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Thursday, February 17, 2011

CSN Student Educational Objectives Survey Due Friday

CSN needs your help to encourage your students to take the following quick, anonymous survey, which will help better tell our students’ stories during the legislative session.
In an effort to get a snapshot of our students’ educational goals, find out why they are attending CSN classes, what they hope to get from their experiences here and how the economy has impacted the current student body, CSN is issuing the following survey to students. Please pass on this link to your students and encourage them to fill it out. The survey, which closes tomorrow, Feb. 18, is anonymous and should take less than a minute for students to complete.

Cars, Planes, Boats and Toys

"Cars 2", which is from Pixar, has several planned spinoffs, "Car 3", "Planes" and "Boats" will be out direct to video from Disney, but they will not be produced by Pixar. Instead they are being produced overseas by the lower cost and lower quality Disney division ToonDisney. "Toy Story" is also getting its own "Cars Toons"-like franchise. First is "Toy Story Hawaiian Vacation" to bow in front of "Cars 2." A second one will unspool in front of the new "Muppets" movie. Both shorts are spinoffs of Pixar projects, but will be produced at lower cost and quality by ToonDisney.

Are Americans Born in the USA at an employment disadvantage

In Phoenix, Foreign-Born Workers Find Jobs Faster

Job seekers read their resumes as they stand near a bulletin board with job posting fliers on it at the Arizona Workforce Connection West Valley Career Center in Phoenix. Foreign-born workers have had better employment prospects than U.S. natives.
In 2010, U.S.-born workers lost more than 1 million jobs while foreign-born workers gained more than a half-million nationwide. Experts in Phoenix say foreign-born people are more likely to get employed faster because they are more willing to take any job, at any pay. Researchers say the trend could change the national workforce long-term. If not in numbers, but in native born Americans greatly outnumber foreign born, yet fewer in numbers are gaining employment in this tight market.

Source: Pew Hispanic Center
Credit: Sarah Gonzalez, Nelson Hsu / NPR

Glee overtakes Elvis, The Beatles and Michael Jackson as top recording artists

Elvis has had 108 singles on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. It's a record he held for decades, but this week, the cast of the TV show Glee took it away. They had six new singles on the Hot 100. This means that Glee now has more hot 100 singles than Michael Jackson, Elvis and the Beatles, too — 113 of them, to be exact. To listen to the full story from All Things Considered on National Public Radio, click here.

AFL-CIO pushes back at Republican Majority in House

The budget cuts House Republicans are trying to push through this week are an all-out assault on America's middle class and crass political payback to CEO campaign funders. 
Thanks. We really need to stop this assault.

"There's an Ap for That", COMCAST-NBC sports, Location Filming, States tell Hollywood to "get out of town",

From the LA Times Company Town:

Click read more below for an Entertainment, Media and Film News Summary..

CSN Services go on-line in the Fall with My CSN


CSN is excited to announce the new student information system called MyCSN, which students will use to register for the fall 2011 semester.

MyCSN will allow students to access online student account info, register and conduct other student services functions such as financial aid.

CSN will e-mail students a NSHE student ID number and password in mid-March, which they will need to access MyCSN and register for fall. Students will use their NSHE IDs (in place of their C-numbers) at any Nevada System of Higher Education System institution they attend.

Please ask your students to make sure that CSN’s Office of the Registrar has the most current e-mail address on file for them NOW so that they do not have trouble registering for fall 2011 classes.

Students can click here to learn how to update their e-mail address on file with CSN.

Would the Bard Have Survived the Web?

Literary and creative talents often remain undeveloped unless markets reward them. Can creativity reach its potential without full compensation for training, education and time spent developing skills? Why should people be paid for the creative arts?

Dog just wanted to play "sock" at owners expense.

From the Associated Press:

A sheriff's deputy didn't need a drug dog to point out a stash during a recent traffic stop. The driver's dog did it for him.

KGW-TV reports Sherman County sheriff's Sgt. John Terrel was pulling over a pickup truck Feb. 9 when he saw a sock fly out the window. It turned out to be stuffed with marijuana and hashish.

The driver told Terrel he was trying to hide the sock, but his pit bull mix grabbed it and wouldn't let go, enjoying a tug-of-war game.

The dog won the tussle and tossed the sock out the window, and the 32-year-old driver was indicted on drug possession charges.

Sheriff Brad Lohrey says he wished everyone traveled with their own personal drug dog.

Seinfeld actor who played Uncle Leo RIP

Len Lesser, the veteran character actor best known for his scene-stealing role as Uncle Leo on "Seinfeld," died Wednesday. He was 88.

Lesser's family said in a statement that he died in Burbank, Calif., from cancer-related pneumonia.
"Heaven got a great comedian and actor today," his daughter, Michele, said in the statement. "The outpouring of sympathy we've already received has been amazing and is so greatly appreciated. Thank you to all the people who helped make my father's last journey special and surrounded with love."

Lesser's lengthy list of television credits included parts on "Get Smart," ''That Girl," ''The Munsters," ''The Monkees," ''The Rockford Files," ''thirtysomething," ''ER," and "Everybody Loves Raymond," which featured Lesser in a recurring role as the arm-shaking Garvin. His film credits included "Outlaw Josey Wales," ''Kelly's Heroes," ''Birdman of Alcatraz" and "Death Hunt." He most recently appeared on the TV drama "Castle."

First Rape Center in State at CSN

The Nevada Women’s Philanthropy Signs of Hope Counseling Center, for treating rape victims, includes a private room for family members.

Review Journal

Local rape victims now have a safe, secure place all their own to begin healing.

The Rape Crisis Center on Thursday will open its new therapeutic counseling center exclusively for victims of sexual assault - the first of its kind locally.

“It’s a big step for us and for Southern Nevada,” said Lu Torres, executive director of the Rape Crisis Center. “It’s a peaceful, quiet center specifically for rape victims” and their families.

The Nevada Women’s Philanthropy Signs of Hope Counseling Center is a warmly decorated suite of rooms for individual and group therapy at College of Southern Nevada’s Charleston campus. The entrance is locked to protect sexual assault victims who might also be victims of stalking, Torres said.
Previously, the Rape Crisis Center referred victims to outside counselors for therapy, and the victims often were placed on waiting lists. They sometimes would have to visit counseling centers where perpetrators of sexual assault also were receiving therapy, Torres said.

“They don’t have to worry about their perpetrators showing up here,” she said.

Larry Ashley, a professor in UNLV’s Department of Counselor Education, said he has dreamed of opening such a center since he came to Las Vegas 15 years ago. The department will offer some of its graduate students in clinical mental health to serve as counselors at the center.

“We do great treating people in crisis,” including accompanying victims to the hospital, Ashley said. “But we really haven’t had a formal follow-up program to treat those who have been raped.”
After a sexual assault, many victims “have problems with daily living traced back to the incident,” Ashley said. “Who do you pass that on to?”

The new center, which is the first of its kind in the state, is long overdue, Ashley said.
Nevada “is the last state in the nation” to open such a center, he said.

Funding has been the problem.

The Rape Crisis Center received $350,000 to open the center from Nevada Women’s Philanthropy, a group that provides grants to local nonprofits in the fields of art, social services, education, environment and health care. The three-year grant allows enough time for the center to “get totally up to snuff” and hopefully become largely self-funding, Ashley said.

The center fills a void in the community, providing victims of sexual assault access to immediate and long-term care in a central location, Torres said. It’s important for victims to start counseling as soon as possible before “symptoms start manifesting themselves,” she said.

Otherwise victims might “act out in rage, become agoraphobic, develop an eating disorder or start self-medicating,” she said.

The center hopes to provide services to about 700 victims its first year, Torres said. Counseling is provided in English and Spanish.

The Rape Crisis Center was founded in 1974 by Florence McClure and Sandra Petta, two Las Vegas women who were outraged at the lack of local resources for those affected by sexual assault. McClure, who died in 2009, first ran the center out of her home.

The group provides crisis intervention, advocacy, support and education for sexual assault victims and their families. An advocate is available to accompany victims to court.

More on Bieber Fever

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Or Justin Bieber fans staying up past their bedtimes on a Sunday night.

Some were surprised when the Grammys awarded Jazz artist Esperanza Spalding with their "Best New Artist" recognition. Beiber's creepers, however, just became enraged. Below are some of the tweets recorded by the entertainment blog "Pop2It" after Bieber was deneid the award:
"you have a 3D movie? do 86 concerts? sell out MSG in 22 minutes? have 7mil followers? no? uh..why da f**k you win a grammy?"
"@ESPESPALDING @THEGRAMMYS Congrats u ppl! U just crushed a 16yr old boys dreams...hope ur proud of urselves! -_- #JustinDeservedIt"
"So, @EspeSpalding just won with less than 10,000 followers on twitter. LOL. Sorry, I must have accidently turned my t.v to Punk'd. #Grammys"
"@EspeSpalding hate u"
This isn't the first time Bieber's fans have thrown joint, public temper tantrums. When photos surfaced of Bieber and Disney star Selena Gomez sharing a kiss, the Internet-tubes were clogged with death threats from disillusioned überfans. (One favorite: "whore cancer i'mm kill myself cuz i saw you and Justin kissing well thankyou Selena thankyou now i'm killing myself.") Kim Kardashian received the same treatment when she directed a benign public gesture of affection Bieber's way.

The story goes on to reflect that the juvinile fans, and how the are chaning in this media world, are a sypom, and that Bieber is just a 16 year old musician with talent and potential built into a media figure beyond his age. tFor the complete story, click here.