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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Will Terrorist call Libya home?

A 'Vacuum' In Libya: An Opening For Al-Qaida?

I think Libya presents to al-Qaida one of the best opportunities to reinvigorate itself and its message in the Middle East and especially in North Africa.
- Bruce Hoffman, director of Georgetown University's Center for Peace and Security Studies
Counterterrorism officials are watching events in Libya with particular attention. Their concern: Al-Qaida has long-standing ties with Libyan extremists that could give the group a toehold there.
The North African wing of al-Qaida wasted little time in picking sides: It is championing the protesters. On Thursday the group released a statement saying it would "do whatever we can to help" protesters overthrow Libyan strongman Moammar Gadhafi.
Counterterrorism experts say they weren't surprised. They have been bracing for al-Qaida to weigh in.
"I think Libya presents to al-Qaida one of the best opportunities to reinvigorate itself and its message in the Middle East and especially in North Africa," says Bruce Hoffman, a terrorism expert at Georgetown University. "Al-Qaida's got lots of raw material, as it were, as well as a historical legacy to work with in Libya. And a vacuum in Libya, I think, is something that al-Qaida is poised perhaps to take advantage of."

Overcoming Fear

The End of Racial Politics in Chicago?

Chicago mayoral candidate Rahm Emanuel poses with constituents at an "L" station in Chicago Tuesday.
EnlargePaul Beaty/AP
Chicago mayoral candidate Rahm Emanuel poses with constituents at an "L" station in Chicago Tuesday.

The Chicago Way...With a modern twist..
First Jewish Mayor supported by every ethnic group, while Jewish Ward votes for an Hispanic.
Sometimes, news flashes by so quickly that we don't recognize real history.
Rahm Emanuel was elected mayor of Chicago Tuesday. Any name that isn't Daley in that office ranks as history, though with Bill Daley becoming White House chief of staff just as his brother, Richard M. Daley, leaves City Hall, the Daley name will stay at least as prominent in the news as Charlie Sheen's.
Rahm Emanuel, of course, was the White House chief of staff who preceded Bill Daley. He is also a former Democratic operative and Illinois congressman who is famed and more than a little feared for both his temper and wit. He won 40 of Chicago's 50 wards.

Odds on Oscars

“The King’s Speech” and leading man Colin Firth are overwhelming favorites to win top Oscars when the Academy Awards are announced on Feb. 27, extending four years of dominance by smaller-budget films.
From Bloomberg News:
The Weinstein Co. movie has an 81 percent chance of capturing the best-picture Oscar, Hollywood’s highest honor, according to odds-maker Firth’s best-actor prospects are even better at 96 percent, according to the Dublin-based Web site. The race for best director is closer.
“The King’s Speech” became the best-picture frontrunner, eclipsing “The Social Network,” after Hollywood guilds representing directors, actors and producers all gave the movie their top honors. The story, about Britain’s King George VI and the unorthodox speech therapist who helped him deliver an important World War II radio address, resonated with audiences.
“‘The King’s Speech’ has heart,” said Tom O’Neil, who lists the film as a 71 percent favorite, a site that compiles critics’ predictions. “They’re embracing the heart of this movie.”
“The Social Network,” from Sony Corp.’s Columbia Pictures, is second in various rankings, with the best odds, 40 percent, coming from Johnny Avello, executive director of racing & sports operations at Wynn Las Vegas, part of Wynn Resorts Ltd..

Sample Speech View and Discussion (assignment)

COM 101 CSN students

Find the speech on Domestic Violence in the Public Speaking Videos under Course Content on Angel, and critique the speech. Or use another speech from Chapters 9, 10, 11, 14 or 15.

Note that you can follow along in the outline as they talk. There is also a full outline (not full enough for my course), short outline, and what to put on note cards.

Let us know what you think of her presentation, content, organization and if it has the desired effect. If not why? if yes, how did she acomplish this? Respond t this post and to others who respond.

Use "comment" below for this discussion.

 Art Lynch

Superhero of today do not fight crime with their fists

Bam! Pow! Superhero Groups Clash In an Epic Battle of Good vs. Good

Life isn't easy for the self-proclaimed superhero who calls himself "Phoenix Jones, Guardian of Seattle." A 22-year-old day-care worker by day, he dons a black-and-gold costume by night to harass drug dealers and break up street fights.
But he's having a harder time dealing with his latest nemeses: members of the "Real Life Superhero" (RLSH) movement.

This world-wide collection mainly of grown men with names like Zetaman, Knight Owl, Dark Guardian, and Mr. Raven Blade, have taken to grumbling about Mr. Jones, who has recently been getting more publicity than they do, partly because of his aggressive style.
The RLSHers, many of whom stick to charitable works like delivering food to the homeless, are concerned that Mr. Jones's physical approach might not reflect well on the superhero community, which has worked hard to convince people that it isn't just a group of comic-book geeks with inflated notions of their own importance but, rather, a force for good in the world.
"For the first time, we have someone who agrees with our overall purpose but doesn't agree with our methods," says Knight Owl, a Portland, Ore., member of the RLSH world who, like the others, refuses to give out his real name.

Child welfare endangered by budget cuts

‎"They can’t be 'pro-life' when the 'child' is in the womb but indifferent when it’s in the world." Yes, they can, and it is an affront to the Christianity they claim to espouse.

Republicans need to figure out where they stand on children’s welfare.

Republicans need to figure out where they stand on children’s welfare. They can’t be “pro-life” when the “child” is in the womb but indifferent when it’s in the world. Allow me to illustrate just how schizophrenic their position has become through the prism of premature babies.
Damon Winter/The New York Times
Charles M. Blow
Of the 33 countries that the International Monetary Fund describes as “advanced economies,” the United States now has the highest infant mortality rate according to data from the World Bank. It took us decades to arrive at this dubious distinction. In 1960, we were 15th. In 1980, we were 13th. And, in 2000, we were 2nd.

Readers' Comments

Readers shared their thoughts on this article.
Of the 33 countries that the International Monetary Fund describes as “advanced economies,” the United States now has the highest infant mortality rate according to data from the World Bank. It took us decades to arrive at this dubious distinction. In 1960, we were 15th. In 1980, we were 13th. And, in 2000, we were 2nd.

Part of the reason for our poor ranking is that declines in our rates stalled after premature births — a leading cause of infant mortality as well as long-term developmental disabilities — began to rise in the 1990s.
The good news is that last year the National Center for Health Statistics reported that the rate of premature births fell in 2008, representing the first two-year decline in the last 30 years.
Dr. Jennifer L. Howse, the president of the March of Dimes, which in 2003 started a multimillion-dollar premature birth campaign focusing on awareness and education, has said of the decline: “The policy changes and programs to prevent preterm birth that our volunteers and staff have worked so hard to bring about are starting to pay off.”
The bad news is that, according to the March of Dimes, the Republican budget passed in the House this month coulddo great damage to this progress. The budget proposes:
• $50 million in cuts to the Maternal and Child Health Block Grant that “supports state-based prenatal care programs and services for children with special needs.”
• $1 billion in cuts to programs at the National Institutes of Health that support “lifesaving biomedical research aimed at finding the causes and developing strategies for preventing preterm birth.”
• Nearly $1 billion in cuts to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for its preventive health programs, including to its preterm birth studies.
This is the same budget in which House Republicans voted to strip all federal financing for Planned Parenthood.
It is savagely immoral and profoundly inconsistent to insist that women endure unwanted — and in some cases dangerous — pregnancies for the sake of “unborn children,” then eliminate financing designed to prevent those children from being delivered prematurely, rendering them the most fragile and vulnerable of newborns. How is this humane?

National RTW bill

I will be there. This is about protecting our right to collectively bargain. More than half the country are Security States, but there is always a National Right-to-Work-for-Less bill waiting in the wings, my friends. Be vigilant, everyone. And I hope to see you there tomorrow. Historically, unionism was important during economically troubled times. Return to it today or diminished wages await us.

CSN Closure Budget Rally and info meeting Monday Night

Do you want to pay $460 for one class in-state at CSN?  Do something about it!

We need your presence at upcoming town halls on the budget at 5pm on Feb. 28 at Green Valley High School and on education policy and economic development at 1pm on Mar. 4 in the Horn Theater at the CSN Cheyenne Campus!  

We need your personal stories at the first one and your ideas for reform at the second one.

The big event will be on Monday, Mar. 21st in Carson City.  We will be busing students from all over the state to rally against the cuts in front of the legislative building and we need you to be there!  If you can make it, please e-mail immediately with your name, phone number and e-mail, expressing your interest in attending the Carson City bus trip and we will coordinate with you as the date approaches.

You can find out more info and receive updates by signing up for or liking our facebook page at

Don't let the legislature decide your future for you. 

Come out and support higher Ed on the 28th, 4th and 21st!"

J.T. Creedon
ASCSN Student Government
C: (702) 355-0937
O: (702) 651-4380

The Times We Face and Battles to be Fought

The national battles over

Union security

Minority rights





Haves vs have nots

And more...

The state budget:

K-12 Education slashed

Higher Ed forced to bankruptcy or major cuts

Tuition increases

Public radio and television

Social Services

Cuts in mental health services, prisons, potentially police and fire, road maintenance.

And more....

National Budget:

Cuts in social services

Support for cities

Support for counties

Support for states

Maintenance and security at National Parks, BLM, Forest Service and other Federal land.

And more...

Local Budgets:

Cuts in police, fire, medical and other services

Cuts in maintenance, landscaping, park and recreation, sports and other services

And more...

NFL supports Wisconsin Workers

The "Home of the Superbowl Champion Green Bay Packers" is in the middle of a battle over the rights of workers, the existence of collective bargaining and allowing unions to voluntarily work on curtailing costs rather than cutting down the entire tree and killing it.

The NFL Players Association, which represents football players not only in the NFL but in a wide range of professionals and semi-professional ball, has thrown its support, along with SAG, AFTRA, the AFL-CIO, Teamsters and other unions, behind the 14 state senators who are boycotting Wisconsin's legislature until the Tea Party Governor of that state agrees to take the end of collective bargaining by most state workers out of the emergency budget legislation.

Members of the Packers, Chicago Bears and other teams are joining in protests at the Wisconsin Legislature.

Governors To Walker: 'You Are Cutting Your Own Throat'

It's about being a CEO and not about political doctrine...tell the governor.
The governor or Wisconsin rode in on the Tea Party Express, along with a legislature where those seasoned at how government worked were defeated in their own primaries or the general election. The reality that with concessions unions are willing to make there will be no impact on the governor's proposed budget is being ignored as part of a national orchestrated effort to kill unions in union states, and end one of the few remaining methods for working people to have a voice against well funded corporate and billionaire campaigns. What is not being talked about is that public workers do not earn large salaries compared to non-public in Wisconsin, a strong traditional union state, as the Tea Party and now Republicans claim. The are at parity. 
In the nation's capital for their annual winter meeting, Democratic governors took advantage of the surrounding national press corps to tee off on Gov. Scott Walker (R-Wis.) and the anti-union measure he is pushing through his state.
Speaking shortly after a meeting with President Barack Obama, in which they insisted the topic of Wisconsin had not come up in any substantive detail, the Democratic governors backed both collective bargaining and inclusive governance.
"If you are a successful CEO of a company or of a state, the most important thing you can do is to build morale of the people who work for you," said Gov. Brian Schweitzer (D-Mont.), citing his experience bargaining with Montana's public-employee unions, which agreed to forgo a salary increase two and a half years ago to avoid layoffs. "It is the people that work for you that make you successful, and when you do that to morale, you are cutting your own throat."
As for Walker's management style, "Every governor has to use his own model. But I don't know how this one ends in a good way," Schweitzer said. "How long do you think that CEO would keep his job and how successful do you think that business will be?"

Click on "read more" below for more on this story, including the views of other governors.