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Friday, February 18, 2011

CSN Graduate Speech Competition

It is that time of the year again to start getting the word out about our upcoming CSN Commencement Speech Contest.  Just like year’s past, we are looking for our students to submit “commencement speeches” that will be considered by a panel of CSN judges.  One lucky student will be selected to deliver the 2011 Student Commencement Address at this year’s CSN Graduation Ceremony in May at the Thomas and Mack.  Please share the attached flier with any and all interested students.   

This really is an outstanding opportunity for our students.  Last year one of our Communication Majors, Monique Makhlouf,  was chosen to present the 2010 Student Commencement Address and she made us all so very proud!  Here is a link to Monique’s speech that she delivered at the 2010 CSN commencement ceremony:  mms://  (Monique’s speech begins at 35:35 and runs until approximately 46:00—there are a couple of spots where the video goes grey, but the audio is consistent all the way through.)  Please feel free to share this link with your students as a sample. 

The speech should be inspirational and a maximum of 8 minutes.  A complete written manuscript of the student’s speech must be submitted electronically by March 31st to Lluvia Coulter at

All currently enrolled, full-time students in good academic standing are eligible. Although we prefer that the student selected will be graduating this year, it is not a requirement.  If the student is selected, they will be notified to present their speech in person to a panel of judges during the first week of April. With the submission, the student must include their full name, e-mail address, home address and day time/evening phone numbers.

For more information, please contact 651-7607.

Thank you for helping to get the word out!


James McCoy

Professor James McCoy
Chair, Department of Communication
College of Southern Nevada

** Check out the NEW and IMPROVED Department of Communication Website at

Solidarity with Wisconsin Workers Rally this Monday

Please forward to all who support Unions in America.
Charlie Di Pinto
Member of Screen Actors Guild

It has never been more important than now to stand in solidarity with Wisconsin workers and workers around the country -- including Nevada workers -- who are under attack from politicians bent on destroying the labor movement!

Please plan to attend a rally on Monday in either Carson City or Las Vegas. Show your support for workers' rights, and express your outrage at the attacks being leveled against them.

12 Noon        Monday, February 21, 2011
                        Front Steps of the Nevada Legislature
                        401 S. Carson Street
                        Carson City, Nevada

12 Noon        Monday, February 21, 2011
                        Front of the Grant Sawyer Building
                        555 E. Washington Avenue
                        LasVegas, Nevada

All week long there have been rallies, crowds spilling into the streets, seas of people marching together in solidarity – not in Egypt – in Madison, Wisconsin! The Governor has proposed draconian measures that take away workers' rights and voices. This is happening across the country.

Don’t sit home.

Stand up for yourself and for Nevada workers. Attend the rallies on Monday.

-Danny L. Thompson

Executive Secretary Treasurer 

The End of the Location Production Era?

The film production universe is shift quickly, due to the shift of state governors and/or governments to Republican domination. Michigan and other states are seeking to slash or eliminate the film incentives that turned them into "Hollywood East". New Mexico series, which cast talent regionally including Las Vegas, may end or divide production due to reductions of tax incentives in that state. Even New Jersey, New York and other production centers are cutting incentives in efforts to raise state revenue and make up for the budget shortfalls caused by the Great Recession. Meanwhile Democrat dominated Hollywood, Los Angeles County, and California have incentives, with plans to increase incentives to keep filming in the Golden State.

The "boom in the branches"may be coming to an end, as a result of state political races and those the electorate chose to put in office.

Computers, digital filming and a less discriminatory audience also add to the exodus, as viewers are either tricked into thinking that filming is outside Hollywood, or who do not really care if there is a palm tree in the distance in Siberia. When production fled to Canada, our own baren Area 51 was shown with pine trees and snow covered mountains and no one cared. How many viewers know, or care, that "CSI" and "CSI" Miami film in Los Angeles instead of Las Vegas and Miami? Think about it.

Com Model Review

MIKE PNIEWSKI “Effective listening inspires great teamwork. Great teamwork breeds great success. Don’t be so single-minded with your ideas that you don’t hear the message of others. Real change only comes when you allow it to happen. Really listen to what others say and allow yourself to be changed for the better.” —Mike Pniewski, from “When Life Gives You Lemons, Throw ‘Em Back!”

Glee clones, CEO shown the door at Time, Fox missteps, Apple under fire

With power comes attention. As Apple emerges as a major player in the content distribution business, it is starting to get noticed by folks in Washington. Earlier this week, Apple announced the cut it wants to take from newspaper and magazine companies that use its platforms for their content. The 30% cut is similar to what it already takes from entertainment companies that sell their product through iTunes. Now, according to the Wall Street Journal, the Justice Department and the Federal Trade Commission are going to poke around to see if Apple could be running afoul of antitrust rules.
Will 'Four' be No. 1 this weekend? Looks like it will be a short-lived stint at the top of the box office for Adam Sandler's "Just Go With It." Most forecasts have DreamWorks' "I Am Number Four," a hybrid teen-sci fi flick, finishing No. 1. As for me, I'm a little curious about "Unknown." Box office prediction from Variety.
You can't handle the truth. The Federal Communications Commission is investigating Fox to see if the company misled the regulatory agency about the operations of its TV station WWOR, which is licensed in New Jersey. Media watchdogs have been waging a battle against Fox for years, charging that the station is not serving the needs of New Jersey residents. Details from the Los Angeles Times.
Going small screen. It's pilot season in TV land. We've got lots of "Glee" and "Mad Men" imitations as well as the usual number of lame brain romantic comedy scripts. One trend this season behind the camera is a lot of movie directors signing on to make pilots. Deadline Hollywood looks at who is doing what and why. To catch you up on all the pilots, here's a round-up from Entertainment Weekly.
Don't let the door hit you on the way out. After less than six months in the job, Jack Griffin is out as chief executive of Time Inc., the magazine publishing unit of Time Warner Inc. whose titles include Time, People and Sports Illustrated. Griffin was an outsider to the very clubby Time Inc. when he was brought in from Meredith, publisher of Better Homes and Gardens and Family Circle, to succeed Ann Moore and Time Warner chief executive Jeff Bewkes said his style "didn't mesh" with the unit. More dirt on what about Griffin exactly didn't mesh from the New York Times.
Inside the Los Angeles Times: Betsy Sharkey on "I Am Number Four." Patrick Goldstein on what brought adults back to the multiplex.

Act Now to save Education in Nevada

Apparently access to training, education and work skills are not important to the current Nevada Governor's office. Help save the state for decades to come by supporting the very service that attracts jobs, improves the lives of citizens and keeps our children in state to raise their children.

It is the time to fight for education!

Cuts of 26% to as high as 74% are planned for various higher education institutions in Nevada. Programs, courses, sections will be cut and the very mission of each school, including providing open admission, much needed training and opportunity in this post Great Recession recessionary period (unemployment is over 15% in Nevada, the highest foreclosure rate in the nation, among the lowest in per-capita income and in overall education).

UNLV is considering bankruptcy. CSN does not have that option. Other state schools are at various states of considering how what to do and who will not receive an education in a state school come next fall and the following fall.

Contact your and all legislators (governorassembly and senate) and let them know that you need the services offered at our colleges and at rates where hard hit Nevadans can afford.

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