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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Does cutting government create or attract jobs?

The price of Right to Work

Right to Work is spreading, on student's observations

I think "right to fire" is much closer. I stop looking for work after I was laid off my 2nd time in 9 months. It was hard to get a job making what I previous made because they wanted employers knew I was to expensive to hire. I was kicked out of my field for being good at what I do, or not choosing to work for less. So I went back to school fulltime and live off my saving and my little work study job. It is sad but not everyone makes the choice I did. Some people get depressed and don't know what to do when they can't find work or do find work but it pays them nothing. Its a sad case this nation is today, and I'm not sure Im proud to be american anymore. Jasmine Gipson 

Cant' Get A Publisher, then self-publish: Sharon Angle Autobiography

Tea Party conservative Sharron Angle, who vaulted into national prominence during her campaign last year against Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid, is going to self-publish her memoir.
Tea Party's Sharron Angle to self-publish autobiography - On Politics: Covering the US Congress, Governors, and the 2010 Election -

Blame the President for Everything...

Republicans are out blaming $4.00 a gallon gas on President Obama's temporary moratorium on deep seat oil drilling (despite it only effecting a hand full of rigs out of thousands), when in reality speculators are influenced by the upheaval or "Arab Spring" in the Middle East and are open about it.

And people believe the campaigners who know what they saying is false (they are not unintelligent or uninformed).

Interesting considering that the oil lobby gave to Republicans this last election cycle by more then a three to one margin, and the oil lobby is second only to the National Rifle Association in lobbyist and number one in dollars spent in Washington.

Obama is being criticized for the lack of job growth, and criticized for programs that did create jobs (and will even more over time) by calling it a "failed" stimulus and "failed" job bail out program.

He is being criticized for the human and monetary costs begun under the Bush Administration, for stimulus programs also begun under Bush and a "failed" health care program most of which has not even taken effect and which has had no impact on health care costs (but of course Republicans now blame Obama for normal increases in rates by insurance companies and health care providers).

It's not about reality, but perception; about truth but positioning; about facts but reality but who wins in the end ("the end justifies the hell with ethics and morals...")

Wisconsin Democrats just announced that local activists submitted over 100% of 
the signatures needed to "recall" Republican state senator Dan Kapanke from office! 
After local officials certify the signatures, a new election will be scheduled for Kapanke's seat.

Sunday Morning News and Views, Part III

Will the government shut down on Friday? The odds are that money will be cut off as Tea Party supported
Republicans will not compromise and a divide now deepens within the Republican Party. Democrats are
already cutting massive program dollars dear to their heart, and compromising so much that their backs hurt. However the far right and fiscal conservatives have Republicans locked into immovable stands where
compromise and progress are not possible unless all parties agree to a major shift in how American
operates, and the sacrifice of services to over 100 million Americans who need those services more
than ever.

Meanwhile Republican leadership is talking about what Americans said in the last election, without looking
at the current economic situation and who will be hurt in the process. Republicans are banking on "red state"
Democrats to cave and give into the Tea Party dominated legislative agenda.

What do you do when the is no ladder to climb, or bootstraps to hold onto? The silent and unseen part of the current unemployment crisis is there because we do not want to admit  or look at it. We hide from the reality. Economist ignore it, or are not believed when they do sound alarms. Our recovery is false, in every way
but the stock market, which profits on investments in jobs overseas. There is a solid argument that the
good news of private sector hiring may be less significant than advertised, as our country's 8.8% unemployment
numbers are no longer valid. Millions of Americans have "dropped out of the labor force", not out of wanting
to live off the public trough, but from lack of results in looking for work. Many millions of others have settled
for jobs that pay far less or are part time, well below their financial needs, resulting in foreclosures, lack of funds
or ability to relocate for work, the forgoing of education and other "non-essential" spending or opportunities.
Older Americans who have worked all their lives find themselves passed over for younger "current" workers
who can afford to work for less and bring the image employers want. College educated workers are accepting
work which in the past was available for those who do not have college degrees. Age, gender, race and ethnic discrimination and reverse discrimination is on the rise as employers seek low cost, tech savvy,
image-centric youth over experience and dedication. People who have worked their entire lives find themselves
being rejected without interviews based on their experience, or age or race of appearance. And over the next few weeks, months and year state, county, municipal and other government related jobs will be slashed, due to
the decrease in tax revenue related to rapidly declining property values, decreased consumer spending and
decreased incomes of many Americans. Demoralization is setting in at levels not seen since the Great Depression
when Americans had family, churches were able to help in ways they cannot today, and a great migration
occurred to jobs in other parts of the country (which do not exist today).

Free Speech protects the preacher who burnt the Koran, however we may need to go to World War II
legal restrictions that made actions that endanger our troops and cause violence that lead to death a crime.
These laws sun-setted after the war because what they represented was a common moral sense Americans shared, and they were not needed. Our ethical and moral center has shifted, making it possible for a preacher to take
such a dangerous and destabilizing action without fear of prosecution, using the flag of "freedom of speech."

Sunday Morning News and Views, Part II

On this date, April 3, 1953 the brand news medium of television partnered with the age old publication of print,
as TV Guide was first printed, with Lucille Ball's newly born son Desi on the cover. Once dominating,
TV Guide became less important as cable and satellite boomed, making printing all the listings impossible.
On Screen Guides and the computer also put nails in the coffin. But the once household necessity
is not dead yet, still publishing and available at supermarkets or by subscription.

Harry Potter is on Broadway. Well the actor people think of as Harry Potter anyway. "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying," a high-profile revival of Frank Loesser and Abe Burrow's Pulitzer Prize-winning musical comedy, is drawing traditional Broadway musical aficionados and an unlikely group: Harry Potter fans. The revival stars Daniel Radcliffe in his first musical role.He did star and even appear nude in
"Equis" on Broadway. My review, simply by hearing excerpts of the music, is that he is not a strong
enough singer to carry the show, but reviews have been mixed and the show is selling out well in advance.
Of course I have seen the show with Broadway actors in the lead, who can sing and dance. At 22, Radcliff
brings his youth to the role and an energy that makes the character very real.

Johnny Depp is among the winners as the slime flowed yesterday at the Kids' Choice Awards at the
University of Southern California's Galen Center. Depp manned a hose and unleashed the green goo
on the screaming crowd of more than 10,000 yesterday after earning a blimp-shaped favorite movie
actor trophy for his Mad Hatter role in "Alice in Wonderland." Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Selena
Gomez and Dylan Sprouse also took home trophies.

Good news for fans of winter sports who can travel to northern Nevada. A monster snowpack
will keep skiers and snowboarders on the slopes longer than usual in the Sierra Nevada. Ski resorts,
which typically shut down for the season in April, say they plan to extend the season to take advantage
of one of the snowiest winters since 1970. Squaw Valley USA plans to stay open through at least
Memorial Day and Boreal will stay open on weekends in May, as conditions permit.

Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval is expected to respond tomorrow to a measure that would allow school
districts to use money now in bond reserve accounts for school improvements. Sandoval has said he
will veto the bill because he wants the same pot of money for school operations.

While national unemployment is now down to an official 8.8%, the actual number of unemployed is the
highest since the height of the Great Depression. And the length of umployment is far longer than in any
recession since the GI's went back to work after World War II. The chances of finding a job within one year of
losing your job are now only 35% (1 in 3) for workers age 35 to 49, 24% (1 in 4) for workers in their 50's
and 18% (less than one in five) for workers over the age of 62. Add the reality that many older workers lost
large amounts of money in retirement funds invested in the stock market at the start of the recession and
have seen their home equity shrink to next to nothing, and it can be reasoned that we will have a large
highly qualified, educated senior population who will be reliant on government help and programs as they age.

Unemployment remains the quiet giant, and despite word of private sector job hires, is in a crisis position
not seen since the Great Depression. The truth is that the percentage of "chornically' employees is high,
and unlike the stereotype many still want to paint of freeloaders, those out of work are qualified and
want to work. Traditional teenage and young adult jobs are filled with workers who are remaining in
place instead of changing as they have in the past, with the average age ten years older than it was
a decade ago.

Against this backdrop, congress has powerful forces who are set to cut social services, reduce aid and
who opposed continued job programs.

Why are we so intollerant of "their" POV?

Local Public Radio and TV stations RIP.

This week the Republicans in the US Senate managed to add two amendments to the
Small Business Relief Bill the effectively take all Federal Funds from local public radio
and television stations. While this does not impact the network, and may have minimal
impact on major cities, it will cause many middle and small market public radio and
television stations to go dark, ending service to a large geographic area of the United States.

The move is purely political, as the amount of money is minor and Republicans at the same time
increased funding in other areas by far more than the savings cutting funding for NPR and PBS
affiliates will save.

Radio Times did a story on what and why this is happening. It ties to a shift in public perception
as to what news is and what should be news. The shift has taken journalism and put it on its head.
Thanks to opinion based talking head "news", talk radio and an increased polarization of American
in ways that range from political, to computer operating system preference, to the type of vehicle you
drive to your preference in food. Everything is now made "personal" with marketing pushing emotion
and one sided preferences on the public for profit and survival.

Public Broadcasting was created to help die small "educational" stations and "community" broadcasters
into a service whereby stations could find both content and needed income to stimulate local financing
and local programing.

The truth is that the Corporation for Public Broadcasting funds stations and local programing, not the news
and information conservatives see as a threat to their basic beliefs and "liberal" or "progressive."

Another truth is that all neutral evaluations of content find NPR to be balanced or to lean conservative
in content, The perception of "liberal" comes from NPR, unlike most other news "outlets", reporting
both sides of stories without hedging. In other words...journalism.

And as I indicated, society has gone from appreciating neutrality to an "us" vs. "them" false dichotomy,
where both sides seek only the views, opinions and information that agrees with what they already
like, feel or think.

Please contact Senators Ensign and Reid and beg that they get the provisions that cut funding removed
from the much needed Small Business Relief bill.

That sort of political game playing is what Republicans say are against, but which in this case...

Stand Up for All Workers, Tomorrow (MONDAY) at CSN

Monday is the day the AFL  CIO has picked to stand up against the all out assault on unions. We’ve noted that April 4 is the 43rd anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King – who was killed while working for union members’ rights in Memphis.

Both SAG and AFTRA have joined in the effort to push back against those who’re trying to cover up their own weaknesses by attacking collective bargaining. It isn’t just public employee union members who are under attack.

April 4, 2011
4:30 PM – 6:00 PM
Community College of Southern Nevada
Charleston Campus
6375 W. Charleston Blvd,
Las Vegas, NV  89146
Behind the Health & Sciences Building (K Building)

Sunday Morning News and Views, Part I

The unployment rate is inching downward (8.8% nationally) however while employment
for those with a college education is up, the unemployment rate for those who have not
completed a college degree is up dramatically. The figures do not reflect upcoming public sector
layoffs or terminations under a coast to coast state and local budget crunch. The "no new taxes" stand
following the 2010 election sweep is increasing unemployment numbers, and will do so
at an increased rate over the next full fiscal year. Meanwhile housing news is not good. While in
some key markets  home prices are up, nationally the trend remains to go down, and in key states, mostly
in the west, sales of existing homes are the worst since the Great Depression it 70 year ago.
Some economist predict a "double dip" in housing, driving prices down even more and
spurring even greater levels of foreclosures and bankrupties. Oil and food prices are also putting a drag on the economy, driving up the prices of other goods and impacting consumer expendable income. The bright
spot is the stock market, where investments overseas are driving corporate incomes and profits.
Commodities have gone up in price, good for investors, but bad for inflation. Silver, which is
Nevada's primary export, is at an all time high in value. While business publications a high on stock
market and corporate profits, conservative conomist are now benning  predict a return to recession or
near recession conditions, lasting longer from the initial onslaught in 2008 than the entire length
of the Great Depression.

There's a third day of protests today in Afghanistan against the burning of a Quran in Florida. The
Taliban is calling on people to rise up, blaming government forcesfor violence that has killed 20 people.
The protest in Jalalabad city was peaceful. Riots over the past few days have led to the deaths of 14 UN
Workers, 54 Afghan Christians who had their church burnt around them, and more than a dozen others
who crowds felt represented the "burners of the scriptures."

A top Libyan rebel official says he thinks international isolation, airstrikes and better rebel organization
will force Moammar Gadhafi's ouster in "a matter of days." He says the opposition wants a parliamentary democracy. Rebel and government soldiers are fighting skirmishes around the strategic oil town of Brega. International airstrikes continue. Crack troops and mercinaries for Gadhafi have pushed Rebels back and
for a while last week appeared to be ending the "war" in a fast violent way. Outside observers say there
is no way to tell how the battle will end, or if the rebels truly represent the majority in Libya, mostly
because of generations of idocrination, surpression, propoganda and totalitarian actions by Gadhafi and
his supporters.

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton says the U.S. is "deeply concerned" about the situation
in the Ivory Coast and reports of human rights abuses and a massacre of more than 1,000 people.
Clinton callson Laurent Gbagbo, the entrenched incumbent who lost a November vote, to step down
immediately. She also says forces loyal to the internationally recognized President Alassane Ouattara
must respect the rules of war and stop attacks on civilians.The alleged mass killings occurred in an area
controlled by forces loyal to Ouattara. She also says UN peacekeepers must aggressively enforce their
mandate to protect the people of the African nation.