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Thursday, April 7, 2011

If you know a Nevada Regent, call, write and e-mail them now!

Third Floor Rotunda
Frank H. Rogers Science & Technology Building
Desert Research Institute
755 E. Flamingo Road, Las Vegas

9:00 a.m., Friday, April 8, 2011

Mr. James Dean Leavitt, Chairman
Dr. Jason Geddes, Vice Chairman
Mr. Mark Alden
Dr. Andrea Anderson
Mr. Robert Blakely
Mr. William G. Cobb
Mr. Cedric Crear
Dr.  Mark W. Doubrava
Mr. Ron Knecht
Mr. Kevin C. Melcher
Mr. Kevin J. Page
Dr. Jack Lund Schofield
Mr. Michael B. Wixom

Nevada Higher Education Faces the AX, Updates and Links


View the report presented to Board of Regents on April 8, 2011.

View Chancellor Dan Klaich's PSA on the higher education budget cuts.

March 11 response to Board of Regents on budget options. View the planned cuts for each of the eight NSHE institutions.

View Chancellor Klaich's presentation to the legislature's budget committee on Jan. 27.

Nevada’s eight public higher education institutions contributed $2.7 billion to the state’s economy last year, according to a report released Jan. 24 by the Nevada System of Higher Education.


The Board of Regents meeting tomorrow appears to be a real showdown.

I urge ALL of you to attend if you can and give public comment when requested.

We are no longer in a position to sit idly by and allow the State to dismantle the NSHE institutions.

I have been told that Rep. Horsford will testify at this meeting urging the Regents to reconsider their attempt to NOT consolidate or close any of the NSHE institutions.

Your attendance is requested.


William R. Kerney, MA, EMTP (ret)
Faculty Senate Chair 2010-2011
Professor of Emergency Medicine
College of Southern Nevada
6375  W. Charleston Blvd., W2B; W3E
Las Vegas  Nevada  89146
Office:  702-651-5990
Senate office 702-651-7330

A letter on Wisconsin and National politics

I'm writing to you from Wisconsin, ground zero in the fight between Republicans and the middle class, where we just had a HUGE win!

I'm literally breathless. I'm witnessing history. Incumbent candidates for the Wisconsin Supreme Court generally get re-elected in a landslide. But in the general election on Tuesday, progressive JoAnne Kloppenburg closed the gap and won by a razor thin margin against conservative justice David Prosser!

The result was extremely close, and there's still a recount to grapple with, but this is a HUGE change from the primary where she lost 25% to 55% to conservative Justice David Prosser before Walker's attacks on workers began. And it's proof that the grassroots army that formed to battle Governor Scott Walker is a force to be reckoned with.

Tuesday night, all of us volunteers sat around the Kloppenburg office, right next to the Wisconsin 14, and watched these historic returns come in together.

The Republicans in Washington are copying Walker's radical "my way or the highway" tactics, threatening to shutdown the government in order to force the Democrats to cave on the budget. They're willing to harm countless Americans in order to impose their agenda on the rest of us.

I read a quote the other day from the Tea Party Express, and while I wouldn't normally agree with them, they could not be more right about the stakes in this election:

"If...liberal Joanne Kloppenburg wins, then Barack Obama and his union...allies will have won...If conservative Justice David Prosser wins, then Gov. Scott Walker and the tea party movement will have won in Wisconsin. The stakes could not be higher."

The result of this election will have an important impact right here in Wisconsin on the battle to protect workers' rights. But a Kloppenburg victory is also sending a message nationally that Americans are rejecting the radical right-wing Republican agenda sweeping across other states and our federal government.

Thank you.

–Steve Hughes