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Monday, June 6, 2011

NPR out pulls FOX News

Suggesting that the American people are smarter than Fox thinks.
Here’s why Fox News is always trying to defund NPR. Morning Edition and All Things Considered average 13 million and 12 million listeners each. Fox and Friends have an audience of 1.09 million.

Apple's News

Apple unveiled a new operating system...Lion, an updated mobile operating system and iCloud.

Click on 'read more' below to read my notes....exactly as taken, so forgive the typos.

Those who toss stones or covet perceived power

Imagine if those who attack, undermine, put down or belittle others were to put their energy in a positive direction, instead of attacking others or doing things for self gain without any attempt to understand the other side...the talent, potential and power could make a real difference in this branch and this world.

That's why I always give people the benefit of a doubt. When I come out negative, it is either because I know things they do not want to slow down enough to listen to or out of defensive friendship for someone else (blind loyalty is a positive and a negative). 

All of us have value.

That's why I teach.

Wednesday I enjoyed a concert by six year olds at their "Kindergarden" graduation. Such joy, pride, energy on one stage!

Last night I watched 40 teens, pre-teens and adults in a dance recital and marveled at the talent, optimism and sheer joy on stage. 

The world is theirs. 

I feel that way about my students.

Which is why I put up with attacks, jealousy, feelings that other have who want change for no reason or to the potential detriment of their fellow actors.

It is worth the slings and arrows, the set backs, the poverty to see just one person reach for their dream and have a chance to change the world.

Recently one of my high school drama teachers passed away. He lit the fire in a long list of stars, working actors, teachers, composers, preachers, dancers, behind the scenes tech people, popular writers, journalist and, I guess, at least one person who has given up 17 years with no pay or self gain for their union.

Obits and celebrations included the stars and celebrities, but not the many of us who he truly inspired, to help others and to make the most of what talents we have.

That is why I teach.

I believe in Nevada.

I believe in talent.

I believe in the future of both.

Louis Armstrong, Benny Goodman & Danny Kaye in A SONG IS BORN (2)

I attended my undergraduate graduation just because Benny Goodman was awarded a PhD. One regret is that I never saw Danny Kaye during his performances here in Las Vegas at Caesars, and benefits for the United Nations International Children's Fund.

Louis Armstrong - Danny Kaye