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Monday, February 7, 2011

Dam Short Film Festival in Boulder City, Come join us for Good Flicks in a kicked back atmosphere, "a world way" for an hour or a day!

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Hi, my name is Art Lynch. I live ten minutes from the Henderson campus of CSN, thirty from West Charleston and forty (traffic) from the airport. I will be the MC for three special events and panels: 

Wednesday at 8:30 a press conference with five filmmakers 
in the filmmakers lounge at the historic Boulder City Theatre.

Saturday at 11:30 AM (arrive early for mixer), 
the filmmakers panel in the filmmakers lounge at the Boulder City Hotel.

Saturday evening starting at 7, the Awards Gala in the historic Boulder City Theatre.

In addition I will be there to meet you, as will founder Lee Lanier and the entire board and staff, at a series of mixers with filmmakers:

Thursday at 8 PM, 
The Arts Institute Mixer in the Filmmakers lounge at the Hotel

Friday at 7 PM the "Seventh Dam Year" Mixer at the Brew Pub.

Saturday at ten PM, the post-awards party at three VIP locations near the theatre and Boulder City Hotel.

My wife and I , along with a panel of filmmakers, community leaders and fun volunteers   helped view and evaluate films from all over the world, the best of which will compete in this year's Dam Short Film Festival, started by Lee and his wife Anita when they made Boulder City their home. 

It was tough, because there are many films out there that could be shown. Selections were made, and confirmed by Lee, based on quality, originality, fun, message or just because we liked them! This is a big festival prepared and presented in a very small town friendly way, after all. They are divided into categories to meet your own taste and interests. I recommend the military and documentary blocks, and animation (Lee's specialty)...OK all of the categories are worth the trip to BC. (you can say you went to BC and everyone will think you meant British Columbia, impress your friends).

This year if you attend every film block and check in and our when you do so, you can earn a life time pass (no kidding)..worth a mention.

Come, relax and enjoy the best of Indy filmmakers!

Come join Miss Boulder City, creative filmmakers from around the world and artist of all types for the 7th Annual Dam Short Film Festival in Boulder City, this Wednesday to Saturday.

Boulder City is small, friendly, green and inviting, in the "next valley over", The El Dorado Valley, just scenic drive over Railroad Pass. It is only a half hour from downtown Las Vegas and the Strip and fifteen minutes from Henderson, "of course."

Come and join us for films, fun, events and just to kick back with filmmakers in a relaxing town, with bistros, cafes, art galleries, small town shops and a view of Lake Mead (just ask, it's a small town!).

CSN Budget Town Hall Meeting February 2, Video of what's ahead.

The video of the CSN Budget Town Hall, held Feb. 2, is now available online on the President’s blog at  or on the Budget Issues website events page at

Is social media marketing an art or a science?

Social media marketers are increasingly relying on data to wring better results out of their campaigns, scientists say. Researchers can use advanced analyses to identify key influencers and social media trends, so there's less need to rely on guesswork and hunches. The New York Times (free registration)

Researchers build a "virtual Twitterverse"
Scientists at Spain's Telefonica Research say they have developed a full-scale replica of Twitter's network -- essentially Twitter without the tweets -- in a bid to simulate the spread of messages across the network. The virtual network could one day allow companies to run war-game-style simulated campaigns in order to predict the success of marketing strategies in the real Twitter ecosystem. MIT Technology Review/The Physics arXiv Blog 

How to harness the social media revolution
The social Web is changing the way that many companies do business, write Jay Baer and Amber Naslund, but to take full advantage you need to rethink your company's strategy from the inside out. An organized community founded on a shared vision and shared values is essential, but so are clear targets, coherent metrics and a rapid-response team ready to put out fires when things go wrong. SmartBrief/SmartBlog on Social Media

5 ways to add online video to your marketing mix
Web video has become cheap and easy enough to execute that it should be a part of any social media marketer's tool kit, writes Erik Bratt. Elements such as customer testimonials and the possibility of going viral mean video can help bring a social media promotion to life, Bratt writes. San Diego Union-Tribune 

Company Town


From the LA Times Company Town Blog...feature by Joe Flint.

Great game, not-so-great ads. The Super Bowl turned into a down-to-the-wire affair, but did any of the advertisements really keep you glued to the set? I thought the best one was Eminem's spot with Chrysler, but then I was born in Detroit so it hit home. The VW ad was cute, the Doritos spot grossed me out and I do wonder what Bud Light was thinking. Oh, and I never need to see an E-Trade baby again. Analysis of how those $3-million commercials played from Ad AgeWall Street JournalUSA Today and New York Times.
Enjoy this short-lived glory. "The Roommate," a lazy-looking rehash of "Single White Female," came out on top at the box office this weekend taking in $15.6 million. Coming in second was "Sanctum," which made $9.2 million. Ticket sales were down 25% from a year ago as the Super Bowl and bad weather in much of the country kept people inside. Box office analysis from the Los Angeles Times and Movie City News.
Start the brainwashing early. You've just  given birth. It's the biggest moment in your life. You cradle your newborn and look up and see your husband, your parents, a doctor and a Disney representative. Huh? Yes, that's right, Disney is now hitting maternity wards offering a free "Disney Cuddly Bodysuit." “If ever there was an opportunity for a trusted brand to enter a market and provide a better product and experience, it’s this,” Disney CEO Robert A. Iger told the New York Times. Can't argue with that. He's right, there is no better time to expose a kid to commercials than right after he's popped out of the womb. Let's shatter that innocence early.
Lifting the veil slowly. J.J. Abrams is starting to talk about his summer thriller "Super 8," which was the subject of an intriguing Super Bowl spot. He tells the Los Angeles Times that "all people need to know is that it’s an adventure about a small town and it’s funny, it’s sweet, it’s scary and there’s a mystery."
Big payoff. Fox and Simon Cowell announced early Monday that the winner of his musical talent show "The X Factor" will get a $5-million record deal with Sony. That's good enough for me. Just make sure if the winner gets to sing the National Anthem at a Super Bowl that they actually know the lyrics. Details from USA Today
Maybe now they can start paying writers. AOL is shelling out $315 million for the Huffington Post, the website started by Arianna Huffington best known for commentary and occasionally breaking news although primarily just rehashing news content from elsewhere. Huffington Post has done a good job getting big names to contribute to it -- usually more for prestige than a paycheck. One of the knocks on the site has been that it doesn't pay much to its contributors. For AOL, it's their biggest deal since being cut lose by Time Warner. Coverage from the Wall Street JournalNew York Times and Huff post founder Arianna Huffington herself.
Spinners play musical chairs. Normally, it's big-shot executives moving around that make news, not their public relations people. However, the Wrap looks at several flacks switching jobs. Great, now the person who misled me at one company while bad-mouthing another can do the same for another company. I kid, I love my PR brothers.
Inside the Los Angeles Times: Al Jazeera's coverage from Egypt has been praised, but the network is still struggling to open doors here in the U.S. "Cowboys & Aliens," which sounds like a game I played as a kid, is working the grass-roots angle to hype the flick.

CSN: instructor Abscence...Art Lynch classes for Summerlin and Western cancelled today only

Monday sections....I am off sick (no it is not a post-Superbowl hangover...but a bug that started a week ago and led to a quick care emergency room visit Saturday evening). I should be back for Tuesday and the rest of the week...