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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hawaii on alert

11 foot waves swamp beaches, not reported damage in Hawaii. Update, click here.

Tsunami warning issued after Japan earthquake

EWA BEACH (HawaiiNewsNow) -- A Tsunami Watch has been issued for the state of Hawaii following an 8.9 magnitude earthquake off the east coast of Honshu, Japan.
Scientists at the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in Ewa Beach said that based on available data, a tsunami may have been generated by the quake. They said the earliest that tsunami waves could reach Hawaii would be at 2:59 a.m. Friday.
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Great 8.9 Quake hits Tokyo, Tsunami hits northern Japan

Watching tsunami waters sweeping over towns and farmland, overtaking cars and homes, carrying boat, semi trucks and cars with it. There has to be thousands of people missing or dead right now and the count is climbing. It's horrific to watch. ( Photo from MSNBC).

An over 8.9 shallow Grand Earthquake with 7.8 and  7.1 aftershocks, less than an hour and a half ago, underwater initially reported to be 6 miles off the coast near Tokyo. Tsunamis are set to hit all of western Japan, including islands, Russia, Taiwan, parts of China, Guan, Midway and possibly as far way as Hawaii California, Mexico and South America.

Some subways in Tokyo are flooded, and there are people trapped or missing  (it was the start of Friday afternoon rush hour in Tokyo when it hit). 

There are scattered fires on TV in Tokyo and in rural Japan. 

Japan is the most prepared country for earthquakes and tsunami, is in shock from the size, force and timing of the quake and aftermath.

Freeways are closed. The bullet train is not running (for precaution), other lines are stopped for the same reason but a few are running. Bus lines are also not operating, and roads and sidewalks are packed with people. At 3:30 Tokyo time work was cancelled leaving people stranded in the city, with no way to get home. The city is at a hault. No planes, choppers, busses and cars and cabs moving slowly.

Oil refineries on fire, just like in some horror or disaster movie.

The quake and tsunami are larger than the one that devastated Asia in 2004, but Japan is far more prepared, so maybe loss will be less.

Japan has called for International Assistance.

The 7th Fleet is on the way.

Tokyo has two runways open, but all airports north are closed, with two underwater.

An American correspondent for NHK (Japanese TV) reported that his Japanese wife was calm, use to it, and helped him to be safe, Open the doors, windows, and lean against the strongest wall of the house on the outside. He said the floor rolled, all seemed to be liquid and there was a haunting loud sound as wood and structures literally sang for about two minutes, but it seemed like six to ten. 

Major disaster, but mitigated by how prepared Japan is for such events. Everyone in school learns how to survive earthquakes and tsunami's. 

This is a time to pray.

The battle is not over in Wisconsin...Democracy can still work.

Police and firefighters react to Wisconsin coup, by closing bank!

(Todd Hissong is the vice-chair of the Regional Branch Division of the Screen Actors Guild).

Only the beginning my friends! Remember, the firefighter and police unions were promised that they would be exempt from any action Walker would take against organized labor. As soon as Walker showed his true colors, these unions showed their Solidarity! I was there when a steady stream of off-duty fire and police personnel marched through the Madison Capitol in support of the protesters. The roar was deafening... and
Firefighters in Wisconsin marched to the M&I bank earlier today in Madison and withdrew their money. In total they took an estimated $192,000.

Monk joins Wisconsin Union Workers as protests continue
Screen Actors Guild member Tony Shalhoub (Monk, How Do You Know) will travel to Madison, Wisconsin to rally with other union members at the state capitol in support of Wisconsin workers on Saturday afternoon, March 12.

Com 101 Midterms March 16, 17 (next week)

Smith Center to open March 10, 2012

“We’ve got an opening date,” said Myron Martin, president of the Smith Center for the Performing arts. “It’s March 10.”

As in one year from today -- March 10, 2012.

From the Vegas Voice Blog of the Las Vegas Review Journal:

“We’re going to have a grand gala performance, something really  special,” Martin said -- declining to name any performers or the nature of the show that’s planned -- after hosting Wednesday night’s public panel discussion with the center’s designers at the Historic Fifth Street School.

More on this and other stories from the Las Vegas Review Journal by clicking here.

If it is about money, then why is it the "solution" has nothing to with money and all to do with killing unions?


After weeks of swearing that it was all about “budget repair” the Wisconsin legislature has passed a bill killing collective bargaining rights for most public employee unions, using a loophole that let them do it without any democrats being present. That loophole was that the democrats didn’t have to be present for a non-budget bill…which is what the legislature called it this time around.