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Monday, February 14, 2011

Do not use Wikipedia as a College Source...

Esperanza Spalding 

vs. Justin Bieber


When Esperanza Spaulding won "Best New Artist" on the Grammy's it did not take long for the low class and young fans of Justin Bieber to go on the attack. They replaced and altered her Wikipedia site almost immediately, shut down here Twitter and in general went on a rabid attack because their idol did not win.

So, if you went to Wikipedia for the two hours before the false entries were taken down and changes were temporarily blocked, you did not get the truth or facts about the Grammy winner. 

At one point during the the George W Bush administration, Wikipedia has a photo of a chimpanzee in place of Bush for several days.

Since Wikipedia is user generated and can be easily changed  by users, therefore the "facts" are not jurried or checked. For that reason alone.....

Wikipedia is not an Academic Source

 Do you wiki? 

Students Use Wikipedia Early and Often, Study Shows

More than half of college students frequently or always consult Wikipedia for course-related research, according to a report published in First Monday, an online, peer-reviewed journal. Only 22 percent of respondents to the survey said they rarely or never use Wikipedia. The study is based on responses from 2,318 students and qualitative data from 86 who participated in focus groups.

The most common reason that students reported using Wikipedia was to obtain background information or a summary about a topic and to get started with research.

Only 16 percent of survey respondents said they used Wikipedia because of its wiki capabilities.

Students were far more likely to use Wikipedia at the very begining or near the begining of research than at the end of the process.

The study also examined which students were most likely to use Wikipedia. Those majoring in architecture, engineering, or science were likelier than others to do so.

The strongest predictor was the use of Google for course-related research. In addition, students at two-year colleges were less likely than those at four-year colleges to use Wikipedia. And students who reported consulting with librarians were less likely to use Wikipedia than other students were.

Now consider the following from the CSN Com 101

Wikipedia is not juried, not academic.
Britannica is juried.
But both are encyclopedia sources.
And both are not counted as academic sources.

No dictionary, encyclopedia, atlas, almanac or text book is an academic or scholarly source.

These are not allowed as academic or scholarly sources for this class. They are directory media, where you go to seek out the initial information.

In the case of Wikipedia, since it is member generated inaccurate material makes it onto the pages of Wikipedia on a regular basis. When you read it or try to use is, keep in mind that there is bias from whomever make or altered the posting, and that while editors attempt to catch errors, the postings on Wikipedia are not juried for accuracy.


Ken and Barbie, a Valentine Campaign

Mattel is pulling no strings in pushing the post-Toy Story 3 Ken an Barbie saga. Ken has a presence on Myspace, Facebook, You Tube and Twitter. Professionals employed by Mattel keep the content going strong, complete with music videos and an in-development television series from Pixar. A reality TV series, surfing contest in Ken's native Malibu, off road races and other events are planned for the male model doll. Billboards in LA and NYC have Ken asking Barbie to change her mind. But Can Ken win back Barbie? You can even vote on line or watch a "dating game" video as Ken searches for his perfect mate, who turns out to guessed it...Barbie. But can he do it at his age? The year Ken turns 50.