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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Union trade workers protest at Nevada Legislature

About 300 union construction trades workers rallied in front of the Legislature on Thursday against moves by Republican legislators to change the state's prevailing wage laws and cut spending on education.

Members of the Assembly Republican caucus have demanded Democrats agree to change the prevailing wage laws as one of five conditions that must be met before they will support extending $626 million in existing taxes. Senate Republicans reject making any kind of trades for taxes.

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Computers will be all purpose consumer divices

Intel CEO says future PCs will be more like CE devices
PCs of the future will run multiple operating systems, work all day on a single charge, feature touch-screen capabilities and be thinner and lighter than today's models, according to Intel Chief Executive Officer Paul Otellini. "This is not just about evolving the PC," he said. "This is about reinventing the PC into a much more consumer electronics-like device." Network World/IDG News Service (5/17), Reuters (5/18), News Service (5/18)