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Sunday, January 16, 2011

And the winners are: Golden Globe Winners 2011

Best Motion Picture Drama
The Social Network

Best Actress in a Motion Picture, Drama
Natalie PortmanBlack Swan

Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture, Drama
Colin FirthThe King's Speech

Best Director Motion Picture
David FincherThe Social Network

Best Screenplay Motion Picture

Aaron SorkinThe Social Network

Best Motion Picture, Comedy or Musical
The Kids Are All Right

Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture, Comedy or Musical

Annette BeningThe Kids Are All Right

Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture, Comedy or Musical
Paul GiamattiBarney's Version

Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture
Melissa LeoThe Fighter

Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture
Christian BaleThe Fighter

Best Animated Feature Film

Toy Story 3

Best Foreign Language Film
In a Better World (Denmark)

Best Original Score Motion Picture
Trent Reznor and Atticus RossThe Social Network

Best Original Song Motion Picture
"You Haven't Seen the Last of Me," Burlesque
Music and lyrics by Diane Warren


Best Television Series, Drama
Boardwalk Empire

Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series, Drama
Katey SagalSons of Anarchy

Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series, Drama
Steve BuscemiBoardwalk Empire

Best Television Series, Comedy or Musical

Best Actress in a Television Series, Comedy or Musical

Laura LinneyThe Big C

Best Actor in a Television Series, Comedy or Musical
Jim ParsonsThe Big Bang Theory

Best Performance by an Actress in a Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for Television
Claire DanesTemple Grandin

Best Performance by an Actor in a Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for Television
Al Pacino,You Don't Know Jack

Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Series, Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for Television
Jane Lynch, Glee

Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Series, Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for Television
Chris ColferGlee

Best Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for Television
Cecil B. DeMille Award
Robert De Niro

For additional awards and other entertainment news, go to the Hollywood Subscription may be required. Other sources are the Golden Gloves, Variety, Los Angeles Times, the Wrap and MTV News.

Sping 2011 CSN Course Syllabus, COM 101

CSN Communication 101: Oral Communication

Instructor:            Art Lynch                                                                    Phone/Voicemail: (702) 714-0740
Email:                      CSN on-line campus Angel preferred (or )                                
Web:                        Angle link   ,
For required blog postings
and course references  
Communication Department:   
Art Lynch biographical info:

Coopman, S. J. & Lull, J. (2009).  Public speaking: The evolving art. With supplemental materials for the Department of Communication at CSN. Boston: Wadsworth Cengage Learning.

OTHER REQUIRED MATERIALS: Scantron Forms 882e or 882es & # 2 Pencils (for exams)
Keep current on current affairs and on the subjects you choose to speak about.

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Com 101, Oral Communication, satisfies the Communication requirement for related instruction for many certificates offered at CSN.  Please check the CSN Catalog or your degree sheet to determine if COM 101 fulfills that requirement.  The emphasis of this course is upon the principles of effective communication.  We will study various communication strategies from both a practitioner's perspective as well as from the viewpoint of a recipient. 

  • Help students understand that communication is dynamic involving constant change and development.
  • Familiarize students with both the basic concepts and differences between informative, persuasive and entertainment speeches.
  • Help students internalize the basic principles of delivery (i.e. impromptu, extemporaneous, manuscript, and memorized).
  • Increase student’s ability to become critical listeners.
  • Help students understand the use of visual aids in the speech making process.
  • Introduce students to the basic skills or argumentation and critical thinking
  • Give insight as to how a speaker must adapt to various audience dynamics.
  • Emphasize the importance of outlining and supporting materials in the speech making process.
  • To understand your relationship and ethical responsibilities to others involved in the communication transaction.
  The above skills will be assessed through lectures, performances, exercises, observations, and exams.

SPEECH ASSIGNMENTS: All speech topics MUST be approved by the instructor. 
o   The first graded speech is 3-5 minutes and can be considered either a speech of introduction or a story telling speech. 
o   The second graded speech is a 5-7 minute demonstration speech. 
o   The third speech is a 6-8 minute informative speech in which you will select an interesting topic, research it, and prepare and practice before delivering the speech.
o   The fourth speech is an impromptu speech between 6 to 8 minutes on a topic you selected.
o   The final graded speech will be a 7-9 minute persuasion speech.  The persuasion speech topic should be of a contemporary and controversial nature, which is of interest to both the speaker and the audience.  Overused topics (e.g. Death Penalty, Abortion, etc.) should be avoided.  Try to come up with a persuasion speech topic that is unique and interesting, because you will be working with it for a good part of the semester. 
o   A complete outline of all of your speeches MUST be turned in BEFORE your speech on the due date. It is suggested you turn it in at least a week early to allow for feedback and to optimize your grade. Specific requirements of each speech will be explained in advance of the assignment. 
(Oral Speeches: 475 points possible or 47.5% of your grade)

WRITTEN ASSIGNMENTS: Speech outlines must be typed, double-spaced, and have one inch margins. No exceptions will be made. Bibliographies must follow APA or MLA format. For an example of these citation styles, please see the addendum at the back of your textbook.   Speech outlines and any other written assignments are evaluated and graded on content and form, which includes, but is not limited to, organization, spelling, grammar, punctuation, and clarity of expression. (Typed Speech Outlines: 125 points possible or 12.5% of your final grade note: importance is much higher in overall evaluation)

EXAMS: Two major exams and four quizzes will be given this semester, including a midterm and final.  These may cover all course readings, handouts, and lecture material.  The final exam is comprehensive. (400 points possible or 40% of your final grade)

For the remainder of the syllabus, and details on schedule and speech expectations, click on "read more" below.

Sunday Morning News and Views, Part III

Making a statement by seating choice. Sen. Mark Udall (D-Colo.), who is urging Democrats and Republicans to sit side-by-side at this year's State of the Union address in a show of unit. The idea is to avoid the heavily partisan image of groups sitting on their hands if they are not the president's party or being overly excited and cheering if they are. Udall also feels that if the congress mixes properly with each other, there may be more cooperation and cross the isle understanding than has been the case for the last ten to 16 years. Sitting down along non-partisan lines communicates the intent to have a conversation about substance, not constant constant "us" vs. "them" battles with the next political election always the end goal.

But this week there is a prime example of partisan positioning. The title of the Republican legislation hitting the floor this week is "job-killing health care reform repeal", based on the false claim that over time health care reform is losing Americans jobs.There is no compromise or premise of compromise in the all encompassing legislation.

After the shootings in Tucson, some lawmakers and others are proposing legislation to ban high-capacity ammunition magazines and tighten federal background checks. Meanwhile gun-right's advocates and legislators who live in more rural or conservative areas are getting ready to justify their stands, no matte which way they decide to go. For the most part urban legislators are saying there is no need for 36 shot clips in a gun used for self defense, and the social services need to be increased instead of cut (as is planned  in many states) to identify mental illness and head off possible future incidences.

Sunday Morning News and Views, Part II

"Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." Fifty years ago, on January 20, 1961, the nation inaugurate a young, dynamic president, father of two with his wife baby-boom appropriately pregnant. "Camelot" was born. The speech is considered one of the finest of our history, with a strong and vibrant delivery on a cold day, with bright sun glaring off the snow, as a natural bounce board brightening the landmarks and blinding speaker, including Poet-Laureate Robert Frost. Kennedy into office on the slimiest percentage popular vote margin in US History. He was the first Catholic elected president in an age where there was still considerably prejudice and even hatred of Catholics. He was the first president of the generation that fought the Great War as young men. Frank Sinatra hosted one of the inaugurals, inviting the best of Hollywood and the recording industry. The administration attracted the best and the brightest. As Kennedy announced in his inaugural address "let the world be know that the torch has been passed from one generation to the next." He served 1,000 days in office, up to that fateful day in Dallas, Texas.

Americans living at the time, and even those who have grown up since, remain captured by the images of his young children on the White House Lawn, playing in the Oval Office and paying tribute during the funeral that changed a generation and the world.

A selfish generation? A survey by CBS News reflects changes in who we are since the Kennedy administration. For one, 8 out of 10 Americans admit they are more interested in what their country can do for them than what they can do for their country.

WWII could have turned out differently. Winston Churchill was on the brink of physical and emotional collapse by the end of World War II. His temperament, personal habits and concentration all worsened toward the end of the war. He would stay up all night smoking and drinking. Stress led to Churchill not completing sentences, alienating would be allies, forgetting decisions or details, being quicker in temper and less tolerant of dissenting views. Medical records and his personal physician say he was close and in many ways suffered collapse, but as the symbol of his nations battle to survive, he could not afford to show fault, weakness appear to give up. An aging man with a large ego, he knew that he had to see it through. The dark side is that the rise of the Soviet Union and the nature of post-war Europe may have reflected his exhaustion, and loss of will to continue to fight, as he knew the secrets of Stalin and his Soviet empire and the danger it presented. But the fight may longer have been there for Churchill.  He gave his all for his country in their hour or need.

A machine that changed the world. January 16. 1901, 110 years ago today, Frank Zamboni was born in Eureka Utah was born. He opened a large ice rink in New York where a team of hundreds took over an hour to smooth the ice. He felt there had to be a way, so he came up with the Zamboni, with 9,000 in use world wide smoothing the ice. Two years ago he was inducted posthumously into the US Hockey Hall of Fame.

The Golden Globes will be warded  in Los Angeles tonight. The Hollywood Foreign Press Association selects their picks for 2010, in what is considered a major indicator of who will win the Academy Awards. The Globes have been gaining importance over recent years for two key reasons. In the US ratings have grown and audience interests increased.The second is that the industry has become dependant on foreign markets to make or break many projects, or to recover investment in projects that do not do well in the US. For the same reason the Academy has also changed its voting mix, leaning toward adding talent based outside the US over American talent in all of the crafts and service voting areas.

Natural Disasters. Massive mountain mud slides north of Rio have taken over 600 lives. Sri Lanka is recovering from devastating flooding, as are large areas of northern and northeaster Australia.

Birth of a Nation. The polls have closed in Sudan, where South Sudan is expected to become the world's newest nation.

Change of the Guard. In Tunisia the military are keeping the peace after protesters forced the resignation of the president and yesterday the prime minister an the government stepped down, leaving a two month void until a new government, the first is 23 years, can be formed.

Sunday Morning News and Views, Part I

Keep my library open! Great Britain has a budget crush that proportionate to size is far worse that the US or most of our states. They are slashing budgets wherever they can. In a country with a high reading rate, and a long strong literary history, up to 500 libraries are set to be closed. In one small town citizens have executed a protest by checking out every book, video and audio item in the library. Each citizen, including children, have check out 15 to 20 items. The goal was to "get in the paper" and keep the library open. Too early to say if they succeeded in that second goal.

On the road to sainthood. Pope Benedict XVI says that all those who knew or admired John Paul II share his joy about the late pontiff's  upcoming beatification. Benedict announced last week that he will beatify his predecessor on May 1 in St. Peter's Square in Rome. Beatification is the last major step before a Catholic can be considered for possible sainthood. The ceremony, a week after Easter, is expected to draw as many as 2 million people. Many pilgrims are expected from John Paul's homeland of Poland. Benedict told faithful in the square Sunday that Poles are especially eager for the beatification because John Paul helped guide them toward freedom. The papacy of the first Polish-born pope is credited with helping to end decades of Soviet-bloc communism.

The focus may be back on Lebanon. The leaders of Turkey, Qatar and Syria will meet in the Syrian capital Damascus to discuss the political crisis in Lebanon after a Hezbollah-led coalition toppled the country's Western-backed government. Shiite's led a walk out in the country where religious discrimination and violence have dominate a nation once called the "resort mecca" of the Mediterranean, where people of all faiths and backgrounds worked together in peace. Christians have all but been driven from their country.

Give women the right to vote. Organizers say the campaign, named My Country, started Sunday A group of Saudi activists have launched a campaign to push the oil-rich kingdom to allow women to run in upcoming municipal election, scheduled this spring. with letters sent to local governments and then posted on social networking websites. Women were not allowed to vote in the kingdom's first ever municipal elections in 2005.Saudi newspapers have reported that the government plans to allow women to vote but not to run in the second election in April. Saudi government has postponed the elections for two years in a bid to halt possible Islamists' gains and deal with sensitive issue
of women's participation.

Support for "Obamacare" growing. Republicans vow to overturn last year's health care reform in a house vote this week. It is expected to pass with all Republicans and a few Democrats voting to undo two years of legislation. The vote is largely symbolic, as the Senate is not expected to make any significant changes in health care packages already in place, and the president voting to veto a sweeping repeal bill should it miraculously pass the Senate.An Associated Press poll finds the negative feelings over President Barack Obama's signature health care overhaul have subsided. Ahead of an expected vote this week in the GOP-led House on repealing the new law, strong opposition to it stands at 30 percent, close to the lowest level registered in AP Surveys dating to September 2009.T he U.S. remains divided over the law, but the strength and intensity of the opposition appear diminished. The law expands coverage to more than 30 million uninsured, ends pre-existing conditions, improves children's health coverage, brings women to an equal status (lowering costs), and would require, for the first time, that most people in the United States carry health insurance. The poll finds that 40 percent of those surveyed said they strongly support support the law, 41 percent oppose it,with 30% strongly opposing what they refer to as "Obamacare." 

A failing grade in education. The Organization for Assessment of International Development ranked American 15 year olds 25th in science in the world. Drop out rates are 15%, middle the pack in the worlds developed democracies. One generation ago we led the world in higher we rank tenth. An aging population is spending less placing a far lower priority to education at this time of deep and lasting budget cuts, in industry and increasingly in the public sector. Without funding, there can be no education. $650 billion is spent each year on K to 12 education. Teachers who were going to retire are working longer because of the recession and its impact on investments and the feeling of security, but they are not able to invest in continued education and the cutting edge of resources. One side in the political fight maintain these teachers are resisting needed change and privatization. Another portion of society says that rapid change could adversely impact any sense of stability or trust in our schools. The core of the problem is not money, although reduced priority and spending will adversely impact education. The problem is a change in our very culture, as we lose the core nuclear family, parents who stay together work longer hours to pay the bills and a general erosion through technology of concentration and respect for the generation responsible for education (including parents). Our culture is changing toward almost a third world leave in the middle of our usually prosperous nation. Of course life is much more complex and the issue is a dragon with many heads.

"America will get its mojo back"

Other financial new observations from Wall Street Week, the BBC, CBS and NPR: Critics say that the way banks are regulated and evaluated today will not keep us out of another recession. The world markets, a lack of commitment by the US Government to funneling the level of bail outs needed and the false feeling that going back to normal with a normal growth rate will work, since out fiscal situation is so poor that it may take a quarter of a century to come close to the levels of economy we had prior to the Great Recession, which really began in 2006 and had its rooms going back as far as the late 1070's. China will compete with the dollar as the currency of world trade within a few years, and possibly dominate in a decade or so.