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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Black Hollywood Experience: Our History Our Future - Part 2

Professor Lynch is also an actor, and has been for a long time...

Happy Birthday Frank Lloyd Wright...thinking of Oak Park

Frank Lloyd Wright's birthday is June 8. How are you celebrating?

I grew up in Oak Park, Ill, walked past the Frank Lloyd Wright house and studio every day on the way to Holmes Elementary and Oak Park-River Forest High School. Half of his work is in Oak Park, along with some of his worst years personally. In the house and studio there is a staircase that just goes up and comes back own again..because his daughters loved stairs. When estranged from his wife, he walled off the studio, which was a house in and of effect creating a town house. I also remember his Unitarian Church on Lake Street, where my Mc Dowell Artist dance partner, who was also senior editor of Playboy at the time, worshiped. The first continuous pour concrete building, now in danger of falling apart. 

I grew up not only with FLW, but with the legend of Earnest Hemingway, who left his Oak Park Avenue home when he was 16 to go to be an ambulance driver in a war the US had yet to enter ("For Whom the Bell Tolls"). Hemingway called Oak Park a place of "broad lawns and narrow minds."

And if that was not enough, the shadow of Edger Rice Burroughs, who created Tarzan in his Augusta Blvd. home, along with his Princess of Mars series.

Election in July, Your help requested to allow me to continue to serve

National Talent Mary MacDonald Lewis supports Art Lynch for National Board

Art Lynch is a union man, born and bred.  

He brings that passion to his teaching and writing; to his professional life; and to his work on behalf of Screen Actors Guild union members as the SAG national board member representing Nevada.  

Fighting tirelessly for union workers in this right-to-work state, Art Lynch walks his talk in the boardroom and on the front lines.  As a fellow SAG board member who has worked alongside Art on the board; in the Regional Branch Division, and on numerous committees, I urge you to elect him as your national board member.  

Art Lynch is a union man - and he's who you want standing up, protecting, and defending you.  

-- Mary McDonald-Lewis,  SAG National Board Member, Portland

During the Commercial Strike Mary Mac chased a production through three states and was arrested in the union cause. The dialect coach for TNT's "Leverage" and the voice of On-Star, Mary Mac has an MFA in theatre directing, has appeared in film, episodic TV and on the professional stage in Los Angeles and around the world. She knows the work ahead and the connection and ability it will take to work for Nevada members the critical three years ahead, and the need for experience at the national level. I have that experience. -Art Lynch

Atari partners with Apple and Facebook to reestablish its historic original video game brand

Atari wants to get back in the game

When most people think of Atari, they think of games like Pong, seemingly old-school and pedestrian compared to new waves of motion-sensor gaming devices and the plethora of casual games online. Now, Atari is looking to literally get back into the game. WSJ's Yukari Kane reports.

Atari, the company behind such old-school video game titles as "Pong" and "Asteroids," is hoping to get back into the gaming industry with updated versions of its classics designed for platforms such as iPads, iPhones, game consoles and social media sites. "We see a great opportunity to deliver Atari's classic properties in their original form to a large fan base from the older casual games player to the fanboy gamer," said Jim Wilson, the company's chief executive. The Wall Street Journal (tiered subscription model)

The company, whose games have faded from prominence since their early '80s heyday, is reinventing its classic software titles—like "Pong," "Battlezone" and "Asteroids"—for new game platforms. Key targets include Apple Inc.'s iPhones and iPads and Facebook Inc.'s social-networking site.

In April, it launched an app on Apple's App Store called "Atari's Greatest Hits," with a bundle of 100 games that can be purchased for $14.99 or a pack of four games that can be bought for 99 cents. While it has already gotten nearly three million downloads, it is hoping to build momentum further by working with another company on a new accessory that will let iPad users turn their devices into mini-arcade machines, complete with a joystick.

"We see a great opportunity to deliver Atari's classic properties in their original form to a large fan base from the older casual games player to the fanboy gamer," said Jim Wilson, who was named Atari's chief executive last December after running its U.S. business for two years, adding that some games might be "recreated" or "reimagined."

Debt Ceiling Hostage to Republican "Medicare" Plan

Republican leader Mitch McConnell is holding Medicare hostage, saying the GOP will refuse to lift the debt ceiling – endangering our economy – unless Democrats support the GOP Medicare Plan. The GOP plan isn't to reform the system – it's to end Medicare as we know it. Period. Vouchers would require you purchase insurance and will not go up at the always fluctuating and often escalating of medical and insurance costs. Co-pays will go up. The power will be in the hands of CEO's and boards of directors who look at returns. Then we will see if there are Republican supported "death panels."

Economist and ratings firms such as Moodys, all project massive implications if the US does not raise its debt ceiling, up to and including the potential of a world wide depression. That is the worst case scenario, the best is that another nation, say China, will become the currency and economic leader in the world, while the use slips rapidly into dependency on the leniency or other and investments in the United States by outside interests dry up. In this age of international corporations, even US Companies will invest elsewhere and trade in other currencies, for the sake of their stock holders.

We need to raise the debt ceiling...but at the cost of your future health and the increased profit of private insurers (who have strong lobbyist pushing for "reform.)?

Art Lynch, 1970's High School Thespian...acting for 48 years and counting