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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Disney erases video game studio

Disney Interactive Studios has closed its Vancouver, Canada-based game development studio Propaganda Games. Propaganda recently completed work on Tron: Evolution, a console game that explores events leading up to the conflict in the film "Tron: Legacy." 
The padlocking may reflect more a change in the gaming industry, where games for iPhones generated more revenue and sold far more actual games than platform limited products.

House votes to overturn all health care reform

Tim Sloan/AFP/Getty Images

Ken Hoagland, chairman of the group Repeal It Now — which supports the repeal of national health care legislation — makes remarks at a news conference Tuesday on Capitol Hill. The House moved toward final debate Wednesday on the measure.

The U.S. House of Representatives voted 245-189 to repeal President Obama's health care law.
The Democratic-controlled Senate is not expected to take up the measure.

The measure, a hot-button political issue and the first bill considered under House Republican control in the new Congress, is officially titled the "Repealing the Job-Killing Health Care Law Act" — and before the recent shootings in Arizona critically injured Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) and killed six people, the debate appeared likely to be stridently partisan. But, as was the case Tuesday when the bill came to the floor, the language remained restrained early Wednesday.

The measure has almost no chance in the Democratic-controlled Senate, and Obama has said he would veto it if it reaches his desk. But House Republicans say not to underestimate their determination or their willingness to use parliamentary maneuvers to deny the Obama administration funds needed to carry out the law.

Above is from NPR News. For the full story from NPR, click here.

CiniVegas will "return one day" says Artistic Director

Trevor Groth: Sundance Film Festival

Trevor Groth: Sundance Film Festival

Elvis hosts Trevor Groth, Director of Programming for the Sundance Film Festival, to talk about what this years festival (January 20-30) has in store. Groth also offers an update on the CineVegas Film Festival, since the passing of their "spiritual leader," Dennis Hopper.