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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Changing of the Brass at NBC-Universal as COMCAST takes over

The executive housecleaning at NBC Entertainment continues in advance of Comcast Corp.'s takeover next week of NBC Universal.
On Thursday, NBC's president of prime-time entertainment, Angela Bromstad, announced to her staff that she would be leaving the network.  Bromstad was the network's top programming executive, responsible for developing such shows as "Parenthood," "The Cape," "The Event" and "Law & Order: Los Angeles."
A series of high level NBC-Universal executives have been shopping their way out of the corporation are in the process of doing so as the new owners COMCAST prepare to take over now that COMCAST has FCC approval. 
Former Showtime entertainment President Bob Greenblatt, who will become chairman of NBC Entertainment on Tuesday.

Boulder City Loses a Fine Gentleman: John Tyron

John Tryon, passed away Saturday night 1/8/11. John was active in his passions and lived his values to the end of his long, remarkable life. Please keep Helen and her family in your thoughts and let her know you care.

John was a wonderful man, always a handshake, smile and encouraging word, but honest and blunt when he needed to be. Despite his advanced age, residents frequently see him walking around Boulder City, regardless of the weather, to and from the grocery or friends. He would walk door to door for Democrats, keep tack of precincts, and was a wiz with his command of computer numbers, braking the stero-type of seniors and computers.

He encouraged and assisted me when I ran for assembly in 2006, even though I was doing it to make sure it was not an uncontested election in a heavily Republican district. His support and encouraging remarks will always be remembered and appreciated.

He enjoyed is collection of vinyl recordings, books, but more so his long list of friends.

Always willing to greet and smile and light up a room, he will be missed.

This evening (January 20) at 6:30 is the first of two event honoring a kind, hard working man.

First published 1-11-11

50 years since John F. Kennedy became President Kennedy.

It's Inauguration Day...50 years ago today President John F. Kennedy was inaugurated President of the United States. Google remembers the date with a special Google Logo (reproduced above). In the tightest election to that date, he represented youth, change, optimism and the New America. Yet he was Ivy League and came from money. An Irish Catholic, he first and only Roman Catholic elected to the nation's highest office, which meant a great deal to the many Catholics and immigrants who helped defend Democracy in the Second World War and Korea.  Kennedy's name and voice reflected generations of immigrants and the core of working class America. Today we forget that he was never as popular as our tinted view of "Camelot" and history make us assume, yet he took us to the brink of war with Russia and Russia blinked, began or grew social programs his generation agreed with and may have put us on an irreversible course to war in South East Asia. The inauguration speech John F. Kennedy gave on this date fifty years ago is remembered as one of the finest in the nation's history. For downloadable video and print transcript of his address, click here.

Hollywood Reporter reports that Conservative Blogs Celebrate Golden Globe Host Attacks on Hollywood

With insulting humor directed at celebrities and at the event itself, Golden Globes host Ricky Gervais may not have impressed many of the attendees, but he scored with one demographic: political conservatives. Delighted at the sight of Gervais belittling Hollywood elitists who they maintain do likewise to them regularly, the right-wing blogosphere lit up with positive reviews, even while more traditional media was critical of Sunday's telecast. - HR

For more on this and other stories go go Hollywood (click here)

Note that this is a reflection of a larger society, where attacks celebrities are under attack despite education, expertise, background or good works. Is this an attack centered and resent the other guy world we now live in? If so, what can be done to turne it around?

Culture Change coming for NBC Universal, Superbowl to promote movies, Disney pushed Regis to retire, Company Town

That's one expensive toilet! "The Wrap's Sharon Waxman has a juicy tale about NBC Universal TV chief Jeff Gaspin, who will be leaving at the end of the month when Comcast Corp. officially takes control of the company. According to Waxman, one reason Comcast's No. 2 executive Steve Burke (who will be in charge of NBC Universal) got turned off to the idea of keeping Gaspin was because he'd heard the NBC executive had spent $200,000 building a private toilet for his office because he didn't want to use the common bathroom. (I just hope the article's illustration isn't accurate.) Comcast has a reputation of being frugal and free of Hollywood excess. According to TV Newser, Burke will sit for an interview with NBC news anchor Brian Williams on the eve of the deal's closing at a company town hall, so maybe a brave staffer can ask him about Toiletgate.
All you need to know about Sundance. Yes, it's that time of year again where the movie industry heads to Park City, Utah, to gobble up indie films. There are some new things to be aware of this year, including an opening night that features five screenings instead of the usual one, and one less theater. This year, 117 features  made the cut from almost 4,000 submissions. Hopefully the excess eating and drinking and partying that goes on there won't get in the way of actually buying movies that we might want to see. Previews from the Los Angeles Times and Variety.
That's one expensive preview. The big Hollywood studios have gobbled up a bunch of ad spots in and around the Super Bowl to promote upcoming movies. According to Variety, there will be at least 13 spots for movies, up from eight last year. With spots for this year's game, which is on Fox, running at north of $3 million, that's a big gamble for what, I'm sure, are some pretty bad movies. Some of the spots are for summer releases, which seems a little silly given that no one remembers the ads three days after the game is over.
What's up with Regis? First Regis Philbin abruptly announces he's quitting his day job as co-host of the morning show "Live with Regis and Kelly." Now he's fired his agent of 30 years and is going to WME. Philbin, 79, has said he's not retiring but wants to pursue new opportunities. Meanwhile, there are whispers that perhaps Disney was looking to cut Philbin's salary, and that it played a part in his decision to leave the morning show. His now-ex-agent Jim Griffin said money wasn't the issue. Of course, Griffin also didn't know why Philbin dumped him. This whole thing smells weird. More fromDeadline Hollywood and the Los Angeles Times.
They should have thought of this before they started shooting. MTV's new drama "Skins" about wild teens has already made a splash in the ratings. But now some folks at the cable channel are worried that the show's frank depictions of kids, sex and drugs could run afoul of child pornography laws, according to the New York Times. The problem is that some of cast members are under age 18. Of course, if all the kids were over 18, but just looked really young and were portraying really young characters, that wouldn't be a problem, which, frankly, seems odd.
"American Idol" is back. Are you? On Wednesday night, "American Idol" returned to the air with new judges Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez. Early reviews for the duo were strong, but will viewers miss Simon Cowell, and does increased competition against the aging giant mean smaller ratings?Vulture has its analysis on what factors will determine the show's success this season.
Inside the Los Angeles Times: Lionsgate has hired away MGM TV executive Jim Packer. Disney has closed Propaganda, its Canadian video game studio. Mary McNamara on the new "American Idol."

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