postings and lessons. Industry Media Links take you to sources for news, contacts and audition postings. Actors links offer a broad spectrum of links which not fall easily under the other catagories.  SAG related links to various major SAG events and news. Stuff for Actors and industry links to additonal resources. It is important to note that all of the off-site links may bring you to sites that are selling products, services or information. i have chosen those where you can also access free information without being asked for your personal information of funds (the exception may be trade publications).

I teach through Casting Call Entertainment ( and through my own company, Lynch Coaching (

Feel free to respond to, critique, suggest or submit items for my acting blogs. It is there for you and for all those who love the craft, dream of stage and screen, or believe in themselves enough to want to remain on top of industry trends, terminology and opportunities. See also for frequent news updates.

A Holllywood Agents Day

Nevadan on Being A Hollywood Agent

"Being an agent is a 24 hour job," says Northern Nevada native Gary
Fuchs, who moved on to other aspects of the industry after 17 years as an agent with Contemporary Artists in Santa Monica, California. "If someone doesn't show up on the set, is drinking on the set or has a gambling problem it becomes your problem. Then there are the calls from actors at two in the morning saying they are thinking about their career."

Communication skills are key to sucess as an agent, with 24/4 Internet access, living with a bluetooth in your ear and being able  to both understand what producers and casting directors want and communicating with your talent what they need to know accurately and in a way each individual can understand and internalize.

Born and raised in Yerington, Fuchs earned a degree in theater form
UNLV and was part of what at the time was an active and often-controversial improvisation troop as an undergraduate. Heading off to Hollywood to become an actor, his direction changed as he grew with the prosperous Contemporary Artist during the 1980's and 1990' production boom years. Among his clients was Las Vegan Pat Morita of "Karate Kid" fame.  Fuchs is now juggling roles as a manager, producer and casting director for multiple projects. His only on screen role was a cameo in one of the Naked Gun films.

An agent's day is a long and varied one, usually not predictable and
always challenging.

Fuchs says it begins before 5 AM reading scripts, updating himself on
entertainment news or making early business calls to the East Coast or
Europe. Then it is off to breakfast with a producer or casting director,
followed by a second breakfast with another producer or a director.

When you finally get to the office there are more morning phone calls,
with a read through of the daily breakdowns as you make the person you are talking to think they have your undivided attention.

Midmornings agents have a table meeting in the conference room with the other agents and staff to go over the breakdowns, discuss talent, review new talent and do what is referred to as strategic planning. Between that meeting and lunch you may shoot off to a studio to meet another producer or to set to check up on an actor.

It's lunch with yet another producer or grabbed at your desk while you
read still more scripts and go over your e-mail. After a busy afternoon it's
off to dinner or the first round of drinks with some producer or actor or
other networking experience. After dinner, off to a play or showcase or
party or event or to another set to visit or work on signing one actor or

Late night to escape or relax, Fuchs listens to his favorite bands, in
clubs or on his home stereo.

As for advice to actors, Fuchs reminds them that they have at best two
minutes from when they meet the agent to impress them, be their best, show their work and sell the agent. Without actual experience and tape of that experience, it is almost impossible to get an agents attention in Los Angeles. His advice is to cut your teeth, take lessons and earn your first real on camera jobs in Nevada before relocating to LA. If you sent your photo or tape to an agent, keep the cover letter brief and remember that this is a business. Obviously the photo should look like you and be your best professional sales tool.

A positive thinker, Fuchs says that there in no room for doubt, as "the
true actor knows something will happen." Believe in your self and stay on
top of things.

Fuchs has since "retired" from being an agent, moving on to producting, finally being allowed to be an actor (SAG agents may not work as actors, to avoid conflicts with their clients) and experimenting in new things while enjoying his Santa Monica and northern Nevada homes.