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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

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Review of Dog Sees God

15 Most Common Myths About Millennials / and Ad for Colleges


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Kaitlyn cole

To 10 SNL Classroom Skits of All Time / and ad for colleges

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Emma Taylor

Spider Man is Dead

With issue #160, in stores today, the more than 10-year run ofUltimate Spider-Man (laterUltimate Comics: Spider-Man,and then Ultimate Spider-Managain) comes to a close, and with it, the life of its protagonist,Peter Parker, the Amazing/ Spectacular/ Friendly-Neighborhood Spider-Man.
No, smart guy, he didn't fall from the proscenium arch at the Foxwoods Theater on West 42nd. He died a hero's death, thank youvery much, at the hands of his arch-nemesis, the Green Goblin.

As Actors, where is the media going? LA Panel on New Media.

As national co-chair of the SAG New Technologies Committee I am proud to announce:


Screen Actors Guild will be hosting a roundtable discussion on Emerging Media: New Models for the New Frontier Wednesday, June 22. The panel is being presented by the Los Angeles County Bar Association, Entertainment Law & Intellectual Property Section’s SubSCREEN committee.

The panel consists of SAG Director of New Media Contracts Bob Jensen; producer and co-founder of Epic Level Entertainment Cindi Rice; and Drew Baldwin, founder of the online video news and review site Tubefilter. The panel will be moderated by Danielle Van Lier, SAG Senior Counsel, Intellectual Property and Contracts.

Program Description: New media is evolving rapidly, no longer relegated to side projects, but instead quickly becoming a more viable industry in its own right. With brand managers, distributors, independent producers and studios increasing their activities in the new media space and producing more professional content, several dominant financing and business models are emerging. The panel of experts will discuss these models, working with Screen Actors Guild and other entertainment industry unions, and sharing important tips and trends in the new media space.

Please visit the Los Angeles County Bar Association’s website for more information.

Censorship in the New Media..power to those most ignorant?

Roger Ebert's Facebook Page Suspended After Controversial Ryan Dunn Tweets

"Facebook has removed my page in response, apparently, to malicious complaints from one or two jerks," he wrote on Twitter; it was reinstated an hour later.


Roger Ebert
Patrick Jube/Getty Images
Facebook has suspended Roger Ebert's Facebook page after the film critic sparked outcry for his comment against drunk driving when Jackass star Ryan Dunn died hours after posting photos of himself drinking.
"Facebook has removed my page in response, apparently, to malicious complaints from one or two jerks," Ebert wrote on his Twitter account. He had posted Monday, "Friends don't let Jackasses drink and drive."
Facebook explained its reasoning at first: "Among other things, pages that are hateful, threatening or obscene are not allowed."
Wrote Ebert on Twitter, "Facebook! My page is harmless and an asset to you. Why did you remove it in response to anonymous jerks? Makes you look bad."
Ebert's fans spoke out on Twitter, and the page was back and live on Facebook again within an hour.
Said Facebook spokesman Andrew Noyes, “The page was was removed in error. We apologize for the inconvenience.”
Ebert wrote a longer apology to Dunn’s family on his blog.
“To begin with, I offer my sympathy to Ryan Dunn's family and friends, and to those of Zachary Hartwell, who also died in the crash. I mean that sincerely. It is tragic to lose a loved one. I also regret that my tweet about the event was considered cruel. It was not intended as cruel. It was intended as true," he wrote.

Madmen, Transformers, Green Lantern Lights Up, Fox Demands $, True Blood, Hulu dances with Yahoo!

That Hulu you do so well. Hulu, the online video site that is owned by News Corp., Walt Disney Co. and Comcast Corp., is generating interest from potential suitors. The company received an unsolicited offer Tuesday from an unknown buyer. Online portal Yahoo is one candidate. While Hulu, which carries mostly television shows, is popular, it is also a headache to its owners, who fear giving its content away online cannibalizes other revenue streams. Hulu is trying a pay wall, but once you make the mistake of giving it away, people become reluctant to pay (sound familiar, newspaper publishers?). The owners of Hulu have not indicated they are interested in selling and any buyer would want agreements from them to keep the content coming. More on the Hulu news from the Wall Street Journal and Los Angeles Times.
Bay's bray. Director Michael Bay, whose latest movie, “Transformers: Dark of the Moon” opens soon, is going on the offensive about 3-D, which has been taking a beating as of late. The New York Times says Bay "even called the chief executives of major theater chains to implore them to show 'Dark of the Moon' in a way that burns out projector bulbs more quickly but makes 3-D look brighter and sharper." The article notes that companies whose future is tied to 3-D have seen their stocks tumble as of late.
'Lantern' lights up teens. Warner Bros. "The Green Lantern" took in over $5 million in box office Monday, which Variety says indicates the movie is catching on with the under-25 crowd and is a good sign for the movie, whose opening box office of $52 million was seen as disappointing.
Trump's take. Donald Trump is getting a big raise to keep doing NBC's "The Apprentice," according to the New York Post. Perhaps it was a thank-you for not running for president. The figure cited is $160 million, but reading the article closely reveals that figure is for Trump and producer Mark Burnett, which makes on think this is a renewal for the show and the money is used to produce it and yes, keep Trump in wind-resistant hair gel. Still, the number seems a tad high for a show which is clearly on the decline.
Hamm gets some more cheese. Jon Hamm, who plays Don Draper on AMC's "Mad Men," has extended his two-year deal to three years and in return will get a bigger paycheck. By year three,Variety says, Hamm will be making about $250,000 per episode. Nice cash but not Charlie Sheen money. Deadline Hollywood said the deal was in "eight figures" but provided no specifics. If Variety is right, Hamm will come close to eight figures, but not more than that. Poor baby.
Sticking it to the little guy. News Corp.'s Fox has dropped three affiliates owned by small-market broadcaster Nexstar Broadcasting. At issue is a cut of so-called retransmission consent fees Fox wants from its affiliates. While many affiliates are planning on forking over a big cut of the fees they get from cable and satellite operators, some think the network is asking too much. Details from Broadcasting & Cable.
Inside the Los Angeles Times: James Rainey on Jon Stewart. Alexander Skarsgard has a meaty role on HBO's "True Blood."
-- Joe Flint
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Do you Hulu? You may soon have to Yahoo! Instead.

Yahoo! seeks to buy Hulu

Yahoo Inc. recently approached Hulu to discuss a possible acquisition of the popular online video service, according to a person with knowledge of the matter.
Hulu, which streams television shows on the Internet, has been the subject of intense speculation about its future. The company, whose owners include media giants News Corp., Walt Disney Co. and Comcast Corp., has been struggling to find a balance between the desires of consumers to watch shows free online and its owners' interest in protecting the value of their programming. Late last year, it launched a paid subscription service to complement its free offerings.

Frankenstein of a Fundraiser

Side by Side by Soundheim - Frankenstein

Friday at 8:00pm - Saturday at 10:00pm

Onyx Theatre
953 E Sahara
Las Vegas, NV

Created By

More Info
Friday June 24th & Saturday June 25th at 8pm

Off-Strip Productions and RagTag Entertainment are teaming up to bring this collection of Sondheim songs and Frankenstein camp comedy to the Onyx Theatre.

This production is being used as a fundraiser for the non-profits' Halloween co-production of EVIL DEAD: THE MUSICAL!

To get everyone into the spirit, Off-Strip Productions is presenting IGOR'S SHINY NEW YEAR, a comedic take on the classic Mary Shelley story, told from the point of view of a sweetly sympathetic Igor. It stars Sirc Michaels and Michael Kimm.

Following the short campy adventure, RagTag Entertainment will be presenting BROADWAY CABARET: MARRY ME A LITTLE, a musical revue so entertaining if you don't find yourself singing along, you'd better audition as a zombie for EVIL DEAD later this year!

For tickets visit Onyx Theatre:

Or call 702-732-7225