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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Rebranding America Pt II

Kristin Citino
Com 101-113
Bono's "Rebranding America" Article
(Bono wrote a New York Times guest editorial on the subject of rebranding America.)

"The world wants to believe in America again because the world needs to believe in America again. We need your ideas — your idea — at a time when the rest of the world is running out of them."

After reading the article and thinking about this quote, I have come to the conclusion that the world wants to believe in American as much as American citizens want to believe in Barack Obama. Everyone wants to believe that changes, not just in America, but in the world, are coming. Everyone wants to believe that world powers like America are coming up wtih plans and looking to put those plans into action soon. And according to Bono, we are.. Now its just a matter of time about whether Americans or the world, or both get disappointed.

Posted 10-21-09

The revolution has begun

The revolution is coming. How we watch movies. Where we watch them. What we watch. Who produces them. At what cost.

Movie theaters are furious about how movies will stream to home before the DVD release just a few weeks, or even at the same time, as in the theaters.

Foreign distribution is contingent on meaningful theatrical film distribution. How do you alter that that model to make room for change, or will resistance be futile.

3 D theaters are making money but Hollywood withdrew promised financial support for glasses and projectors, leaving the cost in the hands of the distribution theaters.

3 D TV, while not as good, will start to eat into 3 D theater before theaters have even converted.

Old School vs. innovator management and marketers at every turn with the blood bath only started.

Recession excuses while industry expands in new areas and interantionally.

Reduction of films distributed through theaters while at the same time a geometrically expanding on-line and digital distribution net spanning the world, and the universe (from TiVo to DVR, X-box to PlaystationBlue Ray Players to build in internet for televisions).

Niche markets for just about any content, or software, that can be produced.

Cross promotion of content, distribution, toys, products, books, and even food.

Cell phones and netbooks, television in moving vehicles, reporters with pen sized live video cams.

Max Headroom move over.

More at KCRW's "The Business".

Porn film studio among top 10 busiest sites in L.A. for production

The porn industry, like the rest of Hollywood, has been buffeted by the economic downturn, the falloff in DVD sales and a cornucopia of free content on the Internet.
Still, for better or worse, the adult entertainment business remains alive and well in the San Fernando Valley, where thousands of films are shot every year in warehouses and private homes.
One of the 10 busiest sites for on-location filming in Los Angeles last year was a two-story industrial building in Chatsworth operated by Penthouse Studios, a spinoff of the adult magazine.

The 35,000-square-foot studio was used for 17 untitled projects and generated 101 production days in 2010. That's nearly one-third the total production days hosted last year at Griffith Park, the most popular spot for on-location filming, according to the survey from FilmL.A. Inc., the nonprofit group that handles film permits for the city and much of the county.
"It's a good spot because they have three big hangars over there and they are constantly changing their sets,'' said a location manager who has frequently worked at the studio and who also asked not be named because of the potential effect on his career working on mainstream films.
Most of the films shot in Chatsworth were produced by Penthouse-owned studio Video Bliss. Kelly Holland, president of Penthouse Studios, declined to comment, saying the company is in a quiet period pending a planned stock offering by its owner, FriendFinder Networks, a Boca Raton, Fla., company that operates various adult social networking and dating sites.
About 6,000 adult films are shot each year, with the majority of them in the San Fernando Valley, according to industry estimates. The films mostly fly under the radar, but occasionally they stir controversy. In 2006, residents in an Encino neighborhood bitterly complained to city officials about an onslaught of porn filming in their enclave, including one during the Easter holiday.
Adult entertainment boomed after the advent of home video in the 1980s. But declining DVD sales and the availability of free porn on the Internet has battered the local industry: The number of major porn producers in L.A. has fallen to about 30, down from approximately 50 three years ago, said Alec Helmy, president and publisher of XBiz, which bills itself as the Variety of the adult entertainment industry.
“The industry is struggling in a big way, but as far as the local market goes, we still get tons of DVDs dropped off at our office every day,” Helmy said.
Porn production accounts for less than 5% of all film permits, but FilmL.A. does not track the industry's overall activity. A decade ago, local economists estimated that the porn industry in the San Fernando Valley generated 10,000 to 20,000 jobs annually and had $4 billion in annual sales. More recent figures, however, aren't available, perhaps because civic leaders aren't eager to tout an industry many in the public consider unsavory.
"A lot of people are uncomfortable with the subject, even though it appears they have lots of customers,” said Nancy Sidhu, chief economist with the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corp.

Bond is back, thanks to Sony-MGM Deal

There will be a James Bond. It was in doubt and delayed two years due to problems at MGM.

Newly relaunched Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer is finalizing a deal for Sony Pictures to handle worldwide distribution of its movies and DVDs and for the two studios to co-finance upcoming films, according to people familiar with the situation.

As part of the arrangement under discussion, Sony would fund half of MGM's next James Bond movie, which is planned for release Nov. 9, 2012, and 25% of a potential follow-up. Sony co-financed and released MGM's last two Bond movies, "Casino Royale" and "Quantum of Solace," making it a logical home for Hollywood's longest-running franchise.
Sony would also release all future films made by MGM and the studio's already completed movies "Red Dawn" and "Cabin in the Woods," as well as handle sales of its 4,000-title library on DVD and digital platforms.

Jules Vern's 183rd Birthday celebrated buy Google 2-8-11