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Friday, April 8, 2011

Household Shutdown

My wife and I can't agree on our household budget, so we're just shutting the whole thing down. She thinks I should trim the "CD and book purchase" budget, while I think the "clothing and shoes" budget is way out of line.  - A friend on budget compromise

The truth about the government shut down threat

As I write this the government is under threat of being shut down due to "riders to the temporary budget bill that force social change that to one party are needed, the other unacceptable and will cause irreparable harm to those who are in the least position to fend for themselves.

Republicans in the house passed a bill to push their social agenda, and will not budge, knowing they are challenging the very root beliefs and values of the Democratic Party, and Democrats believe the people (supported by reliable polls of between 60 and 78% in favor of programs being slashed). Instead of fixing a temporary hole, Republicans have chosen a stand that will cost the government billions in restart and retro payments, hardships for employees and citizens alike.

It boils down to a basic difference between the parties.

Republicans see drastic cuts in the budget needed to provide for less government and keep future costs down for taxpayers. They see government as providing only basic services with state/local governments taxing local citizens for services each local area serves. The fact that America is not mobile and transience is on the rise is not a consideration, as rules, services and taxes vary when you move across the street, state or to another state. Citizens should be responsible for their own education, health, and social well being.

Democrats believe that basic transportation, public safety, food and shelter are the role of the government (Maslow's lower two levels in the Hierarchy of Needs) to provide the basic tools for citizens to be an educated electorate and make it possible for citizens to pull themselves up "by their bootstraps" in our modern society.

Democrats believe in the role of society to protect its weakest, to provide a basic floor for its citizens and to help them have the opportunity to better themselves, provide opportunities for their children and have access to the same health care the country offers for all of its citizens.

Republicans believe in the dollar, in profits for business being good for American (the "trickle down theory) even when funds are invested overseas, in the ability and even responsibility of people to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and that the community will help without government intervention.

Democrats see that the agrarian agriculture community where some neighbors helped each other (but not historically as much as people seem to dream) because they were co-dependent, lived close to each other, grew up and died in the same small communities and were most often of the same church, faith and belief system with others in their area, as possible again if w, e force people to stop being dependant on the government for handouts. Immigrants, unless they are Republican, are outsiders. Churches are no longer cooperatives with the resources to help on their own, not on a society-wide basis.

Republicans see this as a basic moral and social battle, backed they feel by true "Christians".

Democrats realize that the central core family, generations growing up in the same house, living within twenty miles of each other, has become a part of history and is no longer a reality. Democrats see a diversity in America, where immigrants are vital to our future growth and the current economy. Skyrocketing costs in everything from insurance to medicine. Democrats are no more or less Christian or any other belief than Republicans, but view their basis belief structure as support for government assistance.

Taking care of "the least of our brothers and sisters."

The health care debate is also a symbol of the basic differences,

Children are now covered without fear of "pre-existing conditions" for life, adults may remain under their parents insurance much longer than in the past. Over the next few years (most of the plan has yet to take effect, so increases in cost are not the result of "Obama-care") all preexisting conditions will be covered (something I applaud and am not willing to give up) and other guarantees of health coverage for all will take effect.

Democrats say this will slow the spiraling cost of medical care and protect all Americans.

Republicans see it as government mandating what we do with our lives. Republicans back cuts in coverage from existing government programs including for the military, veterans, senior citizens, medicare and medicaid.

Bootstraps vs. every citizen helping to protect and provide services to the least of their brothers and sisters, those who serve and have served their country and all children.

That is what the battle over a short term budget has boiled down to.

Not what it should...keeping the government open and operating.

3D TV without glasses

Toshiba promises glasses-free 3DTV within 12 months
Toshiba says that within 12 months, it will introduce a 3DTV that will not require viewers to wear special glasses. Details on the model still are scant, but according to one published report, the glasses-free 3DTVs could have their coming-out party at the 2012 International CES. (U.K.) (4/5), Engadget 

Contact Regents, Legislature and the Governor on CSN and Higher Ed Budget TODAY!

Contact and e-mail your Board of Regents and your legislators.

For the Regents

Nevada State Assembly:

Nevada State Senate:

Governor Sandoval:

Just as an example, the following as a sample of what I have sent over the past several months:

I am very concerned about two aspects of proposed budget cuts.

First is the closure of rural campus locations by CSN. These centers also serve as community centers and positive public relations for the school and the system. They offer hands on in courses where on-line does not satisfy the needs of students, and for seniors who are less versed in on-line education. The Boulder City center, while close to Henderson, is a key part of the Boulder City Community. 

Second is the proposed reduction of adjuncts or part time employees. I have been an adjunct at the College of Southern Nevada for 12 years, most of it full time load. CSN is my primary employer, I believe strongly in its mission and what I, and other dedicated adjuncts who feel the same way, bring to the college. I have no other significant income and my insurance is through my wife's job.

In general please remember the diverse nature of the schools mission and its students. The school is vital for at risk students, retraining for employment opportunities, non-traditional older students, diversity relations and understanding, a cost-effective foundation for further studies, self confidence, the arts, social sciences and to make up for any skills lacking in local high school graduates or GED students, preparing them for further education and success in all areas of life. Many students have indicated they will leave the state upon earning their degree or sooner, due to a lack of commitment to them, to education and to the role of education in generating jobs in their fields.

I am requesting, on behalf of our students and the role of the college, full funding despite the crisis. It is a mission that must be stood up for and is worth fighting to maintain. Higher Education in Nevada is the future of the state.

Thank you;

Art Lynch

Regents to tackle budget proposals in special meeting today

Presidents’ plans to be vetted, Legislature’s demands considered on Friday
The board of regents meet tomorrow with an agenda that includes discussion of how to plan for expected reductions in state funding appropriations to the Nevada System of Higher Education.
The meeting, set to convene at 9 a.m. in the Third Floor Rotunda at the Desert Research Institute, will entertain proposals from system officials and institutional presidents on how to cope with a proposed $162 million in public-funding reductions over the 2012-13 biennium.
Among possible proposals are student fee increases and the elimination of academic programs. After a legislative mandate that will reverse the course set by a majority vote at the board’s March 11 meeting, the regents will also consider closing or consolidating NSHE campuses.
The regents may vote to enact parts of presidents’ reduction plans or entire plans, and they may take action to amend board policy regarding employee pay and furloughs.
The board may also vote to declare financial exigency on the part of an institution or part of an institution or as an entire system.
In a separate item, the board will consider granting permission to UNLV and the University of Nevada, Reno to charge differential fees for their respective master’s programs in business.
The regents will consider recommendations on amending public employee benefits plans, made by Gov. Brian Sandoval and the Spending and Government Efficiency (SAGE) Commission.
They will hear a report on the chancellor’s Efficiency and Effectiveness Initiative
The body will consider how NSHE could be affected by the state’s recent credit rating downgrade.
Haley Etchison reports on the Nevada System of Higher Education for The Rebel Yell. Contact her at

CSN, UNLV....Your calls and letters are needed TODAY!!!

Rush your feedback and thoughts about budget cuts at CSN and other schools in the system to:

Scott Wasserman
Chief Executive Officer of the Board of Regents

We have risen! Happy Easter 2012!

Photo c) Art Lynch 2004

Preparations Underway for Las Vegas 9-11-11 Events

Las Vegas

Dear Sir or Madam,

September 11, 2011 marks the 10th year anniversary of the tragic events that fell upon our nation. To honor all that have been affected, I am proud to announce a spectacular memorial, "A Decade of Remembrance September 11, 2001-2011. A three day event that will link east coast to west coast via multiple media.  

This is expected to be one of the largest event to ever occur in Las Vegas. This is history in the making that everyone can be a part of, whether as a volunteer, vendor, or sponsor of any kind.  

Our goal is to honor and benefit those that perished on 9/11, survivors, first responders, and veterans of our Armed Forces.  

Enclosed at the bottom are pdf links of the events, sponsorship levels, fact sheet, and collaborating agencies . For additional information please contact me via email or cell.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best Regards,

Jimmy Vega
Chief Development Officer
911 Remembrance Las Vegas
Cell 702-289-0310