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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Why the target on NPR? Make sure only your view is heard or seen.

National Public Radio is in the cross hairs for elimination by a right leaning Republican House of Representatives. As a rule the two polar sides in Washington, and across the country, find any story that disagrees with them as wrong or "liberal".

NPR has been rated as the most balanced news service by independent researchers using scientific methods ranging from topics, to language to time sent on each side of an issue, followed by ABC and NBC. Fox is far to the right in these non--bias ratings, with MSNBC far to the left, CNN leaning slightly left, and NBC and CBS leaning to the right  politically.

NPR CEO Vivian Schiller has resigned effective immediately on the heels of continued controversy at NPR. The release yesterday of a video showing vice president for development Ron Schiller harshly criticizing the Tea Party and saying that NPR would be better off without federal funding has strengthened calls on Capitol Hill for elimination of such funding.

Does NPR itself need Federal Funds. Probably not. But the stations across the country who carry NPR programming face major layoff or going of the air entirely without the help.

If NPR is cut, the US is the only industrialized country in the world not to support some form of non-commercial radio for its citizens.

There are no other easy sources for the revenue stations need. Nevada Public Radio would lose $400,000, KCRW in Santa Monica over a million and New York Public Radio over three million dollars used to run multiple stations and services in each location. 

For an update from NPR, including further information on the issues discussed above, click here.

How can you stop the budget cuts?

CSN, UNLV and K-12 Schools 

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Join the Race for the Cure, Fight Breast Cancer

The following announcement is from Kathy Eghoian, CSN Team Captain.  Please direct questions about the program to her attention at 651-7457 or

  Thank you.

CSN Coyote Cancer Killers will once again be participating in the Susan G. Komen Southern Nevada Race for the Cure.  The 16th Annual Race will take place on Saturday, May7, 2011 at the Fremont Street Experience.  All proceeds benefit the fight against breast cancer.  The entire CSN community (including students, staff, faculty, friends and alumni!) is welcome to join and help celebrate 16 years that the Susan G. Komen Race has been in Las Vegas.   

Click on "read more" below for additional information and sign up links.

The Singularity

Date:3/8/2011 10:41:49 PM
To:Lynch, Arthur
Subject:Article Submission - 03/01/2011

 Dear Arthur

This is something which I had not given much thought to, until I recently watched 'Transcendent Man', a documentary about Raymond Kurzweil's theory of the 'The Singularity'.

He has so far correctly predicted the Internet and the Human Genome project and if he is correct on this one, I will live to see my own immortality.,8599,2048138,00.html



Fox news says....

Date:3/8/2011 6:24:32 PM
To:Lynch, Arthur
Subject:Obama 'Arrogance and Racism' - Scheuer on Fox News

Obama 'Arrogance and Racism' - Scheuer on Fox News
Cenk Uygur plays and breaks down a clip from Fox News. When asked why President Obama would threaten military action against Gadhafi in Libya, former CIA counter-terrorism expert Michael Scheuer responded "arrogance and racism".
Video by TYT

CSN to turn away over 13,000 students a year, change mission

"College of Southern Nevada President Michael Richards has outlined plans that he said would cut $27 million, short of the amount required by the governor's new budget, but deep when you consider the cuts already seen of over one third of the budget over the past three years. The plans would include closing its satellite centers, raising student fees and possibly closing the Henderson campus. Richards said he expected to lose 13,000 of the community colleges 44,000 students if the cuts go through." -as reported in this morning's Las Vegas Review Journal (click here).
The "community" role in Boulder City, Mesquite, Pahrump, Overton and other communities would end, with the closure of what amounts to community based centers for meetings, courses, access to the Internet and the arts. Access to classes, computers and resources for those who do not live near a campus and for college bound high school students would end.
For the first time in history, the community colleges of the state, including CSN, would have to close their doors to open mission and much of the "community" mission for the schools, limiting enrollment and requiring much higher levels of academic achievement to be admitted and remain in school.
That may sound fine for those not familiar with the reason for community colleges, which includes job and professional training, advancement, accessibility to minorities an those who did not benefit from quality K-12 educations in "better" neighborhoods. The remedial mission, needed because too many students graduate from high school without the basic skills needed for employment and college level studies, may be greatly reduced or cut entirely.
CSN is not a traditional college. It is a Community College, there for all of the citizens of the community. That will end with the governor's cuts.

33 programs to be cut at UNLV if Governor's Budget Goes Through

 UNLV will cut 33 degree programs, including several key to the ability of the state to deal with the recession and related problems, if the governor's budget goes through. UNR will also make deep cuts. Both schools will have to make major cuts in business, education, social servies, the social sciences and sacrifice in athletics and programs that reach out into the community.

The $32.6 million in cuts at UNLV will still fall short of the $47.5 million dollars in cuts imposed by the governor's budget. Previous budget cuts of $49.6 million have already resulted in loss of jobs, larger class sizes, cuts of entire programs and elimination of other degrees (including reduction of Education and Science programs).

The full story is on Page 1 of this morning's Review Journal. For the on-line version, click here.