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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Syllabus for COM 101, Summer 2011 CSN Art Lynch Sections

CSN Communication 101: Oral Communication

Instructor:            Art Lynch                                                                    Phone/Voicemail: (702) 714-0740
Email:                      CSN on-line campus Angel preferred (or )                    
Web:                        Angle link   ,
For required blog postings
and course references  
Communication Department:   
Art Lynch biographical info:

Coopman, S. J. & Lull, J. (2009).  Public speaking: The evolving art. With supplemental materials for the Department of Communication at CSN. Boston: Wadsworth Cengage Learning.

OTHER REQUIRED MATERIALS: Scantron Forms 882e or 882es & # 2 Pencils (for exams)
Keep current on current affairs and on the subjects you choose to speak about.

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Com 101, Oral Communication, satisfies the Communication requirement for related instruction for many certificates offered at CSN.  Please check the CSN Catalog or your degree sheet to determine if COM 101 fulfills that requirement.  The emphasis of this course is upon the principles of effective communication.  We will study various communication strategies from both a practitioner's perspective as well as from the viewpoint of a recipient. 

Click here to view remainder of the syllabus (for proper format refer to Angle at CSN on-line campus).