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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

"Flintstones" return with a "Family Guy" twist

Seth MacFarlane, the mastermind of Fox cartoon series like “Family Guy,” re-imagine “The Flintstones,” which ran on ABC from 1960 to 1966 (and beyond in syndication and on cable).
The reworked “Flintstones” will not make its debut until 2013.

In a video clip, Mr. MacFarlane said he would keep the characters but change the stories.

-From The New York Times

Summer of Sequals...27 by Roger Ebert's Count

Roger Ebert rants to the Daily Beast and Newsweek about the number of sequels Hollywood has in the works for the months ahead. I have not kept count (not enough fingers or toes), but Ebert says there are 27 coming. He wrote: "This is more evidence, not really needed, that a majority of modern big-studio releases are marketing decisions yoked however reluctantly to creative ideas somewhere farther down the food chain. The majors in general make good films either (1) for Oscar season or (2) purely by accident. Weekend releases between May and September might better be covered by marketing specialists than film critics."
-- Joe Flint

Can a Republican win in 2010?

Could Tea Party and Conservative Republicans be killing their own party's chance of taking the presidency? Moderate Republicans and Republicans who can take away Democratic and moderate votes are being pushed out of the race or discouraged from running, while those that remain are renouncing their own track records and adopting a far right campaign line.

Remember you must win the party primaries and caucus races to win the party nomination in 2012. The voters who vote, on the Republican side, are older, conservative and influenced by right wing media and Internet slogans, including those manufactured by big money funding patriotic sounding associations waving the every popular US Flag.

Comedy in Presentations Workshop Saturday

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