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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Date:3/8/2011 6:07:49 PM
To:Lynch, Arthur
Subject:Teacher Criticized For How She Sent a Note Home

Teacher Criticized For How She Sent a Note Home
A Miami-Dade mother said her son's teacher made a big mistake ridiculing her son, but the district said there was an explanation for what happened to her son at W.J. Bryan Elementary School.

CSN Assignment Revision, Spring 2011, Due March 8

Public Speaking Videos

The assignment is to critique one of the speeches from the textbook and provide you critique as a "comment" response on the blog (counts as one post).

The reason for the assignment is to familiarize yourself with the features of the Public Speaking interactive videos provided by the textbook.

Programs upgrade and when they do content changes. Thank you Jeff for noticing the change. So for the assignment, select any of speech on the video for Chapters 9 , 10, 11, 14 or 15 and critique the speech.

You will also note that they provide you with a full sentence outline (I expect them to be far more detailed in this class please, see samples in the outline folder), a key word / presentation (I call it a thumbnail, see also samples in the folder file and the ones I sent you via e-mail), and note cards (that is all you should have on a note card and about that much per card, unless you need a quote or statistic).

To get to these speeches on your Angel course page for COM 101 (CSN only) go through the following menue (top tab) options:

1. course content
2. Resources and Study Material
3. Course material
3. Public speaking videos

Phone Bank at Henderson Campus and Critical Rally in Carson City (free transportation)

From the ACCSN Student Body President:

"Greetings All,

We are currently reserving seats for students and any available faculty or staff to join us for a rally in Carson City on Mar. 21.  We will be meeting in the back parking lot near Opportunity Village at the W. Charleston campus on Sunday, Mar. 20 at 10pm and returning to the same spot by midnight on Monday, Mar. 21.  This is during spring break and we will only be gone for one day.  We are providing buses and snacks to anyone who registers by this Friday, Mar. 11 5pm.  To sign up, we need their name, phone # and e-mail address.  We will then send the info about the trip and will require you to reply back confirming your attendance before we reserve your seat.  Limited seats are available so act fast!

There will be an orientation for the bus trip in room 1772 at the Cheyenne campus this Saturday, Mar. 12 at 9am.

We will also have a phone bank/letter writing campaign in the computer lab at the Henderson campus from 10am-2pm on Mar. 15.

For other ways to fight the budget cuts, please visit or contact me. Please disseminate this information to your fellow students, co-workers, family and friends - thank you!"

J.T. Creedon
ASCSN Student Government
C: (702) 355-0937
O: (702) 651-4380

William R. Kerney, MA, EMTP (ret)
Chair, CSN Faculty Senate 2010-2011
Professor of Emergency Medicine
College of Southern Nevada
Las Vegas  Nevada  89146
Happy Anniversary CSN!


Should you be in school?

Not cute enough? Barbie bombs in China.

Two years ago, Mattel opened a giant 7 story flagship store on one of the glitziest shopping streets in Shanghai. Despite the booming economy there, Barbie just didn't hit it off with Chinese consumers. Mattel is closing the giant dud of a store, saying they will use what they learned as they increase their marketing efforts elsewhere in China. NPR's Morning Edition has the story (click here).

Sandoval's Stand on Unions

Unlike his GOP counterparts in other states, Nevada's new Republican governor Brian Sandovalis not taking a hard stance against public employee unions. He is looking to state workers to help balance Nevada's budget, but he's not going after their collective bargaining rights, because state workers here do not have collective bargaining rights. Sandoval is going against the unions none-the-less. Sandoval wants unions, including teachers, to take a pay cut and reduce their ranks, with other cuts on facilities and increases in class room size.

National Public Radio's Morning Edition investigates Nevada and Nevada's Governor's stance (click here to listen to the story).

The New World Powers

There was a time when the most powerful players in the world were countries, and the lines were often clear. That is no longer true today, as borders, countries and even dictators become increasingly irrelevant. The US is caught up in the power shift to large corporations and the super wealthy who control them, but to our advantage most of these players are still American or at least American in core values. But what about the future?

What role do social media and other non-state actors play in foreign policy? James Lewis, director of technology and public policy at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, tells Ari Shapiro that websites like Facebook are an "essential tool" to America's global agenda.

To hear one set of answers go to Morning Edition on NPR (click here).

Movies on Facebook,

 What you pay for FOX may go up, One-and-a-half Men, 

Facebook takes on Netflix. Now not only can you use Facebook to tell your friends you've gone to get coffee, you can watch movies on it. Warner Bros. said Monday it has struck a deal to use the social networking site to rent movies online. The cost per rental will be $3. I may be nuts, but I think it is only a matter of time before Facebook starts offering its own version of cable. Details on the Warner Bros. deal fromHollywood Reporter.
Youtube to create its own videos. 
Hoping to "supercharge" the next generation of online video stars, Google Inc.'s online video site YouTube on Monday announced it has purchased Next New Networks for an undisclosed sum. 
As reported in Company Town in December, YouTube was in negotiations to acquire the New York video producer whose pithy flicks on websites such as Hungry Nation and Barely Political have garnered more than 2 billion views since the company launched four years ago today. 
Based in New York and backed by former television executives from Nickelodeon and MTV, Next New Networks has built a network of videos created both in house and by independent filmmakers. 
YouTube, which has steered clear of creating its own films, made clear that it has no plans to dive into the content business.
New player. As expected, two of the nation's largest movie theater chains -- AMC and Regal -- are getting into the movie distribution business. The two have launched Open Road Films with an eye toward acquiring as many as 10 films a year. Movie industry vet Tom Ortenberg will serve as chief executive. Odds for success are difficult to gauge, but one thing is for certain. Don't look for Open Road to be offering its movies on video-on-demand or DVD just two months after their theatrical release. Details from Variety and the Los Angeles Times.
Fair and balanced isn't cheap. News Corp. President Chase Carey is pounding the drum for higher fees for Fox News Channel from cable and satellite operators. Speaking at an investment bank conference, Carey said the channel is second only to ESPN in terms of its value to distributors and consumers. Currently, the channel gets about 75 cents per subscriber. Guessing Carey wants to get that figure over a dollar. More from Multichannel News.
You talking to me? The New York Post says director Martin Scorsese has been hit with a $2.85-million Internal Revenue Service tax lien. A spokeswoman for Scorsese told the paper it's a mistake and he owes no money. In other words, fuhgeddaboudit.

Still winning? Warner Bros. has had enough of Charlie Sheen, the rebellious star of the CBSsitcom "Two and a Half Men." The studio, which produces the show for CBS, fired Sheen on Monday afternoon after almost two weeks of nonstop rants by Sheen against the studio, CBS and the show's co-creator and executive producer Chuck Lorre. Sheen had been angry that the show had been put on hiatus after the bosses told him to clean up and then when he proclaimed himself clean after a couple of weeks, he started bashing his bosses for not letting him get back to work. Sheen's legal team indicated they will likely sue Warner Bros. and Lorre for violating his contract while Warners has indicated Sheen already violated the deal by being unable to perform and for engaging in a reckless lifestyle. More than you'll ever want to read from the Los Angeles TimesNew York TimesWall Street JournalVarietyHollywood ReporterWrapDeadline Hollywood, and, of course, TMZ and Radar.
Inside the Los Angeles Times: How Tosh.o became a mega-hit for Comedy Central. Former porn star Ginger Lynn talks about life with Charlie Sheen.
-- Joe Flint