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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dailies move to iPods, iPhones, the iPad and Hollywood

From the LA Times Company Town (click here).
Hollywood production is going mobile.
Two local technology companies, Sample Digital and Technicolor, have introduced applications that  now allow production and studio executives to view “dailies” — scenes from movie and TV shoots — on their iPads.
About 15 million iPads were sold last year and the computer tablets have become wildly popular among studio and production executives, who frequently bring them to creative meetings to take digital notes on screenplays, among other tasks.
Seeking to tap into the demand, Los Angeles-based Sample Digital last week began selling an application that enables production executives to view and comment upon the day’s shoots, scripts, visual-effects shots and trailers directly on their iPads. The idea is to give harried studio executives around-the-clock access to the movies and shows under their watch.
The company, which manages the digital workflow for more than 100 TV shows and films, spent six months developing the app.
“We noticed that a lot of senior executives like the idea that they can walk around and begin to have access to content on the fly whether it’s in a boardroom or in a car or a hotel room,” said Patrick Macdonald-King, chief executive of Sample Digital.