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Monday, April 11, 2011

Movie and TV news, transitioning from Mexican Star to US Actor, the Governator, Rio, Hop, big changes in how we watch TV, Mad Men,

Price impacts demand. If only Hollywood would learn this basic lesson, as movie theaters continue to increase prices and charge premiums for 3D films. How many people have to fall back on cable, "Netscape" or Blue Ray releases for the distribution industry to get the hint. Maybe plans to stream films prior to the traditional DVD release dates may send a wake-up call to theater owners.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's new animated series "The Governator" from animation master mind Stan Lee is raising more than a few eyebrows. The series is made primarily for overseas markets, selling in the UK, Italy, France and Germany, with other markets opening soon. While Schwarzenegger says he will not return as a movie star, he is returning to the business with a product that may become toys, comic books, and even a 3D movie. He is producing but has yet to reveal if he will appear in, yet another "Terminator" movie and a remake of "Total Recall."

Upheaval in the traditional TV business.

Dish Network is acquiring Blockbuster, despite the industry saying that Blockbuster is RIP. You Tube is launching "channels" to watch movies and television programs. 

Viacom, Discovery and Newscorp pull channels off Time Warner cable's iPad app because they feel that their programming, including CBC TV materials, would bring in money if they controlled the distribution and it was not rebroadcast over iPads. 

People watch content in different ways now, with the industry not finding ways to make up for the loss of revenue in broadcast television, advertising supported cable and DVD sales.

Netflix struck a deal to stream "Mad Men" reruns, in part due to a decline in DVD sales and a thrust in the cable for first run "original" programing  (often meaning another wrestling show, reality program or poor taste game show).

The 3-D animated movie "Rio" doesn't fly into U.S. theaters for another week, but it's already a hit overseas. The family film about birds who embark on a Brazilian adventure opened in 72 foreign markets this weekend and collected a strong $55 million, according to an estimate from distributor 20th Century Fox. The movie opened in the No. 1 slot in 32 foreign markets, including Mexico, Germany, and China. And the film did the majority of its business in 3-D theaters, which comprised 71% of overall ticket sales.  "Rio" was originally slated to premiere in the U.S. this weekend. When the domestic release date was changed many of the international dates were left intact because a number of schools are out on holiday abroad.

Universal's "Hop" jumped its way to another $21.7 million at the box office, which was enough to keep the animated bunny in first place. The remake of "Arthur" (after plenty of promotional help from "Saturday Night Live," which had co-stars Russell Brand and Helen Mirren as hosts in recent weeks), took in $12.6 million. That has to be a disappointment. The star of "Arthur" was outsold by his own voice brings life to the Easter Rabbit in "Hop." A surprise third-place finish went to "Hanna," which made $12.3 million. "Soul Surfer," the inspirational story of a girl surfer who sticks to the sport after losing an arm in a shark attack, was strong as well with $11.1 million. Apparently fans of Danny McBride and James Franco were too relaxed or perhaps hungry to go see "Your Highness" as it took in only $9.5 million. Box office coverage from the Los Angeles Times and Movie City News. 

Kate del Castillo, the star of the Telemundo hit La Reina del Sur was a huge telenovela star in her native Mexico before moving to Los Angeles eight years ago. But once in Hollywood she was faced with a different and baffling business. She recounts her experiences of culture shock and her despair at going to hundreds of auditions -- something she never had to do in Mexico -- and the irony of having her biggest role be on a Spanish language show whose ratings rival and sometimes beat those of the major broadcast networks. Gringo's may now her for her role last season in "Weeds."

For more on the industry and business go the the LA Times Company Town blog.

Want to live to 100? Bounce back from stress.

If you're a boomer and you don't think your outlook on aging has any impact on the rest of your life, you might want to brighten your attitude a bit.....

PR Job posting for fashionable woman

We are currently looking for a new person in the Public Relations field to promote our company both in house and at trade shows, conventions, TV, radio, charity events, ect. We do fashion design in the private label market for female fashions throughout the US and Europe. We will start our PR people in the $60,000- $65,000 range, provide complete benefits, educational reimbursements. Free fashions are made for you to wear and keep and show buyers that may come in, so that we provide consistency in our public persona and presentation. We are looking to hire as quickly as possible. You should also consider that we consider this as the first step in our company to moving further up into our corporate family. This may be classified as an entry level position, but it is much more than that.
We want image type people that love being in front of the public. If you have had experience in the art, entertainment, hospitality, PR or promotions field- that would be very helpful. You should be the very outgoing and somewhat of a show-off type personality. We will also pay for all relocation and any interview travel expenses. You will be given much autonomy in this position. send resume/photo/contact information.

NOTE: I cannot vow for the legitimacy of this offer, as usually search firms are used for this type of work. That said, it seems worth looking into for the right person.

China Cracks Down On Christians

Chinese police officers watch an area near a building that leaders of the unregistered Shouwang house church had told parishioners to gather in Beijing, China, Sunday, April 10, 2011.

More than 100 Chinese Christians have been detained after they worshiped outdoors. One Chinese state-run newspaper called the meeting "illegal" and a "public disturbance," and accused Christians of trying to politicize religion.
This comes just days after the U.S. expressed serious concerns at a growing crackdown across China. Beijing has defended itself, saying the U.S. is using human rights as a political instrument to defame other nations.
This confrontation had been brewing for weeks. With a congregation of about 1,000 people, Shouwang church is one of Beijing's biggest unregistered or "house" churches. It had been allowed to operate, but the church has been unable to find a space to meet, a fact they blame on government pressure.
In desperation, church elders announced they would meet outdoors. But as the day dawned, elders were forbidden from leaving their homes. The chosen meeting place, a pedestrian walkway in northeast Beijing's Haidian district, had been sealed off and surrounded by police officers.
Christians from Shouwang, many of them younger and well-educated, were at the site, and split into smaller groups to find places to worship, following instructions given to them by their elders. About twenty people walked to a nearby park, where they began their service.
They sang of "painful, dark despair", and how faith had given them hope. Hearing the hymns, more worshippers kept arriving, most with news of people being taken away by the police. One young man, who asked that his name not be used for his own safety, came with news that five friends had been detained.
"At first, I wasn't scared," he said. "Now, I've heard people are being taken away, I'm a bit scared."