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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Undoing History, And Admitting it

It is interesting that Hitler, Mussolini and other dictators quickly, upon taking power, dissolve trade unions and collective bargaining. Look it up. History does teach us lessons.

From a student:

I listened to the prank call with Gov Walker today. Great stuff, good times. I think that this recording should be played in classrooms and taught as a lesson of how government REALLY works. Everyone should hear this. So 110 years later, the pendulum swings back, full circle. Since it would seem we are destined to repeat history on a 100 year cycle, then the big question is: what’s coming in the next few years, or even weeks or months? Will we make the right choices for our Country, as they did a century ago? I hate to be pessimistic, but it’s not looking good. My biggest fear, and I’m being very sincere about this, is that our Nation will jump tracks, and end up going down the same path as Germany did in the 1920’s and 1930’s. I know this might seem like a real stretch of the imagination to anyone paying attention, but if you know your history, then you know the right ingredients: A despondent, embittered, nationalistic society looking for someone or something to focus its anger on. An ultra-conservative, ethnocentric, (cool… I used that word in a sentence, do I get extra credit?), rising to prominence political faction. Add a dash of 3rd world living conditions as standard. Throw in over-population, then just for fun, remove education and the ability to use that what them there fellers used back in the olden days… whadda they call it? ‘critter-cal thinkin’. Add all these together , pre heat the oven to 2045, and then… I hope I’m wrong.

Raiders in the Night

From a student:

Republican lawmakers in Wisconsin sent Wisconsin Patrolmen to the homes of State Senate Democrats in the middle of the night to "catch" them visiting with their families and "compel" (force) them to return under arrest so that there would be enough legislators in the Senate chambers today to pass the budget bill that undoes collective bargaining for most state workers and makes drastic cuts in education, medical services, social services and reflects a strong Tea Party agenda.

Not one was found at home.

The stand off continues.



AFTRA and SAG Members: Rally in Wisconsin! 
Lend your Voice on Saturday, February 26

Lend your voice on Saturday, February 26 and join the workers’ rally in Madison, Wisconsin.

  • Saturday, February 26
  • Leave the AFTRA/SAG office at 10 a.m. Return approximately 8 p.m.
  • Van transportation provided.
  • If you prefer to drive and have room for additional riders, let us know.
  • Wisconsin members, RSVP with your mobile phone number to coordinate meet up.
  • Please wear any and all AFTRA and/or SAG attire – t-shirts, hats, etc.
The big rally begins with music at 2:00 p.m. and will feature SAG and AFTRA members and other special guests.
Wisconsin has become ground zero for the labor movement and collective bargaining rights. If collective bargaining rights can be stripped away there, it will happen everywhere. Bills that would in one form or another roll back labor rights and wage standards have recently been (or will soon be) introduced in roughly 30 states.
Join the fight for a society that promotes fair wages, benefits, and working conditions. The eyes of the nation are watching what will happen in Wisconsin. Please join us!
RSVP:  include your name and mobile phone number please. Call AFTRA/SAG Chicago at (312) 573-8081.


Construction Experience Needed For Training Video

Click on image to enlarge. I tried to get it to reproduce larger. This is the largest it can copy onto blog. This is from David Percell, a student at CSN.

Action American Majority is financed by a minority of business interests and the National Right-to-Work Foundation, the largest lobbying interest in the US (they focus on states so they do not show up as large as they are in Federal Lobbying Reports), dedicated to ending unions and financed by large business interests (do your homework and you find this to be true).

It is not a "majority" of anyone.

They spend billions on ending unions in America.

They ignore statistics that counter their claims, that collective bargaining is part of the capitalistic system (without it you do not have capitalism), and that do not tell you how few benefits, how long the work hours were and how indentured (financial slavery) workers were prior to unions. Just one example they took the highest populated states and labeled them union and pointed to budget deficits in dollars. The states with the largest per capita (per person) and percentage deficits are all Right-to-Work and not union security states as the ad implies

The interests represented are those of large corporations who export money, jobs and investments at an increasing rate. Again, easy to research (sources New York Times, Wall Street Journal, MSNBC, Atlantic, the Nation). As for violent actions, no one denies union member violence, just a anti-union groups have broken windows, put water in fuel tanks and taken similar tactics to "defeat" unions. Management has historically locked doors leading to the deaths of those who could not escape fires, hired private armies to eliminate unionists, bankrupted anyone who spoke against them, and bought and paid of politicians (of all political parties) in the interest of ending the only force to stand up against them, our unions.

Still a funny advertisement and study in propaganda.

And yes, there is plenty of one sided propaganda to study from unions as well.

Support for Wisconsin Governor Decreasing

64% of Wisconsin residents in a comprehensive state wide poll support the 14 Democratic state senators in standing up to the governor's "no compromise" stand by refusing to attend senate sessions.

54% in a large statewide poll feel that the governor should compromise and allow collective bargaining to remain in state law. That means, simply, that the people of Wisconsin support the 14 Democrats in their willingness to stay out and stand up for what they believe in.

However 47% of Wisconsin residents surveyed support the move to protect collective bargaining with 52% indicating they feel that unions should give up collective bargaining rights or give up those rights until the state budget crisis is over. There is no offer to compromise on the table, and any compromise can be overturned in future legislative votes, making any temporary change permanent.

Almost half, 46%, say if the election were today they would not vote for their elected Republican representative. 53% say they would not vote for Governor Walker. In total voters Democrats would retake both houses of the legislature and the governor's race would depend on the potential opponent. Public opinion has shifted, but the Governor and his people say they stand up for the will of the people.

A split state.

All polls are just that, polls, not scientific studies. They are snapshots at a given moment of those surveyed. The survey accuracy is +/- 6%. Surveys may be used in argumentation, but they are never evidence. They are representational only.

Plot to bomb Bush home

I would like to submit this article for the blog.
Thank you

Saudi student arrested 
in plot to bomb Bush home

Chemical supplier's tip leads to quick investigation of Texas terrorism scheme

In Deal With Netflix, New Revenue for CBS

CBS has a Netflix deal.From the New York Times:

CBS is likely to earn about $200 million over the next two years under the deal it reached with Netflix this week to stream TV shows from the network’s library, an analyst estimated on Wednesday.
The two companies announced a nonexclusive streaming deal for some TV shows on Tuesday, giving CBS a new incremental source of revenue and giving Netflix a bit more content to promote to its customers.
That content includes “Medium,” which was recently canceled; “Flashpoint,” which is shared with CTV in Canada; and a raft of old shows like “Frasier,” “Family Ties” and “Cheers.” (Some of the shows included in the package are associated with other networks, but were distributed by CBS’s studio.)

Republicans use the budget to give corporations total control of Internet

By now you may have heard the news: Republicans in the House of Representatives voted last week to block the FCC from enforcing its new net neutrality regulations.

As I’ve said before, these regulations weren’t nearly good enough to ensure that the Internet remains free and open. But they were a step in the right direction. And by voting to eliminate them, House Republicans declared their willingness to let big corporations control the Internet.

We know what this could mean for American consumers -- less diversity of viewpoints, less access to independent content through services like Netflix, and higher prices for Internet service.

The good news is that the Senate still has a chance to stop this special interest power play. I’m working as hard as I can to build support for net neutrality in the Senate -- but I’m not the only one talking to my colleagues. These corporations have lobbyists of their own, lots of them, and they’re descending upon Capitol Hill en masse.

The only way we're going to save net neutrality is if ordinary Americans make their voices heard. I'll update you soon -- but for now, please forward this email to your friends and ask them to join our campaign by linking up with me on Twitter or Facebook.
Thanks -- and stay tuned.