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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Boulder City in This week's "7" my friend Michael Toole

Brittany Stipes blends a Black Powder at Boulder Dam Brewing Company.

Michael T. Toole
Well, this was my take on Boulder City.

Boulder City is all too often regarded as just that little town on the way to Hoover Dam, a gas-tank fill-up and little else for those in a hurry. Growing up in Las Vegas during the ’70s, I heard Boulder City referred to as “Mayberry” (do I have to explain the reference?), and that was good or bad depending on your perception. As I got older, my appreciation grew for the city’s playful insouciance to modern times. It’s refreshing that Boulder Bowl is a bowling alley that is not attached to a casino. I like the fact that I don’t hear the metronomic clanging of coins hitting the base of a video poker machine when I walk into a convenience store. Most of all, I enjoy a compact, walkable downtown area that has easy access to a cluster of excellent eateries and bars with an attractive variety. Is it a rhythm I would endure on a cycle of 24/7? I can’t answer that, but isn’t that what respites are for?

Click here for more on the story from Seven.

Sad news to add...from this blog...the bowling alley will close for good in May...leaving no bowling ally, no pharmacy, no Dell and no movie theatre downtown...

Yes I do comedy, and horror...

Soaps RIP

ABC soaps "One Life to Live" and "All My Children" are cancelled, to be replaced in July and January by "lifestyle programs." The significance for actors is that soaps represent a major revenue source and acting opportunity.

From the New York Times (click here)

ABC Cancels ‘All My Children’ and ‘One Life to Live’

ABC announced on Thursday that it would end two of its long-running daily serial dramas, “All My Children” and “One Life to  Live.” Above, Susan Lucci and Walt Willey in “All My Children.”Ron Tom/ABCABC announced on Thursday that it would end two of its long-running daily serial dramas, “All My Children” and “One Life to Live.” Above, Susan Lucci and Walt Willey in “All My Children.”
The demise of one of broadcasting’s oldest institutions, the daytime soap opera, crept closer Thursday as ABC announced it would end two of its long-running daily serial dramas, “All My Children” and “One Life to Live.”
The decision will leave ABC will just one soap on its schedule, “General Hospital.” CBS has eliminated two of its venerable soaps, “Guiding Light,” which was dropped in 2009, and “As the World Turns” which was canceled last year.
CBS, with “The Young and the Restless” and “The Bold and the Beautiful,” will become the last network with more than one soap on its schedule. NBC has only one soap opera left, “Days of Our Lives.”
ABC said it would replace the two soaps with much less expensive, unscripted programs.

One show, “Chew,” will be devoted to cooking and nutrition, featuring the chef Mario Batali, among other hosts. The other program, “The Revolution,” will focus on issues relating to health, weight loss and “lifestyle transformations” and will devote each week to the efforts of one woman to lose weight over a five-month period.
The hosts include Tim Gunn of “Project Runway” and Kimberley Locke, a former “American Idol” contestant who has become a plus-size fashion model.
ABC emphasized that this is the type of programming daytime viewers had come to expect, citing its hit talk show “The View.” But the new shows are also far less expensive to produce than daily dramas, which employ costly actors, directors and writers. The dramas also require editing, set design, costuming and other costs.
The two shows being canceled have a long heritage at ABC. “One Life to Live” has been on the air 43 years. “All My Children” has run for 41 years and became perhaps best known for the creation of the villainous Erica Kane, played by Susan Lucci.
Brian Frons, the president of ABC’s Daytime division, acknowledged in a statement “how bittersweet change is.”  Surely one factor behind the move was the decision by the Walt Disney Company, which owns ABC, to transform its SoapNet cable channel — which had relied on the ABC soaps for much of its programming — into a channel with a different format, Disney Jr., aimed at children. That change is scheduled to take place next year.
The two soaps will finish their runs by then. “All My Children” will conclude in September and “One Life to Live” in January.  “Chew” will have its premiere in September and “The Revolution” in January.
In the announcement, ABC included the promise that to honor the passionate fans of each show, they will “conclude in a manner that respects their legacies and the longstanding hopes of many of their viewers.”

"Can you hear me now?"

With Verizon preparing to take its ads in a different direction, the "Verizon guy," actor Paul Marcarelli, is slowly emerging from the persona and nine-year campaign that made his horn-rim image one of the best known in the country. Though Marcarelli was grateful for the work, he says there was "a price to pay" personally and professionally. Now he's focused on making a movie. The Atlantic (5/2011) 

Sharon Angle to get competition from national celebrity

Retired Navy Commander Kirk S. Lippold, the former top officer of the USS Cole when it was bombed by al-Qaida operatives a decade ago, on Thursday announced he's running for the 2nd Congressional District seat in Nevada.

Race for the Cure with CSN

2011 Race for the Cure Reminder, Deadline April 16th

The following announcement is from Kathy Eghoian, 
CSN Team Captain.  Please direct questions about 
the program to her attention at 651-7457 

Reminder - The deadline for registering for the Susan G. Komen Southern Nevada Race for the Cure 
is April 16th.  After that date hard-copy registration forms must be completed and 
submitted to the CSN Campus Contacts.

Contacts at the CSN Campuses are:

Henderson Campus –  Maria Gonzalez….651-3100
West Charleston Campus – HR….651-5800
Cheyenne Campus – Finita Wells….651-4149
The team, “CSN Coyote Cancer Killers” will once again be participating.  
The 16th Annual Race will take place on Saturday, May 7, 2011 at the Fremont Street Experience. 

Please see the information for registering below:

The Registration Fee  (The below are not Donations)

Team Member (10 or more individuals) = $25
Timed Team Member = $30
*Sleep In Team Members = $25
Kids for the Cure = $10
Timed Kids for the Cure = $15
Babies for the Cure = $10

 *Sleep In for the Cure – This program is for those individuals or team participants 
who are unable to attend the Race but wish to support the fight against breast cancer.  
Register as a “Sleep In for the Cure” participant and receive a special “Sleep In for the Cure T-shirt”.

Race Events

5K Timed Run – Start Time:  8:15 am

5K Walk – Start Time:  8:20 am

1 Mile Fun Walk – Start Time:  8:45 am

Register On-line For Race Packet

When registering online, your race packet will be sent directly to the address you 
put in your registration; please do not use the College address.  Race for the Cure 
is encouraging everyone to register on-line if possible.  If you register online before April 17th
your Race Packet will be delivered to you in the mail.

1.       At the top of page and click on “Race for the Cure” and the “Register” link.
2.       Click on “Join a Team” – shaded links on the right.
3.       Scroll down and type in the team name as “CSN Coyote Cancer Killers” in the field titled, 
“Team Name”.
4.       Click on “Search for a Team”.
5.       Scroll down to the records and see our team name; please click on the right-handed side on the field titled, “Join Team” – to the far right of the team name.
6.       The final step is to complete the registration process.

Bond 007 Returns, Spielbergs Dinosaurs Stalking TV, Disney to Launch Network for Wealthy Men

Shaken, not stirred. MGM and Sony struck a deal to partner on two new James Bond movies. The two studios may also cofinance five other movies over the next five years. The first Bond movie is set for release in 2012. Analysis from the Los Angeles Times and Deadline Hollywood.
Dinosaur delay. About a year ago, Fox touted an ambitious drama called "Terra Nova" at its annual programming presentation to advertisers. I mumbled to my seatmate my doubts about whether this expensive show about a group of people who go back in time in an effort to save humanity only to bump into dinosaurs would ever see the light of day. Initially planned for midseason, "Terra Nova" was then bumped to May and has now been pushed to the fall. The show, whose producers include Steven Spielberg and Peter Chernin, has had numerous delays, lots of staff changes and, generally speaking, more drama behind the screen than in front of the camera. The Hollywood Reporter takes a look at the fate of "Terra Nova."  Before those folks from Fox call, I do expect that at some point a program called "Terra Nova" will appear on my TV screen. I'm just not sure if it will be a series premiere or a lovely three-hour TV movie following the NFC championship game next January.
Pay to play. Fox affiliates are angry, but willing to pay the network a big chunk of their retransmission consent money to remain partners with the network. At the National Assn. of Broadcasters convention in Las Vegas earlier this week, the network and affiliates had a gripe session. Here's how it went: Fox affiliates complained that the network was being greedy in demanding so much of the money they get from cable and satellite operators in return for carrying their channels, and the network stood its ground. Most affiliates have signed letters of intent agreeing to the new deals. Fox wants the new revenue stream for rising programming costs and as a hedge against a potentially shrinking ad pool. Coverage and analysis from the Los Angeles TimesBroadcasting & Cable andTVNewsCheck.
Book your flight. The Cannes Film Festival unveiled its 2011 lineup early Thursday morning. Early analysis from Variety and the Wrap. Terrence Malick's "The Tree of Life" is the only film from an American director in the running. If you were wondering, Jodie Foster's "The Beaver" starring Mel Gibson will screen outside the competition.
Call it the resentment network. Discovery Communications is launching a new network called "Velocity" that the Associated Press says is a channel for "rich guys and their toys" and is aimed at people making $150,000 annually. Discovery CEO David Zaslav is quoted in the story saying, "We just felt like this was a space missing in the marketplace." Given that Zaslav's 2010 pay package was valued at more than $40 million, I guess Velocity will be too downscale for him.
Inside the Los Angeles Times: Mary McNamara on Katie Couric's media manipulation dance.John Horn on whether the new "Scream" movie can still generate shouts at the box office.
-- Joe Flint

2010 Tony Award Winning "Memphis" Coming to Las Vegas Theatres

We are so excited that MEMPHIS is coming to movie theatres in Las Vegas for a 4-day event. Captured live in performance on Broadway, MEMPHIS bursts off the stage with explosive dancing, irresistible songs and a thrilling tale of fame and forbidden love. You’ll have a front row seat to Broadway’s best new musical at your local Las Vegas movie theater,
Memphis the musical is coming to movie theaters nationwide!


MEMPHIS 4/28/11 - 5/3/11

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Captured live in performance on Broadway, MEMPHIS bursts off the stage with explosive dancing, irresistible songs and a thrilling tale of fame and forbidden love. You’ll have a front row seat to Broadway’s best new musical at your local movie theater.

MEMPHIS will be presented on Thursday, April 28; Saturday, April 30; and Tuesday, May 3 at 7:30 p.m. local time with a special matinee on Sunday, May 1 at 12:30 p.m. The show was captured live in performance at Broadway’s renowned Shubert Theatre in New York City where it is currently playing to sold out audiences. This electrifying musical event will begin with an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at how the show was captured for the big screen and then follow directly into the feature presentation.

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