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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Remembering Classic 'Vegas

In honor of the closing of the Sahara Hotel...a 1957 photo of the chorus line from the hotel relaxing by the pool. Old Vegas is gone...Bugsy's suite at the Flamingo, the Dunes, The Desert Inn, The original Aladdin, the Castaways, the Silver Slipper......the list goes on and on.

When movies want old Vegas, they shoot in New Mexico or on a soundstage.

Thank you to my students, whoever you are!

Good Quality
Rater Interest3
Yeah, Art is the teacher you want for COM. You will learn, hopefully have fun, and work a bit. If you don't pass this class you can point the finger at yourself....period. He keeps it entertaining and is understanding to students needs....he wants to see improvement.

Good Quality
Rater Interest3
gives you a chance to build from your mistakes from your speeches. Every speech he requires more the what you should be learning, thus the last speech is the toughest. Doesnt require a bunch of busy work.Puts his effort on speeches not lecture time BUT that means YOU MUST be rsponsble for the book info that is on the mid term and final

First Amendment and Copyrights on Your Work
Noted constitutional expert Floyd Abrams today wrote the Senate Judiciary Committee and firmly declared that there is no First Amendment right to steal creative content and distribute it on the Internet through rogue websites.

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