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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Why Gadhafi may win this war in the long run...

How to you buy a country? With over 80 billion stashed in banks and bunkers. Gadhafi has ample cash, in all denominations, to keep paying his mercenary armies and "loyal" government for at least another decade, to buy arms and vilify his opposition. The compound where has has voluntary civilians camping out as human shields is believed to hold the bulk of those funds.

His loyal subjects have been bombarded with propaganda and his image their whole lives, living in an almost 1984 Big Brother environment. His enemies disappear through attrition.

-Sources: Fox News, ABC, Wall Street Journal.

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Another reason to be worried about China

Land of the pirates. "Legal DVDs are like democracy — they don't exist in China," says Zhou Xin while looking at pirated copies of "Black Swan" and "The Social Network" in a store in Bejing. To say piracy is an issue with China is an understatement. Even China's own media reported that the country's pirate DVD industry made $6 billion last year while China's box-office receipts were just $1.5 billion. The Los Angeles Times looks at Hollywood's China problem.

From LA Times Company Town

Massive Bonus and Raises for Industry Heads


The Wrap says Bob Iger at Disney got 30%. And he was one of the CEOs who got a raise at the lower end of the range. Some were over 100%.

The only one of the moguls in the Wrap’s annual survey who didn’t get at least a half million more was Jeffrey Katzenberg, who only draws $1 per year in salary.

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